Doing something like that was akin to Jian Chen's instinct. Perhaps he was already used to concealing his identity as a Radiant Saint Master, so even though he was now a Saint Ruler and possessed a rather powerful strength, he still did not want his identity to be exposed.

"It has been three days since Little Chen dived into the magma pool, but he still hasn't come out. Could there have been any problems?"

One of the Early Divine Core warriors said. In an instant, he unleashed a gigantic palm and slapped towards Tian Yishan.

"Damn it, that dimensional tunnel is just not meant for humans! That fall just now was too hard!"

Nanbei Chao laughed grimly, "If they don't activate the formation, they might still have some strength to fight back. But if they activate it, they will lose all their strength."

Jian Chen laughed and said, "Alright, let's get back on the road now and hope we can kill a few more magical beasts for the sake of our cultivation,"

At this moment, a sharp stinging sound could be heard whistling through the air. Jian Chen's eyes narrowed coldly as the Light Wind Sword appeared to block the incoming strike.

"What, Dugu Feng, is there something wrong?" Ming Dong had a crafty smile on his face as he pretended to be confused.

At that point, the people who were previously drinking in the middle of the room stood up as well.

Before Big Yellow could finish speaking, he was slapped on his head.

"I agree, just take a look at his lofty face! He was lucky enough to increase his cultivation a stage higher, and with that, he wants to take first place in the outer circle competition? Who does he think he is? Does he really think he's invincible just because he defeated Luo Song? What a fool!"

"Only if the captain was here. Ever since we've entered the depths of the mountain range, we haven't left. We don't know much about the situation outside." Mo Tian sighed. He could not help but think of a handsome, righteous face.

The Jian Province covered a large amount of land, but the distance between Mount Tianyuan and the Martial Palace was only a quarter of the length of the entire Jian Province. Together with the Nine Phantom Wolves and Dimensional Shift, Jiang Chen was able to fly with incredible speed that was hard for others to imagine. So, he completely left the Jian Province after just two hours.

"Could it be? Am I now a cripple?" Jian Chen continued to stare at the ceiling with a dazed look. His eyes were filled with an unwillingness. This was because he had far too many things to accomplish still, and in order to accomplish them, he would need a tremendous amount of power.

"We thank the captain!"

In the past, Jian Chen had been a person of influence in Kargath Academy. Even now, the achievements he had accomplished in the academy had been preserved to the present times. The champion of newcomers, the one who had gathered a shockingly large amount of monster cores, and the one who had defeated the Saint Ka Di Yun despite not even being a Saint himself. Then finally, the very same Saint who had cut off Cheng Mingxiang's arm from the Hua Yun Sect while also forcing several other students to sustain injuries.

"Little Chen, let's enter the Island of Ice!"


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