Return to begin a career as Viking! Chapter 237

Return to begin a career as Viking! Chapter 237

As the two continued to talk, Jian Chen started to laugh, as he couldn't help but feel the warm feelings he had remembered from his mother.


He hadn't been the only one. The spectators who had originally thought that the punishment of Mercenary City wouldn't fall had all immediately turned silent. They all stared at the motionless body of the Saint Ruler in utter disbelief and did not speak for the longest time.

"Damn it, I completely forgot about him!"

The Evil Devils let out shrill cries. They had an incredible fear towards the flames, as if they had just seen their natural predator. The Heavenly Core Evil Devils couldn't resist it at all, and were killed on the spot.

Jian Chen looked at the hundred and a few men with a small smile and nodded. "Not bad, not bad at all. Let's talk more inside."

Quickly, both the headmaster and Bai En arrived outside of the door to Jian Chen's room, where the World Essence was inside.

Right in front of him, the Green Hellish Python had an idiotic expression. It was startled, and it was still recalling the previous scene in its mind. That green liquid was its deadliest poison, but its opponent acted like nothing had happened, and this turned the Green Hellish Python's mind on its head.

The Great Soul Derivation Skill was the most important foundation for Jiang Chen. By teaching Guo Shan this skill, he had some motives behind it. No doubt, Guo Shan was someone who could become his true friend. Jiang Chen would need to build his own team for the future, and an alchemist was a vital person within any team. Jiang Chen didn't want to spend too much time and energy on concocting pills, therefore, he needed to cultivate some alchemists that could work with him, and Guo Shan was the perfect candidate.

Big Yellow bared his teeth at Jiang Chen. However, at the same time, a look of excitement flickered within his eyes. He could clearly feel that Jiang Chen's Earth Jail was much more powerful than the Barbarian Earth Bull's Earth Jail.

The distance between Fragrant Sky city and Red city was more than a few thousand miles.Not only were there mountains between them, there was also a city named Crowded Sky city.Crowded Sky city was similar to Fragrant Sky city in size, and it was guarded by some Late stage Qi Hai warriors even though it was still weaker than Red city.

Jiang Chen nodded his head. He now finally understood why Nangong Wentian left home. It looked like the current changes in the Nangong family was related to their internal conflict as well.

"So there was this many monster cores hidden inside? I can count nearly a thousand of these." Jian Chen's heart skipped a beat as he surveyed the sight in front of him. Despite all of these monster cores being of an inferior grade, there was still an enormous amount of them. Moreover, this was only just one box. There was a total of fifteen chariots that each had two to four boxes. If every single one of those boxes contained monster cores, then the total amount of them was an astronomical number that no one would be able to count.

"Haha, Tian Yishan, you are soon going to die, but you still ask about your friends? Let me tell you this, Guan Yiyun and the others are still alive, but that's only because young master Yang Shuo won't let them die so easily!"

"Could it be this is a special type of battle skill?!" Jian Chen thought.

"That is correct. Our Four Harmonies Manor are related to the Pure Heart Pavilion. And it is no ordinary relationship either. In all honesty, the Four Harmonies Manor can be considered an outer sect to the Pure Heart Pavilion. Its goal is to find cultivators from the outside that are compatible with being disciples for the Pure Heart Pavilion." Ge Qiu spoke.

Big Yellow was really angry, because he was only able to kill a servant. For him, it was not enough!

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