Sage Monarch Chapter 770

Sage Monarch Chapter 770

It wasn't because her eyes were as brilliant as the stars in the sky. They didn't exude an otherworldly aura like Yiye Jiange, they weren't as deep as Canghai Mingyue, they weren't as unique as Di Chen, or graceful like Hai Dongqing. Qing Shui couldn't quite put his finger on it. If he really had to describe them, her eyes were somewhat graceful, outstanding, sacred and a little deep.


After that, he still didn't feel confident enough. Next, he studied the tiny hairs growing on the plants, and even the tiny pore-like openings beneath them.

As soon as the words left his mouth, everything in the area turned hazy. In the blink of an eye, heaven and earth vanished, and the area became a huge watery swamp. Water vapor filled the area, to the point where hair and clothes alike dripped with moisture.

"I'm fine. How about you?"

It seemed he was heading directly toward Bai Xiaochun's courtyard residence.

The Heavenspan Sea now looked like a land of ice, glowing with radiant and shocking light!

An unsightly expression could be seen on Chen Haosong's face as he hovered there in the air. However, when he looked up at the imperial palace and saw absolutely no reaction, he realized that no one would be interfering with the day's events.

Qing Shui couldn't wait to read the book, so he went straight to his bedroom without even greeting the women in the residence!

She gradually drew out her Rhinoceros Spirit Deity Sword, fully prepared for a fight. She also called out her four Golden Beasts.

Chapter 375 Golden Mountain Stream, The Dangerous Ten Thousand Turtle Swamp, Pure Gold Fishing Rod Fishing a Treasure.


"So beautiful!" Qing Shui pulled her up by her hand and leaped up while the Fire Bird flew below them. The two of them landed on the Fire Bird and then flew toward Cloud Adventurer Guild.

"Ahh, do you really want me to die, women are truly venomous creatures" Qing Shui exaggeratedly acted as he cried out in mock pain.

For now, it should be really difficult for him to show anymore improvements in his strength for a long period of time. Even the medicinal Pills wouldn't help. This was because Qing Shui found out a limitation about the medicinal pills. For instance, if a warrior with 200 countries worth of strength was to swallow a medicinal pill which helped boost one's strength by twenty percent, logically, they would end up gaining a forty countries worth of strength. But this wouldn't really make sense.

"I understand! Grandfather, you don't have to worry. Three years. After three years, I will be confident to go to the Yan clan. I will return the favor tenfold or a hundredfold if anyone dares to bully my mother or the Qing clan." Qing Shui slowly said with a smile. That firm and gentle tone had an unusually mature profoundness, but it had a charm that was unique to men.

Bai Xiaochun was feeling as nervous as ever. He knew that the matter of his identity had been declared a secret, and at the moment, he was clasping hands in formal and very polite fashion to the gravekeeper.

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