The Extraordinary Player Chapter 2291

The Extraordinary Player Chapter 2291


Elder Yuan immediately agreed. In his mind, with Wang Yuan's overall combat strength, he was probably even stronger than himself, an Early Combat Soul Elder. So, it should be a piece of cake for Wang Yuan to kill this arrogant Zhang Yang.

"Dad, why are you here?"

Afterward, the elder patriarch waved his Saint Weapon, causing the giant sword to come dropping down toward Jian Chen with a spectacular light. The light was compressed to the point of resembling a mini-sun with the sharp light rays it was emitting. Even the space where the sword was traveling was starting to crack from the pressure in an extremely noticeable way.


Jiang Chen replied and left the Martial Saint Dynasty. On the other side, Wu Jiu threw an angry glance at everyone in the palace, then he left and followed after Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen's quick acceptance really made everyone in the palace feel awed, no one had expected Jiang Chen's attitude to change so dramatically.

As he talked, Jian Chen was readjusting himself into a relaxed position, almost as if he wasn't bothering to guard himself. His right hand had loosened up his grip on his sword; his current state was completely different from the previous him..

Nangong Wentian felt time was too short. Even for a genius like him, trying to break through to the Combat Soul realm was not an easy task.

Yu Zi Han furrowed his brows. Just listening to Zhang Quan, he was unable to find out who the disciple in Redsun Town was. There were quite a lot of disciples in the Black Sect who had the abilities to kill Blood Devil leaders, Yu Zi Han himself could do it as well.

At the current moment, all Jian Chen wanted to do was to expand the powers of his Flame Mercenaries. For the sake of his promise with Kendall, Jian Chen would make the Flame Mercenaries the strongest mercenary group on the continent. This was to say that not only was this a promise, it was a goal that Jian Chen would fulfill.

The Firethorn Savage really knew how to sleep well. It only woke up around noon the next day, and once again, at this hour of the day, the Firethorn Savage flew away from the field in the same direction as he previously went.

Looking around the place, he inspected it to ensure it was safe, before pulling out a few canteens from within his Space Belt before kneeling down to fill them with water.

Jiang Chen said. Only he knew that there was no Heavenly Core warrior residing in the Jiang family mansion. If Lee Shan Yue was truly pushed to his limits and sent some Mortal Core warriors to attack the Jiang family, then with the Jiang family's strength, they wouldn't be able to defend themselves. It was because of this that Jiang Chen needed to arrange some preparations of his own.

"Hello, I am You Yue!" You Yue answered first. There was a smile on her face, but in her heart, there was a sour feeling. The feelings Huang Luan had for Jian Chen were obvious to see. Hence, she was able to infer that the connection between the two was close.

"Roar!! Despicable humans! All of you shall face your death!"

Seeing how Changyang Ba was treating Jian Chen, the nearby Bai Yushuang looked extremely unhappy. Since Changyang Ba was concentrating on Jian Chen, he naturally missed Bai Yushuang's face.

Three moves! Jian Chen had only used three moves to defeat a Peak Saint Master!

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