God Dragon Emperor Chapter 1346

God Dragon Emperor Chapter 1346

Without thinking, Qing Shui bolted towards the hill at his top speed. That hill had become his own place, although he rarely stayed there.

"Xiaomei and Song Junwan... ah what a headache. I only have one spot left, and there are two of them.... What am I supposed to do? Who should I take?" Actually, the truth was that even if he could take both of them along, he would do everything possible to prevent that from happening. It really didn't have anything to do with the number of spots left.

And yet, despite everything, he couldn't forget... that he wasn't just Bai Qi's father, he was... Bai Hao's father too!!

"Ghost Gate: Open!" Ghostmother's slender fingers blurred in an incantation gesture, and then she pointed at Bai Xiaochun, causing the boundless cloud of ghosts to suddenly form together into a huge vortex. As soon as the vortex opened, endless evil ghosts poured out of it toward Bai Xiaochun.

The entire thing happened really quickly. It's worth-noting that a demonic beast's weakness often lay in its belly.

"Initially, I was to go to the Xue Clan to seek out the antidote. I originally thought that my teacher and Alchemist Xue were blood brothers, but who knew that human hearts could change so quickly. Alchemist Xue, was the same age as my teacher. Despite this, when he saw me, he wanted to take me as his concubine. That was his prerequisite before he would cure me. In a fit of anger, I left the Xue Clan, and coincidentally, I ran into that group of people you sent. When I saw the letter you left for me, I immediately rushed back to Hundred Miles City."

"That was... ten reverberations! That means he mastered all five of the volumes of spirit creatures too! He passed all of the stone steles outside the 10,000 Medicines Pavilion! There aren't even fifty disciples in the entire Outer Sect who can do that!"

He couldn't go back to Giant Ghost City, and there was no way to shake down any clans. Mistress Red-Dust wouldn't be of any help at all. That meant that the only other possible way to get souls was to beat people in fights, which was far too dangerous as far as Bai Xiaochun was concerned.

This chapter is a bit short, slightly over 1,600 characters

Qing Shui didn't have any expressions on his face. He once again shook his wrist and shot out a Gold Needle from a different angle towards the ball of air

After a moment, Wu Dao took his leave, still a bit suspicious about everything. He even took some subordinates over to the Underworld River bank to search around, but none of them found anything.

"There would be an elementary Martial Saint beauty who would accompany you for a drink. However, this is on the condition that she is agreeable. Moreover, it would not exceed 15 minutes." The lady smiled and said.

After a while, Qing Shui knew that this was not the solution, he could not stand there like an idiot enabling this feathery bastard to anger him to death!

He immediately set the dead bodies on fire. Ye Guyan had been staring at Qing Shui with disbelief in her eyes ever since the battle ended. Everything around her became unreal, and even Qing Shui seemed like a stranger.

He thought about refusing, but could tell that they wouldn't let him off the hook easily. Even as he hesitated, the Corpse Peak blood master produced a jade slip from his bag of holding.

Xu Baocai hesitated for a moment, then produced a similar chunk of spirit meat. After taking a bite, he said, "Are you sure this is a good idea though? After all, we're still technically Dao protectors."

Probably because Qing Shui had pulled out his weapon, but the crowd became silent quickly.

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