Reign of the Phoenix Chapter 757

Reign of the Phoenix Chapter 757

The Blood Stream Sect occupied the first branch among the four branches controlled by the Sky River Court. It was next to the Spirit Stream Sect, with the actual border between the two being the mountains that had been occupied by the Luochen Clan, which was colloquially known as the Luochen Mountains.

"You threw in your lot with the Sword Tower!" Canghai exclaimed in disbelief.

Her robes swayed gently, and her face was as ashen, as if she were dead. She smiled oddly at Bai Xiaochun for a moment before her lips twitched, and she said, "This fire won't do, help me."

"Senior, Granny, go handle the other people from the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect, they should have already started fighting down below." While under the effects of the Golden Buddha Aura Lotus, he could not die for now, but the pain from the Marrow Nibbling Worms made him wish for a swift death.

The Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal didn't even have the slightest change at all. It was totally the same as before. Qing Shui was very depressed; he had such high hopes that there would be an upgrade¡­

Heavenly Talisman!

The Spirit Advent King's body was shrinking down, his fat disappearing, his facial features changing; clearly, he wasn't holding anything back in his attempt to defend himself.

"I acquired the Living Mountain Incantation back when I got all of the legacy seals from that legacy zone. If I don't cultivate it to completion, it would definitely be a big waste. I have to succeed this time!" Taking a deep breath, he looked down at the medicinal pill he had created to forget himself.

The sun was still in the eastern position, and it was already the summer. The heat of the summer sun caused many young girls on the street to dress more simply, revealing their jade-like legs and sleeveless snow white arms.

Sima Yunhua was usually a grim individual, but in this moment, he was uncharacteristically moved, and suddenly experienced feelings that were very foreign to him.

Bai Xiaochun's face was pale white as he looked around, but nothing was there... except for the echoing sound of his own scream.

Although no one could see those nodes, cracks were now starting form on them, especially the node in the location where Bai Xiaochun had first met Song Que outside the body of the sword. As the cracks spread out, the surface of the enormous, otherworldly sword began to destabilize to the point where it was starting to crumble.

Qing Shui could only smile after seeing the first skill, which was even more troublesome than a hedgehog's spikes. It directly raised the Thunderous Beast's fighting ability by one fold. The Thunderous Beast's Violet Thunder Protection was just like the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's Passive Fighting Technique and the Fire Bird's Phoenix Dance. Their aptitudes towards fighting were pretty similar.

For example, in this Beast pill, Qing Shui added some Demonic beast's core, which was even a 3000 Year Demonic beast's core, as well as blood from the Golden Medicinal Turtle, and the pearl powder from an oyster whose age exceed 1000.

So the battle technique was known as the Ten Thousand Great Thunderbolt. As expected, it was the battle technique attached to ¡®Thunder God'. Qing Shui was really happy. If he was to pair up the Thunder God with the Heavenly Thunder Slash which he already possessed, the result would definitely turn out to be really good. If he was to use the Ten Thousand Great Thunderbolt at the same time, the effect would most likely increase.

"It's the Arch-Emperor!!"

"Elder Brother, you're incredible!!" Bai Xiaochun exclaimed, looking ecstatic.

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