school for tslents Chapter 1681

school for tslents Chapter 1681

"Are you going to tell me? If you don't, hubby will make you feel the pain again!" Qing Shui impaled with his full strength, reaching the deepest spot!

Qing Shui had just finished his morning practice when Mu Qing's voice rang out.

"Let's not fight anymore, I'll go hold the signboard for three days!" The youth hurriedly replied in a fluster.

When it came to his apprentice, Bai Xiaochun felt much guilt, as well as profound pain. Whenever he thought of him, he couldn't help but think back to everything that had occurred in the Wildlands, and how they had relied on each other to survive.

As for the Vile-Emperor and the Saint-Emperor, one looked livid, and the other surprised. Neither spoke.

Everything had happened too fast. Qing Shui felt as if he was brought to a type of Emptiness Realm where the purest energy between Heaven and Earth was terrifyingly entering his body.

If that teleportation portal were completed, Profound Stream Sect cultivators from the front lines would be able to teleport into the area and cause major problems.

"Alright then, instead of not letting you eat anything, I'll order you to finish all of those that I prepared as a kind of punishment. Do not ever say that it tastes bad." Hai Dongqing said with a smile. The way she spoke with her peaceful and elegant look felt unusually attractive. This was a kind of charm which belonged to a mature and graceful woman.

An immense medicinal fragrance floated out, causing the minds of those who had smelled it to be in a drunken stupor!

When Bai Xiaochun realized that the Saint-Emperor was essentially talking about entering the body of the Mortal Renegade, he nearly gasped. However, now was not the time to ponder the situation. If the Mortal Renegade struggled to the point where the Arch-Ancestor's sealing strip went completely dark, then that would leave only one remaining sealing strip.

"What do you want? Go ahead and say it. If it's within my abilities, I'll do my best to satisfy you," she said casually.

Basic Sword Techniques!

"War is on the horizon! You two are the future of the Shuiyue Clan! If you fly with speed like that, how do you think you'll manage to stay alive in the fighting!?

The third flag exploded, unleashing even more brutally powerful fluctuations, along with vicious, cackling laughter.

The monkeys escaped in a hurry and disappeared from view in a split second. The two Raging Flaming Cloud Leopards did not chase after them. Instead, the two leopards just left with their large group.?

Abruptly, when that familiar glow appeared, Qing Shui was as though he had been jolted awake. Looking at the finished product, it was noticeably many times better than the first one. Qing Shui activated his Heavenly Vision Technique agitatedly as he studied it.

As time marched on, a week had passed. The discussion about Qing Shui in the Hundred Miles City was still animated. After all, for such a small city to have a Martial King Grade cultivator was truly the Hundred Miles City's honor. The position of the Hundred Miles City was no longer the same as in the past. The incidents of passing cultivators being injured in the Hundred Miles City had also lessened dramatically, to the point of nearly dissipating.

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