A Land Without Gods Chapter 797

A Land Without Gods Chapter 797

"Yilong, I heard Yilei was killed by that Jiang Chen? Is that true?"

"What?! Tan Lang of the Asura Palace?!"

"Everyone, I've just received a messenger pigeon from the other three forts. As of now, the enemy army has broken through them and are now making their way toward the imperial city. We have taken serious casualties, and a Heaven Saint Master has died at the hands of the enemy with the other Heaven Saint Masters taking heavy damage. As it is, we are in a dire situation." An elder spoke grimly.

"Don't worry. The reason why I'm here is to kill that Lord Blood Moon. Zhang Wei, lead the way to Redsun Town."

Pulling out the delicate dagger that had been embedded in his back, the man looked at his daughter in disbelief, "Yun Lian, what has gotten into you? What reason do you have to kill your own father?"

The explosive strength of a Great Saint Master could not be belittled at all. The moment the ripple of energy made contact with the Light Wind Sword, the tip of its sword slowly managed to break through it before continuing on toward the elder's throat. However because of that wave of energy, the speed of the sword was much slower than before.

When they learned that Qing Shaofan was an Imperial Advisor for the Qinhuang Kingdom and wished to use the Space Gate to return to the Qinhuang Kingdom, the king of the Dazhou Kingdom no longer held any doubts to his identity. He didn't even need proof that Qing Shaofan was who he said he was before allowing him to pass through their Space Gate to the Qinhuang Kingdom without any problems.

Seeing Tie Ta use its own tusk to stab it, the Flaming Cloud Beast's eyes grew extremely red as it opened its mouth wide. With a loud roar, it unleashed a trail of fire that moved around, almost like a serpent emerging from its gaping jaws, with the intention of roasting Tie Ta alive. Instantly, the surrounding temperature had started to increase exponentially.

Shao Hua's movements were fast. He instantly arrived in front of Jiang Chen.

Even a few hermit clans learnt about what had happened to the Flame Mercenaries. They were all extremely curious, unsure of exactly who had plucked up such courage to actually dare to provoke the Flame Mercenaries, which were supported by the grand elder of the Flame Mercenaries.

In a flash, a year had already passed. In front of a small lake, the figure of a child that wasn't even one meter tall stood about with a blank expression. Both of his eyes were staring attentively at the rock garden in the middle of the lake. The little boy was wearing a gorgeous set of clothes, but the expression on his face was unusually complex in a way that was strange to see on a one year old boy.

After saying this, Han Yan turned around and left. His speed was incredibly fast, and in a few breaths time, he had disappeared. It was obvious that this ill-tempered Little Devil King had a good impression of Jiang Chen.

The elder immediately grew silent as Jian Chen's azure and violet Sword Qi shot out and struck through his head, killing him instantly.

"Xiang'er, how is the situation up front? How did the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom suddenly bring out so many experts?" Changyang Ba was the first to blurt out. He was extremely worried about the battle ahead, but because he was a far distance away, he wasn't able to see the situation too clearly.


"The Heavenly Eagle Kingdom is truly quite prosperous." Qin Wuming sighed in envy.

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