The Imperial Dragon Chapter 1998

The Imperial Dragon Chapter 1998

Not only this, the places where the four big sects were residing must be places with the greatest amount of natural energies. Powerful warriors could make good use of those places. They could construct special formations that can gather natural energies, making it a place suitable for cultivation and a place people would yearn to be. This allowed the sect to be everlasting.

Shangguan Ying burst into laughter. He was pleasantly satisfied. He felt that he had overestimated this Ice Demon. Initially, he believe it to have some powerful skills, but in the end, it was just a fool who didn't know how to do anything other than attack. An existence like this would never pose any threat to him.

Shangguan Ying was clearly in shock, but the Ice Demon King didn't give him any time to thing. It simply stormed with violent attacks, continuing its brutal assault with absolutely no care for its own defense.

Big Yellow had a serious expression right now. With his mouth wide open, he roared at the Evil Devil.

The Energy Spring Water was like a clear and refreshing stream that flowed around within Jiang Chen's body. With help from the Dragon Transformation skill, all the energy was digested and used to condense new Dragon Marks.

Nubis sighed lightly, "The person is a king from the Gilligan clan. He's a tiger that's already reached Class 8. Even if we work together, we are not his opponent, so if we go, we're going for nothing. We can only call for the grand elder of Mercenary City."

"Young master Jiang, are you satisfied with your mansion?"

The old man replied.

Xiao Han's provocation caused Qin Ji to explode with anger. Slamming the table, he exploded, "Xiao Han, the Flowing Clouds Palace will not accept this behavior. If you continue this behavior, then don't blame Qin Ji for not sparing your face."

Shangguan Yilong furiously shouted out. He took a step forward, instantly arriving next to the dead bodies. Right at this moment, all the other Combat Soul warriors had also seen the dead bodies. They too flew to the scene, fury erupting within their hearts.

Jian Chen went as rigid as a stone statue on his bed, without the smallest of movements taking place. Right now, he had finally confirmed that this was happening for real, and it was not just some sort of illusion. Just as Jian Chen was going to stop absorbing the monster core's energy, he immediately changed his mind. His entire mind was elevated to the highest level of concentration he could muster as he tried to familiarize himself with this situation. He wanted to clearly understand what was happening within his body, and what the reason was for the sudden terrifying increase in absorption. Moreover, Jian Chen wanted to know why the energy had simply disappeared into his dantian like a stone in the ocean, leaving behind no traces.


After the first attack failed, Nangong Wenyen immediately unleashed his second attack. He started drawing something in front of him with both hands, then he unleashed golden energies which turned into a 30 meter tall golden mountain. It was a mountain formed entirely from energy, and it carried the weight of a real mountain. This was an attack that relied on raw strength, and it wasn't an attack that anybody could withstand.

Wu Lang started laughing, then he turned around and disappeared into the black gate.

The will to surrender could be contagious, especially when once faced a hopeless slaughter. All of the men were cruel and ferocious, they had experienced all sorts of dangerous fights, but for a meaningless fight like this, surrendering was their best option.

Jiang Chen gazed at the man, then his cold eyes became even colder. It didn't matter if Jiang Chen judged him from his physique or energy ripples, this was the same man who had hunted him down that night. Although Jiang Wei had covered his real identity real good, it might have fooled others, but not Jiang Chen.

Jian Chen didn't bother to answer any of the comments and jumped down to where his older brother Changyang Hu was. Looking at his brother's expression of extreme shock, Jian Chen laughed, "Big brother, I didn't dissapoint you. I've won."

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