My love who hates me Chapter 1983

My love who hates me Chapter 1983

"I can't believe that Bai Hao knows dark inquisitor techniques. If the stories are true, then he's no ordinary dark inquisitor. After all, not even Cellblock D's official dark inquisitor could do what he did!"

"Dammit! Does emptying the soulgrounds set off the spell formation?" Bai Xiaochun thought, his face falling. The bright light of the spell formation was instantly noticed by people in the Cai Clan, who began to utter exclamations of shock as they flew up into the air.

After coming to find that Xu Shan had a good impression of Bai Hao, and then having received the invitation from Zhou Hong, Xu Peng decided that it was the perfect opportunity to better his own position. Of course, since he had never met this Bai Hao before, he was also prepared to back out of the situation if Zhou Hong's plan was too dangerous.

The key to cultivating his Undying Technique was life force. Only by having access to enough life force could one achieve the meteoric rise that one sought!

His broad shoulders were almost as wide as the Heavenspan River itself. Every scrap of muscle on his body radiated terrifying pressure, and his waist was so narrow that it almost formed a triangle with his shoulders....

"I will be able to do it. Trust me."

1. The moonflower turned into dandelion seeds in?chapter 972

Qing Shui was from the same generation as Mu Qing. Many other members of the Mu Clan around their age had heard the news that Mu Qing invited a man to the Mu Manor. Recently, it was rumored that this man had a close relationship with Mu Qing and was now even at their manor.

As they went along, Chen Hai would often cast admiring glances in Bai Xiaochun's direction. When he thought about the unexpected proclivities that had been revealed, he suddenly felt like a new world had been opened up to him. He almost couldn't believe it was possible to be so flagrant and brave. And considering that Majordomo Bai was a powerful person, Chen Hai decided that the best thing to do was spend even more time with him than before.

His instructions were for them to personally come to the Inspections Manor within three days so that he could deliver the Proclamation of Universal Grace to them personally.

It was a nine-petaled lotus flower!

The cold he felt on his hand made his heart beat even faster. Despite his utmost effort in retracting his hands, it was in fact as difficult as ascending to heaven.

"Which disciple from the Starday Hall did you have feelings for?" Qing Shui playfully smiled.

The mouth became like a vortex, with a shocking gravitational force that spread out in all directions!


With his limited quantity ingredients, Qing Shui only had the chance to refine this once. Thus, Qing Shui had to be very careful. At this moment, he felt that the opportunity of having three chances before was luxurious.

The old monk's frankness impressed Qing Shui. He looked at the man and asked, "If I registered my name, how would this help you?"

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