Harry Potter and the Forger of Worlds Chapter 1471

Harry Potter and the Forger of Worlds Chapter 1471

"I concede!!' she said begrudgingly, eyes flickering with defiance.

Bai Xiaochun looked away from Zhou Xinqi and gave Hou Xiaomei a smile of praise. Looking very much like a member of the senior generation, he patted her on the head.

Qing Shui was drenched in sweat after pushing everything for this moment. He felt extremely happy. Even though the effect of "Art of Pursuing" couldn't last for a long time, it had the ability to reduce the opponent's speed and increase their load!?

In Big Fatty Zhang's mind, this clan chief was a completely domineering figure, and he had never before seen him act this way or speak with such courtesy. In this part of the city, he was the kind of person who could bring a torrent of trouble to anyone who bothered him. Not only was he an orange-robed disciple, he was also the chief of an entire cultivator clan!

One morning at dawn, the Nascent Soul experts outside the sect flew up into the air and looked in the direction of the battleship with deep anticipation.

When Bai Xiaochun saw him, his eyes widened and he hurried over. "Whoah, aren't you Sect Nephew Wolf?"

Level 9 Black Treasured Stone could raise one's speed by 300%!

"This old ghost has probably been hungry for tens of thousands of yearsˇ­."

State of perception only occurred when one immersed themselves in countless amounts of training. Just like how Qing Shui attained the Realm of Sword Truths, by spending an astronomical amount of time practicing the same set of movements, he immersed himself within it before he truly arrived at this level. Naturally, he was still enamored of the mysterious realms that came after the Realm of Sword Truths.

He had even taught them the Duality Steps, so that they could use it with the Duality Minutest Formation.

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A heaven shaking tiger's roar rang out. It sounded as explosive as thunder. Qing Shui performed the Tiger Laceration. Soon after, a thread of clear shadow appeared in the air.

The number of cultivators she had killed since she made her debut was shocking to behold, including many Nascent Soul cultivators.

At this moment Qing Shui was still unaware, but the news about Qing Shui defeating Gongsun Jian, the pinnacle of Xiantian, with one blow had spread like wildfire in the Starmoon Hall. This information was spreading rapidly; even other halls had received the news.

Bai Xiaochun pretended not to hear all the discussions around him, and seemed completely and utterly calm as he looked at the stone gate.

Qing Shui felt absurd. He stood up and saw Canghai Mingyue, who was sitting on the Golden Winged Thunder Condor. That lonely silhouette made Qing Shui unsure of what to do.

"There are some mechanisms installed on the walls of this stone path. It will shoot anyone who moves without waiting up to seven minutes. Even trying to fly across will have no effect. The poison on the arrows is from a type of Five Colored Poison Beast. Even a peak Martial Saint wouldn't dare to risk it," Elder Ge explained slowly.

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