These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy Chapter 61

These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy Chapter 61

Before he could finish speaking, his heart skipped a beat as intense murderous auras sprang up from the cultivators around him. Clearly, they were itching to fight.

"Allow me to give you a proper burial, my brother." Bai Xiaochun could tell that he was recovering rapidly now. However, his spiritual power was still so depleted that he couldn't even open his bag of holding.

"The fourth level of Qi Condensation!" he exclaimed, laughing.

As for the three people from the other sects, their scalps were tingling, and they were shaking visibly. In fact, they weren't even capable of imagining what kind of power could simply wipe away a mid-grade spirit treasure like that death beetle.

Most importantly, it was very small. Regardless if it was Thousand-year or Thirty-Five Hundred-year, they were only the size of a baby's fist. However, they were extremely ferocious, had the speed of lightning, and their sharp cicada cries could numb a person's nerves. Therefore, not many people would want to offend these domineering tiny creatures.

If he were to train it to great perfection, wouldn't it mean that his travelling and attacking speed would increase many fold. Furthermore, it was hard to gauge the increase in strength, so speed was considered power.

50,000 taels calling thrice!

Regardless, he couldn't allow the River-Defying Sect to participate in the fighting. Furthermore, he needed the fighting in the immediate vicinity to stop first.

"You're scolding me now? You rather believe in rumours of other people than me? Let go of me!" Xi Yue glared at the man after she finished her sentence.

"That's right, Brother Lin," the old woman from Spirit Advent City said, her voice grating and eerie. "It's a critical situation. The Necromancer Kettle belongs to the imperial clan. The Grand Heavenmaster must have a way to see inside of it!"

"This is where I met you too, Master Snortsnort. I'll never forget how shifty you looked back then. Who would have thought that you would end up as a genius of having children?" Of course, Bai Xiaochun had a much different status nowadays. His Daoist Partners might dare to talk back to him, and maybe even Big Fatty Zhang, but not Master God-Diviner.

Qing Shui did not attempt to draw one, but just looked at it, trying to remember. Moreover, even if he wanted to attempt it, he did not have the ingredients to do so. While he had quite a lot of demonic beast hide which he obtained from Yan Clan's treasure cove, he did not have demonic beast's blood.

Everything happened in a flash. The elderly man rushed toward Qing Shui with bloodshot eyes after he realized what had happened.

Hatred burned in her heart over the fact that Bai Hao had revealed her connection to the Giant Ghost King in order to get out of the earlier situation!

The old man looked at Qing Shui. It was only now that a hint of surprise appeared in his eyes. This young man was a demon. To think that he was able to create illusions which could cause one to lose their minds.

Even more unimaginable was the idea of what would happen if a similar thing happened to a cultivator. It was a terrifying notion; even a powerful archaean would likely become nothing more than ash!

Luan Luan was elated when one of her Earth Devouring Mouses had a breakthrough. Because of that, she began to developed a gleaming hope that the remaining nine Earth Devouring Mouses would be able to breakthrough to Martial Saint soon. When she thought about the idea that all of her Earth Devouring Mouses would become Martial Saints, she was filled with endless excitement. However, in order for a breakthrough to occur, a right opportunity must be presented at the precise moment. With that thought in mind, she had considered that the breakthrough to Martial Saint of that particular Earth Devouring Mouse was due to an accidental luck.

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