Teacher of the Gods Chapter 1011

Teacher of the Gods Chapter 1011

Lee Chang Hong was trying to kill him and take over the Jiang family's pill shop.Then he would be in control of the alchemist grandmaster while totally destroying the Jiang family.

"So you are Yang Shuo?"

After a long moment, Yue'er finally regained her spirit and turned to look in shock at the king. Hiding her mouth behind her hands, she asked, "How££ how is that possible? Father, are you deceiving your daughter?"


Nangong Wentian suggested. In his hand, the huge rule started glowing in an azure light once again.

The Firethorn Savage looked like it had fallen asleep as it snored. Every time it breathed, some golden colored bubbles would burst out from its nose together with a strong energy. If there was some dust in front of it, each breath would be able to produce a sandstorm.

Jian Chen revealed a cold smile as the Light Wind Sword appeared in his right hand and flew out at the same time as the spear.

"Fine, kill them both!"

"Xiang'er, are you awake?"

Jiang Chen shook his head and said.

In the next two days, out of Jiang Chen's expectations, Lord Blood Moon had yet to show himself. But, his Blood Devils had organized another two rounds of major attacks, and the results were the same as the previous battles. No matter how strong or powerful leaders they sent, all of them eventually died miserably in Redsun Town, and there were no survivors.

One of the disciples said, he seemed scared. The conflict had gone too far now, too far from what they could imagine.

"That's right. Brother Jiang asked Sect Chief to take out the energy vein's heart. After that, the entire Black Sect will move to Redsun Town, and the future Black Sect will be built in Redsun Town. That will be the strongest place within the entire Qi Province."

After thinking about the consequences of this, he glared at Jian Chen with a stare that could kill since this was an utter disgrace to him.

During the next morning, the rays of the sun shined down onto the ground as Jian Chen woke from his cultivational slumber. The Class 1 Monster Core he was holding in his hand was completely devoid of energy. He couldn't help but to laugh bitterly, "This consumption rate is too much; I've used up 50 Class 1 Monster Core in a single night. Even if I still have a few monster cores left within the Space Ring, I'll be all out in 10 days at this rate."

The way those teenage girls looked at Jiang Chen, aside from their gratefulness, there was a hint of bashfulness and adoration in their eyes. A handsome man like Jiang Chen who portrayed a distinct masculine and domineering image would capture the heart of any teenage girl. He was the man who would appear in their dreams.

Tian Yishan said. He had spent quite a lot of time in the Qi Province, therefore he knew pretty much about them.

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