Wholly Undead Chapter 2341

Wholly Undead Chapter 2341

Jian Chen narrowed his eyes in thought, "Then can you sense where the call is coming from?"

She wore a black and white cheongsam that added a sense of purity to her beauty. Her eyes gleamed with a dark look that seemed as if they were concealing an ability to captivate any man that looked at her.

"No, you proceed to the Martial Palace first. Once I settle everything on Mount Tianyuan, I'll proceed straight to the Martial Palace. Little Yu, don't worry about me, I can't be defeated. Even if I can't beat them, I still have the ability to escape."

"That's right. Brother Jiang asked Sect Chief to take out the energy vein's heart. After that, the entire Black Sect will move to Redsun Town, and the future Black Sect will be built in Redsun Town. That will be the strongest place within the entire Qi Province."

"Captain, this Tianhua Sect clearly wants the Class 5 Monster Core. It's up to you to decide, do we handle this matter the same way we dealt with the Xia clan?" Mo Tian asked.

"In order to cross the Eastern Continent and reach the ocean, with our current speed, it will take us at least twenty days. Once we've reached the ocean, it'll take us a few more days to reach the Blissful Island. Looks like we have to fully utilize our time and rush, if not, we might miss the trade fair."

Jiang Chen joyfully laughed out as he spoke, not forgetting to give Tan Lang a big thumbs up. Judging from how Tan Lang attack just now, it wasn't difficult to tell that he had completely changed.

Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face. He could tell that Daoist Black was in a bad condition right now. Also, there wasn't much Daoist Black could do to help here.

Today, Huang Luan was wearing a white-colored robe that accentuated her picture-perfect figure that only the devil could offer. Her figure possessed an allure that could seize the hearts of anyone with just a single motion.

After they had left, Jian Chen looked back to Qin Wuming, "General Qin Wuming, would doing this give the Qinhuang Kingdom any future troubles?"

"Sect Elder Fan, are you doubting my decision?"

Yan Yang said.

Smashing against the ground with a terrible rumbling sound, the four Hemophilic Apes landed so roughly that the entire area shook several times as fissures started to form. Even the mountain ridge started to collapse.

"Hey hey, just what's so good looking on the ceiling that makes you stare at it so much? I built this room two years ago, is it not up to your standards or something?"

There wasn't an extraordinary amount of energy emanating from this man. He resembled an ordinary man, but despite that, everyone could tell that his very person was one with the world.

Big Yellow showed his teeth and tried teasing this innocent girl again, but what Yan Chen Yu said immediately stopped him.

Jiang Cheng, who stood next to Jiang Chen, expressed his pride in the young master as he pointed at Mu Rong Hao and spoke.Jiang Cheng never would have dared talk to this number one genius in Tian Xiang city in this manner, but the young master had scolded Mu Rong Hao and called him an animal.It was only natural for him to follow his young master's lead.

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