Lord of Time Chapter 2413

Lord of Time Chapter 2413

In regards to Jian Chen's strength, everyone had only thought that he had the strength of a Saint. If a Great Saint had difficulties fighting this Black Tiger, then a Saint would definitely have no chance of resisting it. Even though the Black Tiger had already sustained plenty of wounds, the serious state it was in had aroused its ferocious nature. Its fighting strength hadn't taken a decrease in intensity, instead, it had only grown stronger.

This was how Jiang Chen used the sword. There were no special techniques, only speed, speed faster than lightning itself. This kind of sword was a killing sword.

After his words left his mouth, Jiang Chen immediately unleashed the True Dragon Palm, he grabbed towards the man who stood closest to him.

Nanbei Chao's entire body was glowing in a faded golden light. His blond hair whipped around his head despite the lack of wind, an expression of a might overlord filled his face, and he even wore a dazzling golden robe.

Soon after, Jiang Chen took out all the herbs needed, as well as the Six Solar Holy Water that he had previously prepared for this moment. After that, he began concocting the Resurrection Pills.

There had been a twinge of guilt in his eyes however. She was his fiancee, but he had no idea how he should treat her now. In his mind, he had no idea how to treat Huang Luan either. She loved him and his parents had betrothed him to You Yue, but hadn't personally thought anything about it. Even now, he still didn't even know how to approach the question.

"Third sister, don't bother with them. Big brother's match is about to begin. We should hurry to where brother is about to fight." Ka Di Liang spoke to Ka Di Qiuli by his side. Then pulling Ka Di Qiuli in the direction of the fighting arenas, the two of them left with a rather unwell expression on their faces.

The Class 5 Golden Fur Tiger King was something that neither of the two brothers would be able to kill by themselves. To think that Jian Chen had simply cut off its head with ease, this was too much of a shock for their hearts to handle.

Secondly, the Ice Demon King really wanted to find the true inheritor of the Ice God. It had also only lived in this place since it was born. Although it had a formidable cultivation and the intelligence of a normal human, compared to Jiang Chen whose experience was incredibly vast, like an ancient demon, the Ice Demon King was just too na?ve.

The people went crazy once again. The Island of Ice was too attractive! So many valuable treasures had appeared before the island was opened, so it wasn't difficult to imagine that there would be more treasures on the island itself!


"What an individual, his appetite is even bigger than Yang Shuo's!"

"Elder Xiu, do you know of the tiger cub's identity?" Jian Chen listened carefully for confirmation.

Tian Jian smiled, "Jian Chen is a great genius of our Tian Yuan Continent. His talent is unprecedented and his future achievements have no limit. If such a genius really dies when he is young, our Tian Yuan Continent would suffer a great loss. Don't worry, your uncle Tian will not just let Jian Chen be harmed without doing anything."

The look in Jian Chen's eyes grew dark for a moment. When the king had mentioned family, Jian Chen couldn't help but think to his own family.


"You really are stupid££You knew that I was going to leave tonight, yet you came alone.With you being at the 1st level of the Qi Jing realm, you are just looking to die quickly.Since I am leaving, I will just get rid of you, and when I have obtained many great achievements in the future, I will return to this Mayor's mansion and kill that stupid old man, Jiang Zhen Hai, letting you both reunite in hell."

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