Rebirth of the Demon Queen Chapter 2095

Rebirth of the Demon Queen Chapter 2095

"Indeed, brother Jiang is a man full of mysteries. I hope master can keep this secret for brother Jiang."


In the Yu family of Yellowstone City, Yu Tian Long was walking around restlessly in the main hall with a gloomy face. He was waiting anxiously for something. Next to him were two old Heavenly Core warriors who also seemed restless.

Just as everyone was chatting to each other over some wine, both the city lord and the Changyang clan gained a report of the sudden appearance of an army just outside Lore City.

Hearing this, Jian Chen inwardly nodded to himself. Liang Xiaole's statement had already gained Jian Chen's approval. Although she was timid, and was extremely afraid of magical beasts, that wasn't important. The most important factor was she was willing to change her ways, and to learn more.

"This one knows already." The burly man began to tear off the rest of the chicken and stuffed it in his mouth. Then, throwing the remaining parts of it onto the ground, he took out a towel from his Space Belt to wipe off the oil.

"Kill me now if you dare! I'm sure my son will avenge me!"

Han Yan asked with a smile.

Jian Chen had already lost his appetite. Standing up from his chair, he turned around and left the restaurant. Riding his Class 4 Magical Beast mount, he departed from the place.

However, Wu Ningzhu had to fight three enemies at the same time, and they weren't ordinary opponents; they were the great guardians of the Demon King Palace! Even if she possessed amazing talent, she had to split her attack into three. It was impossible for her to completely defeat all three of them at the same time, and now, she couldn't even break their defense. It looked like this would be a drawn-out battle.

The inner group Qin Ji had mentioned were all standing right next to him. Some were the five experts, including Jian Chen's group.

Within the palace, Nanbei Chao who was wearing a golden robe was filled with powerful energy. After breaking through to the Mid Divine Core realm, his energy had reached an incredible level, and even Zhao Chongyang who was standing next to him was shocked.

The moment the middle aged man reached out with his hand, his eyes widened abruptly as he felt the palm of the elder's hands wrap around his neck. With no idea of when the elder had even reached him, he felt his throat tighten, causing him to choke.

Ming Dong and Bai En's fight had taken place in a split second with several exchanges, but the students hadn't been able to clearly see what the process of the match had been. However, there was one thing that was clear. Ming Dong was still standing on the arena while Bai En had somehow flown out from the arena at some point. According to the regulations of every fight on the arena, if one were to fall from the ring, then they would lose. With Bai En like this, it was very clear to see that he had lost.

Daoist Profound River's eyes swept across the entire place. He looked at the frightened demons, and with a loud voice he said, "From today onwards, no major demon powers are allowed to exist in the Southern Continent. I'll spare your lives today. No, get the hell out of here."

Jiang Chen's blood wings flapped, he landed amongst the disciples of the Black Sect, and immediately attracted countless malicious gazes from the disciples of both the Burning Sky Pavilion and the Heavenly Sword Sect. However, the reactions from the Black Sect's disciples were completely different, many of them immediately gathered around him.

Therefore, a man and a dog begun to fight within the cave; one wanted to eat the man, and the other wanted to drink the other's blood.

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