Battle of Ascension Chapter 240

Battle of Ascension Chapter 240

As King Heavenspan, Bai Xiaochun is hereby formally appointed as the Saint-Emperor Dynasty's ambassador in Vile-Emperor City!!

It was a staggering and dominating aura that would shatter the heavens and rattle the earth if it was to infuse itself into a beast roar.

"None of the Four Great Sects will avoid the fighting, not as long as they have even one disciple who they think can reach Earthstring Foundation Establishment. If one generation of disciples is weak, then the sect's power in the area will weaken, and outer forces would become a big threat. It would cause a huge headache!"

Suddenly, a mark appeared on Bai Xiaochun's forehead, which opened up into a third eye. The power of his Heavenspan Dharma Eye erupted out, sending violet light shooting toward the three devas.

AST 517 - After two years, restoring the strength! One hundred and ninety-ninth circulated cycles of qi

"Does your store carry fox coats or fox fur?" Qing Shui asked.?

"If it's not too much trouble," he said, "please let the general know that I won't hold anything back in my work!"?

Bai Xiaochun sent some divine sense out, and soon located the two private chambers where Dabao and Xiaoxiao were.

By this point in his cultivation, Bai Xiaochun could hold the pose in the second illustration for longer than 100 breaths of time. Soon, he reached 150 breaths of time. The spiritual energy inside of him was not a small stream any more. It was far, far larger than that.

As the beast king aura raged, and the energy of heaven and earth converged, a violet-colored Core could be seen forming above Bruiser.

"What thing is that?" Maybe it was still very painful for her, as Shi Qingzhuang inclined her head, as she shyly asked Qing Shui.

A drip of cold perspiration appeared on Qing Shui's head. He knew that this was not his mother but he still walked over slowly. He knew that this was an illusion in the Gate of Illusion. However, this was something created from Spiritual Qi and there was also a strong killing intent. If he wasn't careful, he could be killed easily.

Unexpectedly, this sharp-looking man could actually give such a simple and honest smile. Even Qing Shui didn't feel that this man had any visible flaws.

The Fire Bird's speed was stable and did not fly fast this time around. The battle had just ended and Qing Shui needed to calm his heart. This process was very important toward cultivators.

Yu He nodded her head, then headed inside with Qing Shui.

Bai Xiaochun looked around with wide eyes at the empty hall. He reached his hands out as if he wanted to grab onto something, but the only thing he had to grab onto was his hair.

A large aquarium with dozens of swimming Snakeheads and five turtles froclicking happily in the waters came into their view as they entered the living room.

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