ELITE RED Chapter 2917

ELITE RED Chapter 2917

Wu Ningzhu blinked her eyes in shock, and her expression changed dramatically. She had always thought that Jiang Chen had relied on the Heavenly Tribulation to kill those great guardians of the Demon King Palace. As for his true strength; a man who had just broken through to the Combat Soul realm wouldn't be too strong. But now, she had finally tasted Jiang Chen's true mightiness.Chapter 415 ΓΏ Lift Your Veil

Two figures suddenly appeared above the Silver Moon City. Big Yellow had been laughing out loud the entire way. When he and Jiang Chen arrived at the Silver Moon City, they went straight to the Mayor's mansion.

Inferno City's main gate was actually a huge breach on the city wall, and it didn't fit the standards of a city gate. Big Yellow looked through the main gate, then his expression became a focused one, and his ears stood up.

The four deceased men from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom had their Space Rings and the items within confiscated for the clan. From within, the Changyang clan was able to obtain many precious items, monster cores, and money. There had even been several Advance Earth Tier Battle Skills that made up for what had been lost.

"Impossible, this can't be happening, how could you beat me?"

But for many people, with this much energy, one attack is more than enough.

The Hua Yun Sect had already gathered ourside the Changyang clan's gates. Inside, several hundred soldiers were gathered by ready to fight.

However, Jian Chen did not give him any time to react. Chaotic Force surged into every corner of his body, which caused the insane defence of Chaotic Force to be raised to the limit. Afterwards, he swung at Jin Tian again.

"Zi Han, go save your sister, quickly!"

Jiang Chen murmured. He had no doubt about Big Yellow's words. If the broken sword's origin was from Saint Origin, Jiang Chen would have been able to tell.

"This old man is delusional! Trying to exchange a piece of scrap metal for a High-Ranked Combat Weapon? His head must have been squeezed by a door before, or perhaps a pig bit him!"

Too many people gathering around would affect Wang Yun and Huang Zheng's recovery process, therefore, Jiang Chen chased away all disciples and asked only Wang Da Niu and a few other disciples to stay behind.

Everyone present were in shock, as this was such a terrifying scene. No one expected this Zhang Yang to rise up in such a quick manner. Of course, no one were thinking that this wasn't the real Zhang Yang. The real Zhang Yang was no asleep within a storage ring located in Jiang Chen's Qi Sea.

According to Jiang Chen's estimation, in order to reach the Mid Mortal Core realm, his strength would need to double again; he had to form at least thirty Dragon Marks.

Confidently, Jian Chen nodded his head, "Correct, our Flame Mercenaries does have that ability."

"That's right, a Class 5 Magical Beast is something that only those at the Great Saint Master level could hope to damage. Even then, if there is a Class 5 Magical Beast that specializes in defense, then Great Saint Masters couldn't even hope to damage it, even if it stood still for us to hit it. I truly hope that this Class 5 Magical Beast won't be too hard to deal with, otherwise, Wake City will be extremely hard to defend." A short haired man spoke out to the others.

Without any obstruction, the barrier quickly dissolved away to reveal a small hole where the sword had touched, allowing Jiede Wukang to be stabbed with no problems.

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