Vampire rulerĄ¯s strong Bride Chapter 1891

Vampire rulerĄ¯s strong Bride Chapter 1891

At the time when they were eating, Luan Luan came back after she enjoyed her time outside. The quick-witted child was particularly loved by Qing Yi and the other clan members. Not only was she Qing Shui's daughter, she was even a beautiful and delicate genius. The things that she would accomplish in the future was also something that people really looked forward to just like with Qing Shui.

His heart pounded, and he stopped breathing as he focused completely on his task at hand. His mind emptied of everything, as he concentrated completely onĄ­ the sea of fire!

"This is the tea that I prepared myself, I don't really drink it much either. Since madam enjoys it so much, I'll prepare some for you and will send it over in the future." Qing Shui smiled.

"Chickens...." Looking around to ensure that nobody was watching him, he ducked into a nearby thicket, vanishing with a whoosh. Then he began to slink along like a weasel.

Another thing he noticed was that there were items available on the mountain that the fifth young lady actually wished to acquire, but could not because of the level of her cultivation base.

It wasn't just the people near Giant Ghost City who could see this amazing scene. In the cities belonging to the three other heavenly kings, cultivators on all sides of the conflict could see what was happening!

Actually, he had been itching to have a shot for the entire past day.

Even as speculation ran wild, Bai Xiaochun looked up, his cultivation base surging with explosive power as he spoke in a voice that boomed like thunder, "Eighteen colors!!"

As his tool hardened to something akin to steel, Qing Shui slowly retrieved the Golden needles that he had inserted!

The scene that occurred in an instant caused Qing Shui to stupefied. The people of the Zhan Clan were quickly beaten to death by the angry mobĄ­...

Qianji Wood is obtained from the Qianji Tree. Only one to three half-foot long Qianji Wood with the girth of a baby's arm could be harvested from a single Qianji Tree each time and can only be harvested every one hundred years.

If only Qing Shui knew that his elephant was considered a battle beast of a heaven-defying level in the Greencloud continent, he would not feel so amazed.

No one but Bai Xiaochun could hear the thunderous rumbling sound that filled him. It surpassed heavenly thunder as it echoed through his body, causing him to shake where he sat, blue veins bulging out on his neck and face.

Qing Shi saw the bow as well, an old-fashioned design with decorative patterns on it. Though it looked simple and shoddy, it felt anything but ordinary.

As it passed through him, all of his qi passageways, flesh and blood melted, and even his internal organs were injured. His bones screamed in pain, causing his face to turn ashen, and blood to ooze out of his mouth.

"Qing ShuiĄ­ "

It wasn't just Arch-Emperor City that was shaken. All of the Wildlands was in a huge stir as the news spread. That was especially true of the necromancers. Virtually all of the necromancer clans began to do everything in their power to try to reach out to the new earthly necromancer and establish relations.

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