Virtual Empire Chapter 370

Virtual Empire Chapter 370

One of the men immediately became enraged.

Hearing these words, Jian Chen started to look at the girl in a better light. With a light laugh, he said, "They've already issued the challenge, so I have to accept!" After saying that, he said no more, and left the library.

They had placed all their hopes on the Blood Talisman. If the Blood Talisman didn't work at this critical moment, they would be in extreme danger. Not only this, they would also have to depend on how much the Blood Talisman could restrain the Earth Devil.

Xiao Wei said.

Upon seeing the two magical beasts, Katata's face grew deathly pale in fright as he cried out, "Golden Fur Tiger King and a Bladed Crocodile! T-th-this££this means there are three Class 5 Magical Beasts!"

"Damn you, you're just a guard, but you're still so arrogant?! Let your father show you how I bite you to death!"

Jian Chen nodded his head, "Aunty, let us take Sans home. Sans is the child of Kendall, whatever revenge that is planned, I will take it all and allow the Yangji Sect to come to justice."

"Jian Chen. Situ Qing has long since left. He is no longer in this manor, and even I don't know where he has gone." Ge Qiu spoke.

"Dad, just let Little Chen represent our family in the third match."

With the current strength of the Heavenly Saint Sword, it was more than enough to fight with ordinary King Weapons, and it might even be stronger than them. Furthermore, the Heavenly Saint Sword was linked to Jiang Chen's life, it would continue upgrading itself following Jiang Chen's increase in cultivation. Once Jiang Chen breaks through to the Combat King realm, the Heavenly Saint Sword would break through as well and become a King Weapon.

"This is fate. When the current emperor entered the Island of Ice, I believe he was only 20 years old. But, unfortunately, the Island of Ice only appears once every 100 years, we can only blame the fact we weren't born at the right time. As for now, what we can do now is find a way to leave this island somewhere else. If we're lucky, we might be able to find some treasures along our way."

"Hmph! Search every inch of the Martial Palace and find them! If they fight back, kill them on the spot!"

"It really is a Class 5 Magical Beast's carcass. It seems like a Magical Skywing Cow££"

"Is that so? Then I'd like to thank brother Qin Ji." Jian Chen looked relieved and exhilarated to hear that he would be able to use the Space Gate to return to the Gesun Kingdom.

In just a short amount of time, sound of explosions were coming from everywhere, and flames leapt into the skies. Many disciples were trapped by the burning flames and died on the spot.

Refocusing back on the present. Jiang Chen found all sorts of herbs piled up besides the furnace. There were 47 of them, and all were required to concoct the Profound Six Solar Pill.

Shan Ying and Wu Ningzhu were alone taking on the four great guardians of the Demon King Palace, but the city's situation was not good. The most powerful force in the city was the Wu family, and Wu Ningzhu had only brought Shan Ying from the Profound River Palace this time. As for the Demon King Palace, they had been preparing for this assault for a very long time, and with a lack of any prior preparation, there was no way the people of the Dancing Sun City could defend themselves from the crazy attacks of the demons. With the strength of the Wu family alone, there was no way they could defeat those ferocious demons.

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