Dao Is But a Limit Chapter 37

Dao Is But a Limit Chapter 37

The only one with a sour expression was the king of the Pingyang Kingdom. The situation had grown far more dire than he had thought; he had no idea that the Gesun Kingdom had somehow managed to become friends with one of the Eight Great Powers: the Qinhuang Kingdom. For that kingdom to even be willing to dispatch Imperial Advisors to help was already bad news for their enemies. Furthermore, to hear that his four Heaven Saint Masters that were sent here were killed was a devastating blow.

"Is this the Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master Qin Ji told me about?" Jian Chen thought. Knowing who Xiao Tian was was completely different from actually meeting him. After seeing him just once however, Jian Chen had a feeling that Xiao Tian was an extremely righteous person.

The air was being cut through, and everyone saw a huge bright golden finger illuminating the night, flying towards Mu Rong Zhan in an unstoppable manner.

"Movement skill? There is a movement skill that allows you to travel underground?"

"Thirteenth Elder, with these paintings all depicting a Saint Tier Battle Skill, I don't see anything for cultivation methods, just why is that?" Jian Chen asked with confusion.

This was an extremely cruel massacre. Jiang Chen looked around and shook his head in silence. The deadlock between Wu Ningzhu, Shan Ying, and the four great guardians would soon be broken. Neither of them would be able to last for much longer, and even those people from the Wu family were going to be defeated by those demons soon. More and more people from the Wu family died with each passing minute.

Jiang Chen's expression was a sore sight. He now knew how terrifying the Ice Demon King's attack was. He that although he could withstand this strike, he might not be able to withstand the second attack.

Fifth place was a familiar name. It was Qin Ji who had amassed 2100 tokens.

After saying that, Jiang Chen turned around and left. He understood what Daoist Black was thinking. But, if Jiang Chen wanted to kill Fan Zhong Tang, there was no need for him to borrow Daoist Black's hand, he himself would kill him sooner or later.

"Hmph! Firethorn Combat Armor!"

Jiang Chen shrugged. He casually put away the longsword and remained standing in the same spot.

Although the tiny part of the inner organ had already withered up, there was still a large concentration of energy within it. After eating the body piece, the white tiger cub began to feel a large amount of energy within its four limbs. It was as if it had enough energy to support its entire body. There was enough to the point where the tiger cub could feel several sharp fangs starting to grow within its mouth.

In the end, Bi Hai was unable to persist against the overwhelming numbers. Not long after, he was injured by his opponent, falling out of the sky after spitting blood. He landed heavily on the ground, creating two great ditches.

Yan Zhan Yun explained. Looking at how he behaved, it was obvious that he wouldn't let Lee Shan Yue join the hunt. The Yan family owed Jiang Chen greatly. He wouldn't let Lee Shan Yue join the hunt for Jiang Chen, even if it would cost his life. As for Chen Shuang and Ruan Ling, he believed that Jiang Chen would have a way to deal with them. With the combined abilities of those two, it wouldn't be an easy task to kill Jiang Chen. But Lee Shan Yue was different, a Late Mortal Core warrior was too strong.

Jiang Chen started walking again. He reached the 35th step with ease, and his speed was extremely fast, just like a tiger hunting its prey.

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