My Bahaghari Life Chapter 1480

My Bahaghari Life Chapter 1480

"If you go back down right now, I'll let you join the Burning Sky Pavilion."

"If I don't kill you today, then I will no longer write my name as Shi Xiangran!" Shi Xiangran's eyes went bloodshot as he flew toward Jian Chen with an angry yell. From his Space Belt, he took out a small fist sized iron chunk and threw it into the air.

"If it's like that, then leaving the other strand of Chaotic Force in my dantian is useless. I may as well use it to refine myself again to increase my body's strength." With that, Jian Chen sat back down and began to use the last strand of Chaotic Force to strengthen his body.

Jian Chen displayed a rather meaningful smile on his face as he replied, "Correct, two years ago Yan Kaizer of the Harido clan saw that I had a battle skill, and set out to kill me in order to obtain it for his own clan."

The exalted expression on Tian Yishan's face turned into one of worry at once. Yang Shuo's Great Illusion Realm was simply too terrifying. Jiang Chen was engulfed in his own painful memory, and is unable to pull himself out.

Every single soldier from within the mansion immediately mobilized into action. Even the ones outside began to pile in from the streets to join in. Those bystanders outside felt stunned by what they had heard. They immediately began to talk among each other.

"Do you want to die!?"

Tiangang Yi greeted the group and asked. Shangguan Sheng's expression was still twisted. When he thought about the fart he received earlier, he couldn't help but feel his qi and blood violently boiling.

Jiang Chen nodded his head.

Someone shouted once again. No one wanted to die, especially not in such a meaningless way.

Kaizer turned to look at Jian Chen. When he saw the handsome face of his, his eyes widened as he thought back to the Wu Yun of two years ago.

"A possible reason why the Asura Palace did this is to lure Jiang Chen out. However, in my opinion, I don't think it will work. Jiang Chen is a ruthless man, and it doesn't seem like he has a close relationship with Tan Lang. I don't think he will show himself because of Tan Lang. The entire Liang Province is covered with traps, and all four major powers are searching for Jiang Chen and the monk everywhere. As long as they show up, only certain death will await them."

"Don't worry brother, even if I have to pay with my life, I will protect Little Yu at all costs! I won't let the same thing happen twice!"

"That's right, that's how it really should be! It's we who made the agreement with the Firethorn Savage, so of course we should be the only ones who can use this place!"

After knowing that Jian Chen was the King of Mercenaries, the king's attitude toward him was far more friendly. On the contrast, when the other princes had heard that Jian Chen was the friend of the third prince, they had all contorted with annoyance. Only two of the younger princes had been able to keep their cool as if the matter had nothing to do with them.

"Save me, Nanbei!"

"This guy is only an Early Combat Soul warrior££ What kind of joke is Nangong Yunfan trying to crack? If he has given up, why doesn't he just admit defeat? He doesn't have to find some nobody to fight this third match, this is an insult to the Holy Maiden!"

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