Reborn into a Hamster for 233 Days Chapter 904

Reborn into a Hamster for 233 Days Chapter 904

Big Yellow's head rammed right onto Firethorn Savage's head. Because he wasn't really defending himself, Firethorn Savage who was in his weakest state had no way of withstanding Big Yellow's powerful slam.

Jiang Chen let out a cold snort. He landed from the skies and held his battle axe horizontally, he looked like a god of war who had just descended from the skies, and he blocked all the possible retreating routes for the Blood Devils.

Everyone gazed at the novice disciple who had just fainted. If looks could kill someone, then this disciple would have been killed a thousand times. If it wasn't for this novice disciple asking for their help, there would have been no way for them to offend Jiang Chen.

Laughing, Jian Chen said a few words before allowing Qin Xiao to take him on a stroll through Walaurent City.

This time, there was no opposition from Bi Yuntian and Bi Lian. They both agreed with Jian Chen's suggestion. Under Jian Chen's actions, he carried the coffin and left the area.

"Little sister, it's not that I don't wish to tell you. It's that I've never seen your master before in truth." Jian Chen spoke helplessly.

The Seal of Treasure Mountain's advance was slowed as each arrow shot by the girl exploded upon impact. At the same time, she and Jian Chen continued to run away from it. After a certain distance, the girl aimed her bow at Shi Xiangran; although her arrow wouldn't be able to hurt him, the explosive arrows would still prevent him from moving forwards.

Afterwards, Jian Chen headed towards the White Cloud City stables and spent 50 Gold Coins to buy a single horse. Leading the horse back, he patiently waited for the caravan to depart.

"Sire, I thank you for your benevolence in saving me, but this item right here is far too precious for££." The youth hesitated to take it.

Studying the Heaven Tier Battle Skill for a moment, Jian Chen thought to himself, "Now that the Changyang Manor has become powerful with everyone within distance knowing of it, we should have the strength to protect these Heaven Tier Battle Skills. I can place these books here at home and wait for a day to let father cultivate them then."

"Yue'er, please do not be so sad, your father truly loves you. How could your father bear to let you feel anguish? Yue'er is far too oustanding, so there is only one man in your father's mind that suits you. Yue'er, hurry and get dressed. We must go see your future husband, Changyang Xiangtian of the Changyang clan."

Having once been the greatest Saint underneath the heavens, the Asura Palace was just a small power in his eyes. Perhaps it was a new power that had emerged within the last century. That's why Jiang Chen had never heard of it before. As for the Chaotic Ocean, Jiang Chen had heard about it, but he had never been there yet.

At that moment, Jiang Chen's last drop of Saint Blood left his body, and the Heavenly Saint Sword was broken into several pieces. Jiang Chen couldn't remember exactly how many pieces, because he simply had no time to look at his old friend for the last time.


Jian Chen, Ming Dong, and You Yue were all talking among themselves in their chairs at a leisurely tempo. Only Tie Ta was staring out at the spectacle outside their booths since this would be the very first time he had been to an auction. His entire body practically threatened to break through the window in excitement.

Although Guo Shan was the chief alchemist of the Black Sect, his cultivation level was only at the Early Divine Core realm, and he was not a match for Fan Zhong Tang. He suffered from the collisions of the attacks, then he was sent flying away by Fan Zhong Tang's palm attack.

Huo Yuner touched the wound on his shoulder. Looking at the blood dripping down from his wound, a smile emerged on his face. At this moment, he had fulfilled his goal, and he felt relaxed. From now onwards, his cultivation path would once again become much smoother.

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