Hello, Mr. Major General Chapter 318

Hello, Mr. Major General Chapter 318

Qing Shui's Buddha's True Eyes achieving the Small Success Stage was particularly surprising. These kinds of mental techniques are difficult to train. The time it took to cultivate them was long. However, now that it had directly reached the Small Success Stage. Now it could be truly considered that the Buddha's True Eyes was successfully cultivated.

After a huge wave of energy directly shattered everything within his body, he had naturally lost his life. Qing Shui's attack was like a metal ball while Wang Delong's was like a rock; when they clashed, the rock could only crumble.

The entire world turned the color of blood, and the source wasĄ­

The Jade Sea Country!

The Moondance Steps of Wenren Wu-Shuang had already reached the Great Perfection Stage of the Ancestor Realm! Despite this, she could only barely manage to dodge the sword strikes from the > of the Truth Realm. This clearly showcased the difference in power levels between the two realms.

Wiping away the cold sweat on his brow, Chen Fei had to admit that he really had been thinking on his feet. "Humph! You'd have a hard time finding anyone in the sect that understands Sect Uncle Bai better than me!"

It was as if some mysterious power were guiding them, transforming them into that specific shape.

After Qing Yi saw Qing Shui, she rushed over to embrace him in a hug. To think that this child of hers had the strength all along, yet chose to endure it. Her child had really grown up. She knew that the reason why Qing Shui had expended so much efforts on cultivation was because previously, no matter what he tried, he had been unable to cultivate! Now that the heavens had given the chance back to him, of course he would grab it.

"Mm, dear little girl, let me hold you now."

Most of the scorpions were red, Qing Shui felt depressed when he noticed their size, however, he did not see the Tricolor Scorpion King the lady mentioned.

"Bai Xiaochun!!" he growled bitterly through gritted teeth. At the moment, he felt hopeless and lost; despite putting everything on the line, he had failed, leaving him on the verge of weeping.


Most of the creatures that lived here were Wild beasts, with only a few Ferocious beasts and Demonic beasts, which appeared occasionally. Wild beasts appeared in staggering numbers ranging from thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands and even millions. Even Xiantian Demonic beasts had to give way to such huge herds.?

Of course, Bai Xiaochun didn't have to get involved with the actual movement of the army, nor did the patriarchs have to waste energy on it. Zheng Yuandong was the sect leader, and it was in times like this that his authority was in full swing.

Filled with regret, he stuck his chin up and looked at the paper crane.


Mu Qing was pleasantly surprised, but Qing Shui was more surprised than she was. At this instant, he felt muddleheaded. The shock from seeing what was in front of him left him in disbelief. Although Mu Qing's Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation was of the lowest grade, it was successful. More importantly, Qing Shui could set up the formation now and the power of it would definitely be stronger than Mu Qing's formation.

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