That Time When God Made a Mistake Chapter 2698

That Time When God Made a Mistake Chapter 2698

"Oh, fatty, come share it with me. While you look a bit ugly and fat, you have quite a lot of funny ideas." Tong said, totally unconcerned.

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Bai Xiaochun's expression flickered as he realized that what the man was saying actually made sense. As long as he was on his own, he would almost certainly run into more ambushes, and the more fighting he did, the more likely his divine abilities and magical techniques might expose his true identity.

298 - Stone Monument of the Resting tiger, ¡®Inner state of immovable like the Mountains

When he turned his head, he saw a few youths near him, four males and two females. They seemed to be about 25 or 26 years old, around the same age as Qing Shui.

If you followed it along far enough, it reached the place where the river flowed out from the sea!

"Only twenty percent to go!" he thought, more excited than ever. He wasn't sure how others were faring in their collection efforts, but he doubted many of them had surpassed him.

The words echoed out like thunder, causing the blood sword in Bai Xiaochun's hands to tremble, and then rapidly begin to fall apart and disperse.

"He's doing something different from the first time. He's actually running on top of the lava!"

"You rascal, what rubbish are you spewing? Are you asking for a beating?" Yiye Jiange spoke in a tone she rarely used.

Qing Yi cried as she thought about it. She felt sad but relieved!

Big Fatty Zhang immediately helped the burly man to his feet. Face beaming, he took the bag, glanced inside, then helped the man dust off his clothes.

"I can promise you but you can't leave!"

Qing Shui didn't say anything and locked the door and then carried her to the bed. Very quickly, that tempting figure was fully bared before him. Zhu Qing wasn't tall and was about 1.6 meters. However, her body was very proportionate and she seemed very slender. She had an extremely well-rounded pair of breasts and a beautiful bosom. Just one look made Qing Shui's blood boil. Her mature and exquisite face was flushed red and her seductive eyes had the ability to hook one's soul.

At present, Qing Shui could totally empathise with the teenager's situation at that time. His life, at this very moment, had also become insignificant. This was a state of mind. Hence, Qing Shui relied on the ¡®Stone of Life'. Even if there hadn't been one, he would still had defeated his opponents.

Three days passed very quickly!

Wenren Wushuang knew that Qing Shui liked her. He had liked her for a long time. But Wenren Wushuang was not so sure now. Just as women are fickle, men's lust grow at the same pace as their capabilities and ambition.?

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