Galactic Dark Net Chapter 1074

Galactic Dark Net Chapter 1074

Without any hesitation, Jian Chen rushed towards Tie Ta and immediately started to fight off the 8 wolves with his iron rod.

Jiang Chen asked with a hint of curiosity.

Guan Yi Yun said in an incomparably mighty manner. Earlier, he was a loser in front of Nan Bei Chao, and that made him really unhappy. But now, since Liang Xiao wants to find trouble, he would never back down.

Therefore, a tragedy occurred!

However, Jiang Zhenhai understood a fact, someone like Jiang Chen would never be trapped in one place. He belonged to the vast world outside this tiny land.

Jiang Chen said with a casual smile. Confidence filled his face, making people wonder where this confidence actually came from.

"Deng!" "Deng!" "Deng!"

The patriarch hummed. "There has been no conflict between us and the Jiede clan. They themselves are quite strong as well. Since we've already made enemies with the Huang family, it wouldn't do to make even more enemies. Go and notify the Jiede clan of this."

"Yes!" Each person saluted in response before transforming back into the shadows and out of sight to blend in with the surrounding of the ravine.

Hearing this, Qian Yun looked extremely troubled. This was a tremendous loss for their kingdom; each Heaven Saint Master was a pillar to the kingdom and directly tied to their power.

Yan Zhanyun's eyes lit up, he could never forget about the young man who brought a new order to this area!

Jian Chen nodded his head, "If you truly wish to join me, then I'll add you to the registers in a moment at the Mercenary Union."

Jiang Chen slowly stood up from his seat. With both hands behind his back, and his head tilted a little bit upwards, he stared at the moon above the skies with a pair of bright eyes. The energy he emitted couldn't be ignored.

Jiang Chen let out a cold snort. He had the experience as the once greatest Saint in the world, he had seen all sorts of skills. Therefore, he had no fear towards Yang Shuo's skill. Jiang Chen took a step forwards and entered the light curtain.

"You two tiny little things, hurry up and walk into my mouth, and save me the effort of doing it myself."

Once Huang Dong had left the platform, more people from the top 10 experts list appeared on the platform. Almost all of them had numerous monster cores, and the first ranked student on the top 10 experts list, Bogadi, had a total of 103 monster cores. However, among these top 10 experts, only 4 of them had completed the task; the other 6 had all been eliminated. They had encountered people of the same level as they were, but had lost to the opposite party due to a difference in numbers. Thus, their monster cores had been plundered.

The Qin Heaven Palace belonged Jian Chen since he was an Imperial Protector. Although he wasn't there, the guards wouldn't slack off. Day and night, multiple guards could be seen stationed there and many more would patrol the area during the daytime.

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