Catch monster, Raise monster, Evolve monster? nope! lets fuse them! idgaf! Chapter 1087

Catch monster, Raise monster, Evolve monster? nope! lets fuse them! idgaf! Chapter 1087

Jian Chen looked at those men and couldn't help but have a small cold smile on his face. From their expressions, Jian Chen instantly took note of it and their faces, but he didn't do anything about it. To him, these men could be exploited later and could be expended at a moment's notice when their value dropped.

"Prepare a carriage and make the arrangements to transfer my aunty's coffin back to the Gesun Kingdom." Jian Chen instructed. In order to bring Bi Yunhai's coffin back to the Gesun Kingdom, Jian Chen had decided to use a carriage to transport her back. It would serve as a way to honor Bi Yunhai and it would be the proper way to transport her back home. A matter like this shouldn't be haphazardly arranged, so Jian Chen thought of the best way to resolve the matter.Chapter 578: An Impressive Burial (Two)

Xuan Ye said as he stared at the blood talisman in Jiang Chen's palm.

Jian Chen felt a stab of pain his heart. He had left the manor several years ago and had thought that the entire clan would have forgotten about him. What he didn't think was that some of the guards would still remember him.Chapter 435: The Clan Leader Has Returned

Jiang Chen stopped Big Yellow from interfering. He had told these men that those crystal cores belongs to him, and therefore, he would let them obtain it by themselves. All these men were fierce and brutal people, and since they had been able to survive in Inferno Hell for such a long time, they surely had their own strong skills.

There was nothing back in the Jiang family, those pills Jiang Zhenhai (His father) had given Jiang Chen were the lowest-grade pills. Any herb in this sky garden was hundreds of times more precious than anything the Jiang family had to offer.

A wretched sound could be heard as the Class 3 Magical Beast Mount was split in two. A river of blood flew through the air and stained the surrounding grass with it.

When he saw Yan Chen Yu, Liang Dong's eyes immediately started glowing brightly. It was as if he had seen a beautiful horizon appear in front of his eyes. He was startled. Such a beautiful girl, she shouldn't exist in this world.

Daoist Black said.

"The Crown Prince is dead!"

"The Divine Core crystal cores are very useful to me, especially those Mid Divine Core crystal cores. Brothers, let's kill them all, I'll keep those Mid Divine Core crystal cores, the rest belongs to you."

Jian Chen took out the Space Rings from Jiede Wukang and Shi Xiangran. He took the tokens out of the space rings. They made a crashing sound as they landed on the table. With a conservative estimate, there were around 2000 tokens in total.

Jiang Chen casually waved his hand. Today's loot was enormous, and he had probably become the wealthiest man in Inferno City right now. His current wealth was more enormous than the entire Black Sect's wealth.

At this moment, the yellowed clothed girl was sitting on a rock right outside the cave entrance with a look of worry. She was concerned about the words Jian Chen had said to her, the Shi family were definitely prepared this time, and while uncle Feng and Yun were both quite strong, the Shi family had plenty of experts that could fight against those two. If the words of Shi Xiangran could be trusted, then their family had already employed some people to deal with the two. If this was the case, then she would have no one to rely on. In this place, Shi Xiangran still had that defensive barrier so her Solunar Bow wasn't able to do anything against him despite its power. At this moment, the Seal of Treasure Mountain was a Ruler Armament as well, in the case that Shi Xiangran were to use it against her Solunar Bow, then she would have no opportunity to strike at him.

"To dare harm our Hua Yun Sect like this, our sect will not forgive you for this££"

"Hey, Big Yellow has been drinking from that pot."

The amount of soldiers at the city gates numbered around three hundred, with each one of them inspecting both merchants and mercenaries alike. Obstructing their paths, they would talk for a moment before letting them pass. Even the walls were filled with troops of elite soldiers from the city who looked down on everyone with intense glares.

Catch monster, Raise monster, Evolve monster? nope! lets fuse them! idgaf! Chapter 1087 End!

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