Reborn: Legendary Female General is here! Chapter 734

Reborn: Legendary Female General is here! Chapter 734

The group of people behind stood in a semicircular arc as they took their time to chase after Changyang Hu. Luo Jian stood next to Cheng Mingxiang and sneered, "Based on the direction Changyang Hu is running towards, he's most likely looking for Changyang Xiang Tian."

Big Yellow laughed with bad intentions. No matter if it was a rare beast, a Divine Beast, or a Divine Body like Yan Chen Yu's Nine-Yin Body, there was always a certain limit on their innate abilities skills. Once they transcended that limit, it would severely harm them. As long as the damage wasn't too grand, however, they would be able to heal themselves. This healing required a certain amount of time though, and during this time period, they were unable to use their innate ability.

TL Note; Qin Ji is not from the Tianqin clan.

"What power does he possess for it to be this terrifying?'

"You Yue, it's getting late. You should sleep first. Tomorrow morning I will begin to implement your plan. I believe that it will be a success." Jian Chen smiled to You Yue.

Guan Yi Yun said. After the Qi Province competition was finished, all the disciples would need to rush back to their sects at once.

"Thank you, young master Qi!"

Duan Jianhong's eyes blinking. He was a brilliant man who had the ability to give thorough thought on anything he was going to do.Sponsored by: Victor, Kenny and William! Thank you so much!!

Seeing Jian Chen's blue badge, even the arrogant Lei Yin was greatly frightened. She mumbled rather gloomily, "Impossible, impossible, how is this possible££"

Elder Feng continued to speak, "Elders Huang Lan and Huang Feng, these five are the honored guests from the Qinhuang Kingdom and are here by invitation from the patriarch."Chapter 516: Ancestor of the Huang Family

Quickly, more and more people began to grab at the items within the secret spots. There were many things within the secret spots like Space Rings, cultivation method manuals, battle skills, and even several precious medicines.

"Gathering of Skynet? A net that covers both sky and ground? They just cast this net, and are waiting for Little Chen to jump in. It all depends on whether or not Little Chen has the courage to go."

"Haha, thank you! I'm glad he has all your support!"

This sight caused the other men to be shocked as their faces slowly grew serious.

The sound of metal hitting something resonated through the air as the fire serpent engulfed both Mu Yun and his opponent. The collision had caused the fire to spread out in every direction for a few dozen meters. When the red ripple of energy swept past Jian Chen, their extremely hot temperatures caused Jian Chen's clothes to blacken from the heat. If it were not for the fact that his clothes were already damp from his blood, then his clothes might have spontaneously ignited into flames.

"Wakaka! This monk isn't bad! This master dog likes him!"

Underneath the light of the moon and stars, fighting in the skies, fighting on the ground, he eliminated all his powerful foes with this sword! This sword was like his own arm, his lover; the most important part of his life!

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