All It Takes Is One Night Chapter 2275

All It Takes Is One Night Chapter 2275

"Thank you, Brother Qing Shui!"

This state of enlightenment could only be hoped for and not actively sought after. As the saying goes "10 years of hard training was not worth a single instant of enlightenment" It all depended on fate and luck of the individual!

"Yes, I have already brought them. I will be staying here this week.."

Xuemei instantly started to get anxious. Her phoenix-like eyes flashing with anger, she rose to her feet and transformed into a beam of light that rumbled through the night, heading from Ancestor Peak toward Middle Peak!

"Lad, you know your stuff. In Greencloud Continent, even those strong warriors in the Continent's Capital aren't as arrogant as you, to run over someone from our Soulreaper Valley and yet still be so arrogant."

"You're only waiting, why are you so anxious? They are going up for a life and death battle. Is there a need to hurry when it's a matter with their lives? Why don't you go up?" The other person retorted, not even giving a single glance to the impatient man..

The other nine heavenly dukes were all shocked, and sent streams of divine sense over to observe what was happening directly. When they realized that no reaction at all could be seen from the imperial palace, they grew more taciturn than ever.

There were three types of puppets on the battlefield; green, black, and gold. The green puppets were the ordinary type. Black puppets were more powerful, and less common. The gold ones were the rarest. As for the black puppets, they came in various sizes, and the ones that were 300 meters tall had traces of gold visible in them.

The needles was shot out with such speed that they ripped space apart with no warning whatsoever. The Coldsteel Needles directly penetrated through the Fengdu Acupoint of the elegant man, causing his brain to explode into pieces.


The gravekeeper began to laugh, a laughter filled with both anticipation and shocking focus!

"I thought of that too," Bai Xiaochun said, his eyebrows dancing up and down. "Master is just too outstanding, don't you say?" Although Bai Xiaochun had temporarily stopped thinking about what an eerie place he was in, he didn't stop using the powers of the mask to conceal himself.

The Celestial stood there, eyes flickering with thought.

He lifted his foot, but there was no reaction. Qing Shui tried again, but deliberately channeled in a small amount of Qi of Ancient Strengthening Technique into it. With just a shake, he'd already moved several steps forward.

Qing Shui could not believe his ears. To think that there was no one at the level of a Martial Saint in the entire Greencloud Continent. After all, he was just told that there were at least 30 Martial King Cultivators in Immortal Sword Sect alone. To think that there were no Martial Saints Cultivators amongst the countless martial art practitioners in Greencloud Continent¡­

"The lot of you had better get the hell back to the north bank this instant! Go into secluded meditation and don't come out for ten years!" Although the peak lord of Sunset Peak was the one to take action, these were disciples from his mountain peak, so he was actually protecting them to some extent. Although he seemed to be acting harshly, he actually was sympathetic to their cause. With a wave of a sleeve, he caused a powerful wind to spring up that swept the Sunset Peak disciples off into the distance.

Qing Shui said in a delicate tone!

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