Heir of Yggdrasil Chapter 1555

Heir of Yggdrasil Chapter 1555

"Hold on a second!" Suddenly, he smacked his forehead. "Usually, I cause grief for people whenever I go somewhere new. The way it usually works is¡­ I show up, and everything goes like normal for a while. But then, for some unknown reason, things always change¡­." He suddenly realized that he had been thinking about everything the wrong way. After reminiscing about how many drums and gongs he had heard throughout the years, he blinked a few times, and suddenly felt a lot better.

Qing Shui felt reluctant to leave but he had no other choice. Di Chen took Qing Zun from Qing Shui's hands, that young fellow actually stretched his hands out to grab onto her snow-white scarf.

After exiting the city, Qing Shui allowed the Emberlion steed to run free. After they left the city, his hands had not been idle, as he constantly caressed the beautiful contours and outline of Shi Qingzhuang's body.

When he thought back to his own miserable defeat at the hands of the Celestial Sky Society way back when, he knew that he was pulling a vicious and dirty trick. However, his opponents had really forced him into a corner¡­.

"Travel safe Third Master!" Shang Jiu bowed at Third Master Dongguo, who had climbed onto the Golden Light Eagle.

"Today we will learn the Cloudmist Steps first. Try to understand what I am about to tell you and then use your heart to feel it. Don't bother so much with the rest and just keep practising it. ?Footwork is all about practising to perfection. You will discover the secret behind the Cloudmist Steps when the right time comes. Do not chase after the true form of Cloudmist Steps because it differs for everyone."

Only by pooling their strength were they gradually making progress. The Dao River Court was strongest, and they were already about 1,500 meters in. On either side of them, and a bit further back were the Polarity River Court and the Starry River Court, the former being over 1,200 meters in, and the latter roughly 900 meters.

"So yes, I'll leave. But I'll only do so after wiping out the Immortal World. Then I'll go to the next world, and the next group of people. Eventually¡­ I will extinguish all of the starry sky, at which point, the Eternal Flower will bloom for me."

"Interesting, seems like the competition this year will be more lively!" Qing Shui grinned. The end of year competition was not only limited to the Qing Clan, other clans could participate as well. However, the Qing Clan had a rule, disciples from the Qing Clan must be at least at the 6th Grade of Martial Warrior realm before they can enter the competition. Previously, a few years ago, a few youths from the other clans passed by Qing Village and arrived just in time for the yearly competition. Naturally, the hot-blooded youths, under the pretext of making friends through exchanging of pointers in martial arts, also entered the competition.

As he remembered the woman's gaze just now, Qing Shui pushed her on to the bed. In an instant, the soft comfortable bed ensnared ensnared onto the mattress.

"I will give you a chance to give it your best shot. Otherwise, you won't even get to do anything," Qing Shui said looking at Hu Yunlong. He was neither being careless nor righteous when he said this.

By the time they'd gotten back to the Qing Clan, the sky was already dark, but when Qing Shui and Qing Yi went past the living room, everyone was there, only the Misty Hall Palace Mistress and Huang Qing were not there.

Instead of piloting the heavenly airship away, he quickly entered a private chamber below the main deck, set up a spell formation, and sat down cross-legged. Then¡­ he took out his turtle wok!

The Song Clan patriarch and Patriarch Ironwood slowly opened their eyes, and looked down in surprise at Bai Xiaochun.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of kilometers in a different direction, a muffled boom could be heard in the location where Mistress Red-Dust had sealed Gongsun Wan'er with her Red Dust Violet Road technique.

Note from Er Gen: Guess whose copper coin that is? It's been there for a while now. Hahaha!

Qing Shui had no desire to cultivate the Sixfold Spirit Concentrating Pill, or even higher, as it required high amounts of abilities and rare herbs. Hence, the Threefold Spirit Concentrating Pill was very suitable at the moment because he did not have to pay too great a price to produce it.

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