The subtle World Of Terraria Chapter 1871

The subtle World Of Terraria Chapter 1871

"In an auction house, everything goes to the highest bidder. Since when have we making life difficult for the Harido clan? We are only playing by the rules of the auction house, that's all." This time, the voice of a woman could be heard. She was melodious in her speech and rather pleasant to hear.Chapter 563: Prosperous Auction (Five)

"They're rather comparable in numbers compared to humanity. In terms of comprehensive strength, they could easily stand against humanity. Naturally, this is knowledge from long ago. I've no information on the current situation of the sea clans. And I've little idea if they've become even stronger than humanity. In that war long ago, humanity lost far too many champions while the beings of the sea managed to maintain that golden age of theirs."


"Jian Chen, enter!" An elderly voice called out from within.

Old Whiteghost and Shangguan Hui shouted at the same time. They both had similar shocked expressions on their faces.

"He's called Jian Chen, perhaps that Jian Chen who placed first in the previous Gathering of Mercenaries?"

Upon hearing the words £¦Saint Ruler', Khafir and Ye Jing both let out a startled gasp. A layer of strength that high was something that was beyond their comprehension. Although a Saint Ruler was only one realm away from them, the distance between the two realms could never be made up, like a fly going against an elephant.

Eldest Mang suffered some minor injuries from the previous exchange, that's why he was no match for Jiang Chen. Because of that, it was perfectly normal that he would be killed by Jiang Chen.

Ming Dong smiled happily at Ka Di Yun, but he made no moves to take out his Saint Weapon, "Just so that people won't say I was bullying children, I won't be too excessive. How about this, I'll stand here without moving and without striking back. If you can force me back or cause me to even take a single step back, I'll have lost. Sound good?" Ming Dong began to deemphasize himself; as an Earth Saint Master, he would really not be able to put a tiny Saint Master as an opponent in his eyes. Even if a battle skill was used, it wouldn't pose even an iota of a threat to him. The difference in power was just that big.

Mu Rong Zhan was extremely angry at the moment.He was a wise man, but today a young man had embarrassed him in public.This was not only about his reputation, but he was also insulted in broad daylight.

No signs of fear could be seen on Huo Yuner's face. He knew he couldn't defeat Jiang Chen. After he had broken through to the Mid Divine Core realm, he immediately came to Inferno Hell, filled with extreme confidence as he tried finding Jiang Chen so that he could fight him. But when he arrived, no matter where he went, everyone were talking about the legendary story of Jiang Chen. This was like pouring cold water onto his burning desire.

After that, Jiang Chen turned to Lian Haolong and asked, "You're the Tribe Chief?"

Turning back to look at the five Heaven Saint Masters, he moved into a fighting stance, "Qiangan Kingdom, do you truly wish to interfere? There is still a chance to back out."

Han Yan asked.

"Precisely! I never thought Shangguan Yiqing was such a ruthless man! Having a friend like him is something really dangerous!"

All the men nodded their heads. In fact, they didn't really need to be reminded by Jiang Chen. All of them had stayed in Inferno Hell much longer than Jiang Chen had, and it wasn't their first time coming to the depths of Inferno Hell. They even knew which places they could go, and which places to avoid.

Yan Chong said with a worried expression.

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