The Eternal Guardian Chapter 2384

The Eternal Guardian Chapter 2384

The decree of the king not only stunned the audience, but even Qin Ji who was standing next to him. There was a look of utter shock on his face and a blankness had entered his mind.

With a refreshing voice, Jiang Chen agreed once again.

At that moment, the dust storm shook once more erratically before the dust storm grew faint, revealing the situation inside.

"There's a disturbance in the energy, something's making a move." The elder's eyes grew fierce as he instantly flew into the sky like a spectre in the night.

"Big Bro Jiang Chen, let me give it a try!"


Continuing to make his way forward, Jian Chen walked down the passageway. This place was an underground labyrinth fashioned completely out of cold hard steel. Even if the earth above it were to collapse, this labyrinth would be completely unaffected by it.

As for Saer Langke, his expression became extremely ugly, while the complexions of the members from other clans fluctuated.

Not a single one of them had thought that after looking everywhere in the Magical Beast Mountain Range, they would coincidentally come across him. What was more amusing was just how exactly they came across Jian Chen.

Without hesitation, a blade of wind Saint Force materialized in Ming Dong's hand before he ruthlessly slammed it into Kaizer's head. With the Saint Force entering his head, Kaizer's soul was destroyed.

The girl's response was particularly violent as she pulled back the bowstring of her Solunar Bow and pointed an arrow at her, "If you continue to speak like this, don't blame me then."

The appearance of the other three outer circle Sect Elders had created another round of turmoil; everyone was guessing whether or not Jiang Chen would dare tie them up as well.

Then with another flash of silver, the sword stabbed through the front of another man's throat.

Someone asked.

Not long after, Zhou Bei Zhen brought Mu Rong Tian and the other two to Jiang Chen. Their faces were full of bloodstains, and their Qi was a mess. Obviously, they received some harsh beatings before this.

"Brat, I, Zhou Butong will definitely make sure you won't leave here alive!" Another shout exploded toward Jian Chen as the wrathful Zhou Butong immediately flew in from the side in order to protect the escaping Zhou Yun.

Outside the Misty Mountain, there were six men wearing green robes. All of them were Heavenly Core warriors. Two of them were old outer circle Sect Elders, while the other four young men were inner circle disciples.

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