Call of Duty Modern Warfare Chapter 1064

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Chapter 1064

Jian Chen entered the group of Xia clansmen with his Light Wind Sword striking everywhere at a rapid speed. Each and every sword strike found a home in one of the Xia clansmen's throats, and before they could react, their life had been claimed by Jian Chen.

Regarding this situation within his dantian, Jian Chen was absolutely clueless and didn't understand where all of the World Essence was going.

"Kaka, this is too simple. I just planted a Divine Sense Seed in this little hawk's Divine Sense, and he is under my complete control! I just need to think a thought, and he will be dead."

"He is truly a man who has attracted Heavenly Tribulation when breaking through to the Combat Soul realm! The ability of a peerless monster is not something that we ordinary people can ever begin to imagine! Being able to kill a Demon King while just a Combat Soul warrior, my horizons have truly expanded today!"

"Master, use the Azulet Sword Laws to refine the Chaotic Force." Ziying's voice could be heard within Jian Chen's mind before his person disappeared from Jian Chen's sight.

Guo Shan said with a sigh. This was an exciting battlefield. Just watching from afar made his blood boil, it felt to him as if Jiang Chen was fighting everyone underneath the heavens all by himself. If Jiang Chen survived today's battle, his reputation in the Eastern Continent would definitely move up to another level.

"So strong! Such a powerful man!"


Like a tidal wave, the soldiers facing against Yun Zheng and Senior An took a considerable step back. The originally tense atmosphere had dissolved away for a relaxed one to overtake it, but Yun Zheng and Senior An were both still skeptical and unsure of what in the world was happening.

Guo Shan patted his own chest as he promised.

Suddenly, a gray-colored energy began to float around Jian Chen's body. This was an incoming surge of Chaotic Force, gathering wisp by wisp in his hand. Soon enough, his palm was twinkling with a gray-colored light. With such a large amount of energy gathered, the space around it started to twist and distort once more.

Old Man Ling Shan stood far away, and his arms were crossed in front of his chest as he spoke in an indifferent tone.

Next day! The sky lit up.

"A battle skill like this was somehow able to let a Peak Saint Master to kill a Great Saint Master!"

In order to fully absorb an innate ability, even though the Dragon Transformation skill was an incredible skill, it would still need some time so that it could perfectly merge the innate ability into Jiang Chen's bloodline, allowing him to freely use it.Chapter 487 ΓΏ Dogs Also Have to Pay?

"Yes, I do have them. Brother, when you concoct the pill, can I watch from the side?"

Tiangang Yi threatened with a loud voice.

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