RE: Alternate World Online Chapter 1409

RE: Alternate World Online Chapter 1409

Noticing that his body and clothes were drenched in blood, Jian Chen took out a towel and wiped himself clean before putting on a new pair of white robes and leaving the room.

Yan Hongtai immediately responded. Jiang Chen saying that they were one family warmed his heart. Furthermore, everyone knew that Jiang Chen's words were correct. The resentment between him and the Martial Saint Dynasty couldn't be resolved, and one of them would have to face annihilated in the end. Havoc was soon going to be wreaked in this continent.

"However, I still think we should visit the depths of the Devil Realm first and kill some stronger devils, and only start robbing on the third day. We won't get as much out of it if we begin robbing people now."

However, when the Radiant Saint Sword collided with the assassin's Saint Weapon, it immediately produced a great bang. The man's expression changed greatly, and he immediately spat out a mouthful of blood, as he was knocked backward with great force by the Radiant Saint Sword

Big Yellow stood up on his two back legs and placed his two front legs behind his back. The way he behaved looked really funny.

The Heavenhawk Island Master said.


These three men were Jian Hua, Hei Zi, and Bao Yue. Each one of them had a pale face as they shivered in fear and didn't dare to utter a single sound.

Guan Yiyun said as he furrowed his brows.

Nangong Wentian said.

Jiang Chen asked with an indifferent smile.

Although still furious, Shangguan Sheng was surprised by Big Yellow's speed. However, he did have his own unique ability. He unleashed an advanced movement skill with some mystical steps, increasing his speed by a lot as well.

Jiang Chen told them about the Ice Demon King's terrifying abilities, but he didn't mention anything about the Black Ice Talisman.

One of the two males was around forty years old with a bald head. He had an excellent physique that bulged with muscles; his appearance was so noticeable, it could be considered an attack on a person.

"Not good, they're actually from the Bloodsword Sect! Let's go!" Old man Mateng exclaimed without any further thought. Before he had even finished speaking, he began to flee into the distance at a great speed.

This time, the moment the sharp Light Wind Sword made contact with the eyebrows of the warbeast, it was almost as if the defenses no longer existed. The Light Wind Sword easily stabbed through the warbeast's defenses straight into its skull.

"Xiang'er, how is the situation up front? How did the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom suddenly bring out so many experts?" Changyang Ba was the first to blurt out. He was extremely worried about the battle ahead, but because he was a far distance away, he wasn't able to see the situation too clearly.

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