Quick Transmigration - Counter Attack Of Various Characters Chapter 1647

Quick Transmigration - Counter Attack Of Various Characters Chapter 1647

"Domineering Firmament Skill, a High-Ranked Earth Combat Skill, what the fuck!"

"Ah! Let-let go! You're hurting me!" The man cried out in pain as he tried to tug away.

But too bad, it was too late for Xu Yun to understand this, he could feel Jiang Chen's killing intent right now.


"Jian Chen, why not leave tomorrow? Little Fatty and his grandfather must have gone through a lot in their travels. Let them rest well for tonight." Little Fatty's mother reluctantly suggested.

This young lady was the young lady of the Yan family, Yan Chen Yu.

"Seniors, please release the patriarch. You must not harm the patriarch. Jian Chen is an Imperial Protector of our Qinhuang Kingdom. If Imperial Protector Jian has some misunderstandings with seniors, we hope that everyone can sit down and talk over it, and not fall out just because of some small things." Qin Wutian said with his hand clasped. From the presence given off by the five elderly men, he already knew that they were Saint Rulers. They were a powerful force that even the Qinhuang Kingdom needed to be cautious about and could not be underestimated, so Qin Wutian's tone was extremely polite.

"This is ridiculous!"

As soon as he entered the city, Jian Chen headed straight to the inn where Wang Yufeng and patriarch Jiede were residing.

The Light Wind Sword streaked by the forests in a huge ray of light. In a flash, it had caught up to the Silver Striped Golden Snake and stabbed into its body near where its heart was.

"Don't go so fast, the weakened state of Firethorn Savage is not here yet. Let's wait until he completely enters his weakened state, that's when we'll strike."

The Old Emperor was struck with great shock. What happened had gone beyond his knowledge and imagination. He never thought it would be possible for a First Grade Combat King warrior to die by the hands of a young Combat Soul warrior, and he never thought it would be possible for him to fail to escape even with the ability of a Combat King warrior.

A battle skill was an extremely precious treasure on the continent. It was far more valuable than cultivation methods, and even thousands and thousands of gold wouldn't be able to buy one. Even the lowest tier of Human-Tier Battle Skills was extremely pricy so that any mercenary would hardly be able to afford one. Only the strongest individuals or the most influential ones would be able to obtain such battle skills.

Clang! Ahh!

Jian Chen maintained a weird hand seal, standing close-eyed on the deck of the ferry. In the moment he was enveloped by the pillar of light, he felt a wondrous connection form between his mind and the pillar.


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