My Villain Academia - BNHA Fan-fic Chapter 490

My Villain Academia - BNHA Fan-fic Chapter 490

Qing Shui raised his hands to stroke her soft fur. It was hairy and warm to the touch. The Howling Moon Silver Ape did not even move. ?She just let Qing Shui stroke her large head in whichever manner he pleased.

Before long, a voice could be heard outside.

Mo Zitong retreated slightly and suddenly let out a low bellow!

"I gave you face by addressing you as brother. Don't be brazen." The youth's face immediately sunk and five similarly dressed youth appeared in an instant.

Seeing how intent everyone was, Zheng Yuandong knew that clinging to his original idea wouldn't be easy. After a moment of hesitation, he smiled wryly and prepared to come up with another way to refuse them. However, it was at that point that a disciple called out from outside the hall.

"Senior, if I were to sell that Small Revitalizing Pellet, how much could I fetch?" Qing Shui wanted to take his leave, but he recalled that he needed to get his hands on more money. After all, with the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he had plenty of space to store silver, gold, and even silver notes.

Qing Shui held the two swords in each of his hands, then he suddenly crossed his hands, clashing the two swords against each other!

After arriving, he set up numerous spell formations, then sat down cross-legged and took a deep breath. After taking a moment to review the formula he had come up with for thirteen-colored flame, he performed an incantation gesture and waved at his soulhoarding pagoda.

"Complete hogwash!" she screamed. "Bai Hao, you impudent son of a bitch, shut the hell up! Men, take this bastard away and have him killed in body and soul!!" Madam Cai seemed to have completely lost her mind. Most of the clan guards in the area were clearly hesitating about whether or not to follow her orders, but a few of them gritted their teeth and began to make their way toward Bai Xiaochun.

The coachman replied and proceeded forward at quick pace with Qing Shui on board. He turned into an extremely wide street. Through the windows in the carriage, Qing Shui could see the buildings on both sides of the streets.

"I have to become more important to the junior patriarch than Master God-Diviner is!"

"Did you hear the latest news? Today, three hundred Inner Sect disciples challenged Bai Xiaochun at the trial platform!"

As of this moment, he was out of tricks. If he was injured again, there would be no recovery. And since he was facing repeated attacks at the hands of Mistress Red-Dust, that meant that he now had no chances at survival.

It was a sight that would surely strike fear into the hearts of anyone who saw it. After all, if eight hundred pill furnaces exploded simultaneously¡­ then it would probably destroy most of the blue rainbow¡­.

She was sure that she had not fallen in love with this guy who addressed her as his master. But why would she feel a bit sad on seeing how cold he was to her now?

"Uncle, you can call me Xian ¡®er. Aunt Qing said you are very powerful, and I have never heard Aunt Qing praising someone like that, more so for a man. If you weren't Aunt Chen's man, I would have thought you were Aunt Qing's man for sure." The girl had said in a happy tone as she looked at Qing Shui.

"Sister Yun Duan, you know him?" It was Long Lingyun's turn to be surprised.

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