Abuse of Magic Chapter 2692

Abuse of Magic Chapter 2692

After looking in every direction and mewling for half the day, the white tiger cub began to sniff the area before heading in the direction of Jian Chen.

"The end is you dying a horrible death!"

It was unbelievable that Jiang Chen was able to release even a small amount of power from the actual First Solar Finger at his level.

Jian Chen cupped his hands together, "This one is Jian Chen, I pay my respect to my seniors."

In the sky above, the more the Old Great Emperor fought, the more scared he became. He had used all his skills and hidden tricks in this intense battle, but he still didn't have the advantage. If the situation went on like this, perhaps he would have no chance of winning.

"I didn't mean to do it. I hope Great Master won't blame me."

Jian Chen's expression shifted at this scene, and a hint of a powerful murderous aura flashed from his eyes. He really couldn't bear to watch these people's barbaric and unreasonable actions. However, he didn't blindly rush into the fight, since he knew that going in now wouldn't be favorable to him. There were surely many people that had heard the news about the Class 5 Monster Cores.

In Wu Cong's mind, Wu Lang had just saved Jiang Chen. But, little did he know, Wu Lang had actually just saved his life! That cold aura came from the Ice Demon King, and if Wu Long was only just a little bit slower, Jiang Chen would have unleashed the Ice Demon King. With the Ice Demon King's formidable strength, there was no way Wu Cong could defend against its attack.

"And just like that, all the pills stored within this body are being refined by me."

"Damn it, no matter how strong it is, how can it be compared to you? Even Firethorn Savage couldn't withstand your dog head!"

Duan Li reminded him out of kindness, then he flew back to the Black Sect. The other two Early Heavenly Core disciples looked at each other, then they too flew back to the Black Sect.

"The three of us have quite the friendship with their captain, Jasmine. It'd be an easier task if we advise her." Zhan Tian spoke.

Also, right after the mountain peak was destroyed, all the stone golems instantly disappeared, as if they had never appeared before.

"Third prince?" At this, Jian Chen's heart skipped a beat, he had no idea that Qin Ji held such an illustrious position within the kingdom.

"Powerful Hegemon's Three Heavens, a Mid-Ranked Earth Combat Skill! Damn it, don't tell me everything here is combat skill and cultivation skills? I just picked one at random, and it was an Earth-Ranked skill, this is incredible!"

The Imperial Emperor said.

"That's right! They said Jiang Chen was about 17 years old, and that matches with this Chen Jiang in front of us! Furthermore, it's incredibly rare for a young man to have such formidable combat strength, and there's also an iconic big yellow dog next to him!"

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