Heir of Yggdrasil Chapter 1545

Heir of Yggdrasil Chapter 1545

The Firethorn Savage was a rare demon beast in this world, there was only a limited number of them. If an adult Firethorn Savage wanted to pass down its bloodline, this was the only way to do it, and the success rate was extremely low. This Firethorn Savage had put in a lot of effort for many years, and he had only produced one. And now, it was taken away by the Green Sanctuary Sect while he was away. This was so wicked.

The Crown Prince coldly harrumphed. After that, he took out a golden halberd that looked extremely powerful. As the Martial Saint Dynasty's number one genius, he did not have any fear of Wu Jiu.

Fuck! This place is the Western Region; the heart of Buddhism! You're wearing a kasaya and a string of Buddhist beads around your neck, there's even nine scars on your head! Can't you at least give some face to other Buddhists?! Even if you don't want to give face, you shouldn't work to remove theirs! Even Tan Lang was left speechless. Tan Lang knew that Tyrant was a shameless monk, but he never expected him to be a lustful monk.

"Nephew Jiang Chen, if my memory serves me correct, the Palace Chief has never personally welcomed anyone. He's really giving you a lot of face by welcoming you with such high standards."

When staring at this handsome young man with a delicate face, the four people's fear had finally lessened.

"Fellow swordsman, I too wish to join your mercenary group."

In a mountain range, the white-robed Situ Qing could be seen borrowing the cover of the forest to make a speedy but silent escape. Not a single sound could be heard from his movements, and even traces of his movements weren't seen. He was even afraid of using Spatial Force to aid his escape until he made it out of the Four Harmonies Manor. The use of Spatial Force could be felt by a Saint Ruler, and that would immediately reveal his location.

They were both experts of the Great Saint Master level. The difference was, this middle aged man was already at the Peak Great Saint Master realm which was higher than Kai Er's level by a good amount.

Early morning the next day, Yan Chenyu had calmed herself down. She was once again on her way to the Fragrant Sky City. When she secretly arrived outside of the city, she immediately saw two wooden pillars placed above the city walls. On top of these two pillars were two human heads. One belonged to an alchemist from the Jiang family, and the other Jiang Cheng.

As time passed by, new Dragon Marks kept forming in Jiang Chen's Qi Sea.

Shangguan Sheng turned toward Jiang Chen, throwing his sharp gaze onto Jiang Chen's face. It seemed like he was about to slice Jiang Chen into a million pieces.

"This body's father knows how to feed good medicine to his son, but he doesn't know that his son's body can't absorb them.All the pills were stored in this body, and sooner or later something bad would've happened.But for me, this body is awesome!"

"Jian Chen, is this really the academy you used to study at? It doesn't seem like much; some of these students are barely at the Saint level some don't even have a Saint Weapon materialized!" Ming Dong spoke with some disbelief as he looked around the place.

Each mercenary immediately got to work by helping each other bandage their wounds and applying herbal medicine. Those who were healthier and less injured went to help dig holes and transport the bodies.

"Of course, if sir were to bring out the Class 5 Monster Cores with the magical beasts, then our Heavenly Phoenix Auction House can openly proclaim this and definitely bring in a higher price. Why don't you think this over for a moment." Yullian continued to say.

After saying that, Wu Cong strode away. All of them had gone through the nine paths and the Gates of Life and Death before getting here, of course they would go explore further and obtain some good treasures.

During the feast, Jian Chen and Qin Ji both talked joyously about many things as if they were good friends that had not met in years. Every so often, a great big laughter could be heard from one of the two.

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