Extraordinary Genius Chapter 259

Extraordinary Genius Chapter 259

Standing right outside the dark house, Jian Chen let out a sigh. Calming his heart of any emotions, he brought both his hands onto the ice cold door and slowly pushed it open with all his strength.

As Jian Chen was conducting the meeting over the tungsten alloy, news of what had transpired between the Sect of Dragon and Tiger and the Flame Mercenaries flowed across the continent like wildfire. The energy that had been blasted away from the area could be felt by Heaven Saint Masters within a certain proximity, and each one of them were shocked by the sensation.

The fists smashed against one another with a thunderous explosion. The space around the impact zone trembled as a tremendous shockwave rippled out with the force of an erupting volcano. Like a devastating storm ravaging the area, the environment around Jian Chen and the Saint Ruler was immediately torn apart without mercy. Right at the epicenter, several cracks could be seen in the space there, slowly starting to heal over itself.

Although the mercenary was attentively guarding against Jian Chen, the sword strike was far too fast for him to dodge. The moment the flash of silver lightning had passed, the man had only felt a small pain in his throat. And right under his eyes, the image of a silver sword had abruptly appeared. In the next second, the mercenary choked and wordlessly screamed in agony as he fell to the ground. As for the Class 5 cub, it had flown through the air fallen down onto the ground while howling loudly.

After saying that, Jiang Chen simply shook his sleeve and strode away. A man not afraid of death would always deserve respect. Although Xuan Yuzi was his enemy, he had still won some respect from Jiang Chen. Therefore, Jiang Chen decided to leave him with a fully intact body. As for Xuan Yuzi's arm, that was done by Shangguan Yiqing.

"It must be something good! If not, it wouldn't be causing so much noise!"

"Of course. I wouldn't be here otherwise."

Putting the crystal within his Space Ring, Jian Chen and Cao Keqin left to return to Lore City.

The female disciple still behaved arrogantly.

Jian Chen swaggered into the courtyard of the Tianqin clan as he was fused with the world. Even though he brushed past many people, no one noticed him. Very soon, Jian Chen arrived at the hall of the Tianqin clan. Just at this moment, his fusion with the world silently disappeared and hereturned to normal.

"Elder Cai, do you think Lord Shi Xiangran has come across some trouble? Otherwise, why is it taking so long?" The man blurted out.

Said Jiang Chen calmly.

Although Tie Ta was looking quite powerful and majestic at this moment, he was not invincible. And with Jian Chen's success so far, Tie Ta's own achievements were nothing much. After all, ever since the start of the battle, Tie Ta had not yet been able to kill a single Blue Wolf.Chapter 37: Teacher's Shock

All Sect Elders were so furious that they could devour anyone with their vision. In any case, these three old men had been living for decades, and they had vast experiences. It was fine for them to make wrong calls, but with they age, they were still fooled by a young man in his late teens and a dog. Damn it, how could they still have the dignity to live on?

"Ah! Feeling the deep pain within his chest, Elder Wu gave a miserable cry. Capitalizing on this opportunity, Jian Chen immediately slashed at the elder's neck with his sword.

"Take him down. We'll judge him in the Lei family later." Lei Mingao commanded.


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