Strange Love Chapter 568

Strange Love Chapter 568

Tie Ta cleverly nodded, and replied in a muffled voice, "Tie Ta understands."

The second prince and prime minister walked into the palace. When they saw the king sitting high above upon his throne, they immediately knelt down in subservience.

"Chang Bai, this isn't a problem you should worry about. I will take care of everything." Jian Chen spoke calmly without an ounce of worry for himself.

"Sure, I'll definitely pay a visit to brother Yan in Red city once I have some free time!"

From far away, Huang Tianba slowly put down his bow to look at the area where Bi Hai was once was. "What a strange escape technique. Even my Solunar Bow was unable to track him." He sighed.

Roars repeatedly sounded out from the battlefield. The fight had lasted for more than 10 minutes now. In the beginning, there were hundreds of Ice Demons, but now, there were only about thirty of them.

"Let's go."

"You're only half correct!" Jian Chen took the iron rod by his side and began to polish it on a small chunk of rock. Absent mindedly responding, he said, "Aside from relying on my ears to listen, I use my spirit to feel my surroundings. However, this method would be too difficult for you to do."

After Changyang Hu left, Jian Chen sat on the bed by himself and contemplated deeply. One had to admit that the news from his clan had been too sudden, catching Jian Chen unprepared.

After thinking about his own identity, Jian Chen knew that the Gesun Kingdom would definitely rise in power thanks to the Qinhuang Kingdom. No matter what, the Gesun Kingdom was his homeland, and where the Chanyang clan had laid down its roots. As the child of the Changyang clan, this was something he should do.

"Many thanks for saving me. This one is truly grateful and will return the favor." The youth then responded.

"Dimensional Shift? Buddy, where did you get this advanced movement skill?"

Big Yellow said. Both he and Wu Jiu turned to look at Jiang Chen at the same time.


With a small hum to himself, Jian Chen spoke, "Shopkeeper Ochire, would you perhaps have any heavenly resources over the age of ten thousand?"

"No way. Lee Shan Yue, with me here today, there's no way I'll let you enter the mountain!"

The name Jiang Chen would soon be spread across the entire Qi Province, and everyone would know his name.

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