Black Jade Chapter 694

Black Jade Chapter 694

This time, the entire group split between two paths. Jian Chen and the Imperial Advisors traveled together through the air toward the Gesun Kingdom while the three generals traveled with the hundred elite soldiers, who were mounted on their magical beasts, toward the Gesun Kingdom on ground.

The calmest people on the spot were actually the Little Devil King Han Yan and Li Wu Shuang. It didn't matter if it was Guan Yi Yun, Liang Xiao, or even Nan Bei Chao, both of them didn't give a shit about these people. This was a pride that stemmed from deep down in their bodies. Perhaps they did respect Nan Bei Chao and the other three, but they would definitely not blindly admire them. After all, they had the same huge potential as them, and in their minds, Han yan and Li Wu Shuang were confident that one day, they would be able to surpass them.

The huge faded finger instantly merged with the Single Solar Finger, making the Single Solar Finger's power rise. Its goal was Lee Chang Ming's tsunami of Yuan energy.

Then, two figures came bursting out of the crowd and flew for the cave behind the tiger with a speed comparable to Jian Chen's. This was all for the sake of the tiger cub inside the cave.


Qin Wuming nodded his head, "Correct. Originally when his Majesty ordered half a million of our soldiers to go to the Gesun Kingdom, he hadn't planned on their return. The Gesun Kingdom is far too weak, but with the connection between the Imperial Protector and the royal family of the kingdom, we cannot afford to offend either side. Thus, his Majesty had decided to assist the Gesun Kingdom while also helping out the Imperial Protector himself. With his talent, he will eventually become a Saint Ruler later in his life. So to rope in such an individual without enticement and investments would be foolhardy."

Liang Xiaole smiled, "They're definitely leaving this place, but they didn't explain it clearly to you guys. They want to leave the second region, and move on to the third region to hunt the Class 2 Magical Beasts."

The lady grew pale with fright, the secret technique she had used to dodge Jian Chen's blow earlier had taken up a lot of energy as well as with the water dragon. Right now her internal Saint Force was practically empty, so she wasn't able to dodge the sword.

Also, even if they returned to the Liang Province now, there was no way they could cause any actual damage to the Asura Palace. Instead, they might have to face life threatening situations. After all, they were still weak. At least, there was still a gap between them and the four major powers of the Liang Province. If they were to face a Combat Emperor, none of them would be any match.

The two men had spent half a year traveling countless of kilometers to arrive at their destination. Such a feat moved even Jian Chen.

Jiang Chen took a deep breath and flipped his palm, checking on the situation regarding the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pills. A smile was brought to his lips. While facing the fifth tribulation bolt just now, he had extracted a sufficient amount of lightning energy.

Daoist Black didn't say anything. That's right, this man was a miracle! In just a little over half a year, Jiang Chen had done the seemingly impossible to many times!

"I think this young man just came to the Qi Province! If he didn't, with such freakish talent and ways of doing things, he would already be well known by now!"

The Blood Devils were yelling and howling. The stronger leaders had taken out their devil weapons and surrounded the attackers. In here, there were more than tens of Blood Devil leaders. Yu Zi Han and the rest were simply outnumbered.

"With those bronze plates, Wu Cong will not let those men from the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan kill Jiang Chen. The real treasures are hidden in the ancient pagoda, and perhaps the exit to the outside world is also inside it. If we can't get the stone door open, we might just be trapped here forever."

"I don't mind telling you this. Since the Sect Chief sent me here, it simply means that I have the abilities to deal with Lord Blood Moon. Last night, those Blood Devils attacked Redsun Town, and if I was late, this town would be a ghost town right now. These Blood Devils are merciless and cruel, and it's not my duty alone to deal with them. We have to work together."

Soon after, the entire group passed through the white fog. It was just like Jiang Chen had said; they had indeed entered another universe. In front of them was a great plain with a bright sky. But, what attracted them wasn't this beautiful scene, it was the huge garden that was floating high above them in the sky.

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