Serendipitous Love Chapter 2770

Serendipitous Love Chapter 2770

Elder Xiu continued to walk toward the field with the hoe in hand. "I know that your heart doesn't truly understand the meaning of my words. But you must know, all those within the continent who have reached the Saint Ruler realm have always decided to shun the world. It is very rare that they roam the outside world."

None of the Great Saints like Jian Chen had any desire to join in on the fight since all of them had fully believed that the three Saints would be able to be able to take care of the Class 1 Magical Beast.

In terms of condensing Saint Weapons, Jian Chen had long since clearly learned the procedures to becoming Saint from the school library. It used the principle of condensing all inner Saint Force and slowly shaping it into a Saint Weapon. In the end, one uses their £¦Soul' to perfectly harmonize with it. Once the inner Saint Force is completely condensed into a weapon, then a person is officially a Saint.

"His future achievements will be limitless! From now on, the Yu family will submit to young master Jiang, we will follow him and obey all his commands!"


Azulet Sword Law; this was what Jian Chen had been studying for 20 years in his previous world and had become the strongest weapon in his arsenal. It was a type of cultivation that was both rare and formidable; it had principles that were profound and also contained many strong techniques.

Under the control of Jian Chen, the Light Wind Sword dodged the Saint Weapons of the 20 men and struck at their throats.

After the meal, Jian Chen immediately headed back to his room to rest. Coincidentally, the same high ranking soldier that had entered the restaurant with him had rented a room in the same inn. They hadn't gone to another inn for their entire troops, but instead each one had rented a place for the night at a regular looking one instead of a fancy inn.

"Jiang Chen, who is this?"

Lee Shan Yue asked.

"Hmph! Where did this reptile come from? How dare you get in my way? I heard you're capable of killing Second Grade Combat Kings, but don't think for a moment that you can look down on everything just because of that mere achievement! Today, I, the Eighth Tycoon will let you know that there is always someone stronger than you out there."

Ling Yi coldly harrumphed. With a sway of his body, he flew straight toward the source of the golden rays. Suddenly, a white beam shot up from below, preventing him from flying any further. It was a young white-clothed man. As for Big Yellow, he was now hovering on the other side. Although he wasn't a match for this Ling Yi, he could still defeat both Li Hao and Xiu Rui with ease.

"I've heard a Heaven Tier Battle Skill was enough to change the winds of battle and even distort the world. Who knows what an Earth Tier Battle Skill will be capable of?"

Both of them were extremely ferocious men. When the True Dragon Palm collided with the Trinity Fist, the tremendous energy ripples swept across the entire place, it even covered the heavens above, blocking the sun from sight. The violent energy waves swept across the sky, and the powerful shockwaves caused everyone's hearts to tremble, as if a dark shadow had been cast above their souls.

Right after Wu Cong finished speaking, an explosive sound immediately sounded out from far into the distance. At the same time, a huge amount of black smoke rose up into the sky about 5 km away from where he sat, causing the place to look like a scene straight out of doomsday.

"Faster, this Jiang Chen is a moving treasure chest! If we can get all the wealth he possesses, we'll be living a good life in the future!"

"Hmph, old man Yu Ping, you should had stayed behind with your Cheng clan, there was no need for you to come visit Phoenix City." Another black haired elder stood on top of one of the rooftops.

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