The Avarice System Chapter 1245

The Avarice System Chapter 1245

Three years. It was hard to imagine what kind of life she had been through, as well as her anguish and yearning.

It was a valid concern. The Lightning Ancestor knew that when dealing with a moneybags like Bai Xiaochun, he needed to be generous.

"No wonder no one in Greencloud Continent dares to offend this Soulreaper Valley. Only a sect like the Heavenly Palace could afford to offend them. Even one from "a big household and own great businesses" would not dare to take action easily, let alone the others. As time passed, the people from Soulreaper Valley naturally grew increasingly arrogant. Qing Clan smiled as he looked at the big group of people before him. Adding to those earlier, there were now about 120 of them.

With a cold snort, she prepared to keep fighting, when all of a sudden, she frowned. Looking down at her bag of holding, she realized that the Giant Ghost King was sending her an angry message.

It was a charming scene that, if any random passerby happened to glance at without understanding the circumstances, would seem likeĦ­.

Within a few breaths of time, it grew so rapidly that it became less like a lake and more like a sea.


"So, they're actually going to team up," he thought, starting to pant a little. As far as Bai Xiaochun could tell, if everyone attacked him at the same time, it wouldn't matter if he was stronger than he currently was. There were more than a hundred people hereĦ­ and all of them had deadly trump cards at their disposal, such that they could cause a headache even to a deva.

The two Qi Condensation disciples chuckled bitterly and exchanged a glance. After working together in recent days, they had struck up somewhat of a friendship. But now, death loomed over them, and there didn't seem to be any hope.

The golden title page was really thin and full of tenacity. As Qing Shui took a look at it, he thought that it wasn't really that thick, seeing as there were only about ten pages.?

"Wow! I like that!"

Finally, there was an old man wearing a Daoist robe. He bore the demeanor of a transcendent being, and possessed a profound and mysterious aura. Anyone who got close to him would be able to hear a faint sound like the music of a Dao.

However, after what Zhao Tianjiao had just told him, he realized that such a task would be far too difficult to accomplish. He had two deva souls in his bag, the value of which likely surpassed even his own imagination.

Yu He was bewildered by the sudden change. The originally murderous rage and killing intent had suddenly disappeared, replaced by this smiling Gongyang Yu.

"Junior Patriarch," he continued politely, "if you want it softer or harder, just say the word."

Rumbling sounds filled the area as the doors of the imperial palace's grand hall exploded, and a stream of light shot out. There, wearing imperial robes and an imperial crown, was none other than the Vile-Emperor!

The sound of a demonic bird's cries echoed!

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