The God World Chapter 2912

The God World Chapter 2912

"Haha, all the people from the middle area, listen up! If you want to kill me, just come forward!"

Tian Yishan said.

"So you all wish to die, then I will help accomplish that for you." Jian Chen's face grew fierce as he felt the wound on his back. Not only did this wound bring about a huge impact on his fighting strength, but there wasn't much of his Saint Force left. If he wanted to run, then he would have to reveal his final trump card.

"Li Wu Ling, you're just a little guy who has recently broken through to the Heavenly Core realm, and yet, you're being so arrogant! Do you think that we, the Black Sect, have no disciples who can fight you? Since you challenge us, I, your father will fight you!"

"Because of you three bastards, we offended senior disciple Jiang! Let's beat them!"

"I, Guan Yiyun have returned!"

As soon as everyone heard the yell, they all stared intently at the ground.

By this point, the amount of time Jian Chen had spent in the mountain range was quite long. The monster cores in his Space Ring were more than enough for him to cultivate with for a few days, but the supplies he had on hand were about to run out. So for that reason, Jian Chen needed to return to Wake City to replenish his supplies. Not only that, but he also needed to handle the Silver Striped Golden Snake within his Space Ring; otherwise if left alone long enough, who knew what type of situation would occur? For example, the body might rot away. Jian Chen wasn't too sure about such things, since he hadn't read about them in the books. So for the sake of achieving his goal, Jian Chen wanted to get the Silver Striped Golden Snake matter over with as soon as possible.

"Just what is happening? How powerful and mysterious is this Multicolored Stone?" Jian Chen cried out in shock.

"Perfect! Thank you, older brother!"

As Jian Chen was pondering to himself in that brief moment, the Silver Striped Golden Snake suddenly opened its mouth and spat out a gray poisonous mist that quickly floated over to where Jian Chen stood. As it floated over, every single plant life in the mist immediately began to wilt, and even the larger trees were noticeably changing. In a flash, it looked as if its very life was being drained away quickly.

"What! Thirty thousand purple coins?!" Ming Dong cried out. A price like that made him leap up into the air in shock. Swearing out loud, he spat, "You might as well rob me of my money! A single block of wood costing thirty thousand purple coins? Three hundred purple coins was already beyond what I was willing to spend. But this price? Who'd ever buy it?"

Big Yellow said. After that, the trio started flying toward the same place as the rest.Chapter 338 ΓΏ Magma's Heart

Nangong Wenyang said.

Big Yellow asked.

A Late Combat Soul Golden Guard suddenly kneeled down on the floor and spoke with a trembling voice, "Imperial Emperor, when I found the Crown Prince, he was still conscious, and he said that it was Yan Chenyu who did this to him."

"Imperial Uncle, a peerless monster has recently appeared in the Eastern Continent. His name is Jiang Chen, and he's going to go to war with the Martial Saint Dynasty tomorrow. Before this, he killed most of the emperors of the Martial Saint Dynasty, including fifth brother."

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