Stained! Chapter 99

Stained! Chapter 99

"Whatever is the command of the honored Imperial Protector, our Xiao family will do our best to fulfill your endeavors! To accomplish such a task would be a great honor to my family. Even ten thousand deaths would not be enough to stop the entirety of the house of Xiao!" The head fawned without even bothering to hide his attempt to curry favor.

"Qin Xiao, you speak nonsense, just how did I bully your sworn brother?" Tian Jue spoke out loud with an indignant expression as if he was being treated unfairly. He did however try to use his clan's might to threaten Jian Chen and force the Multicolored Stone from him. Unfortunately, not only was Jian Chen not afraid of him, but he had even struck out at his guard, causing Tian Jue to feel quite vexed now that he had run out of options.

After saying that, Jiang Chen sent the pills toward the three men. Without hesitating, they quickly picked up the pill. Upon holding it, they immediately felt a scorching hot sensation coming from the pill. Pure energy threads squeezed through their palms and entered their bodies. It was a refreshing feeling.

"Brother giant, you have to return as soon as possible!" Qiu Yue's eyes glistened with reluctance as she looked up the giant body that was Tie Ta.

"The Lanming clan is one of the top two clans of Thacia City, I've heard their patriarch is an Earth Saint Master as well. Who could possibly dare try to provoke the Lanming clan and the Huo Niao clan."

Guo Shan immediately summarized all the information and passed it onto Daoist Black through his Divine Sense, giving him a picture of what had happened. In order to save Yan Chenyu, Jiang Chen had gone to Misty Mountain to hunt for Firethorn Savage, and in the end, he had used the Green Sanctuary Sect and caused them to suffer great losses.

He knew how powerful Li Gai's cultivation was. Li Gai was an Early Combat Soul warrior, but even with that mighty cultivation, this young man had actually killed him with just a single strike. Zhang Feng kept examining this young man with his senses, confirming that he was truly only a Peak Divine Core warrior, not even a Combat Soul warrior.


The Earth Devil let out a wild roar. It couldn't bother with killing Jiang Chen and his group anymore. Without any hesitation, it turned around and started running with extreme speed.

The headmaster nodded his head and said, "As long as he can continue to grow this way, then the skill he displayed today will definitely develop into something greater. It looks like our Kargath Academy will finally be able to boast of a strong individual, as long as he doesn't die on the road to greatness."

An awful expression emerged on Fan Kun's face, he was not happy with this decision. He didn't know why Daoist Black favored Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen had caused such a huge disturbance today, and even though it wasn't him who started everything, he should still get some relevant punishments. But now, because of Daoist Black's decision, everything had come to an end.

Jian Chen sped up and soared freely through the vast sky. Looking down at the blurry landscape of mountains and rivers below, he actually relaxed slightly and the psychological pressure from the Beast God Continent and guardian clans slowly decreased.

"Brother, you are the one who loves me the most in our family, I do not want to marry Miss Mu Rong.Since you are my brother, why don't you marry her?"

Right at this moment, another defense mechanism was broken, and Big Yellow had devoured yet another herb! After doing so, he just walked straight over to another herb. On the other side, Jiang Chen didn't even take a single look at those from the Shangguan Clan, just kept walking toward different herbs and gathered them. Nangong Wentian and Han Yan were doing the same, and both of them were whistling with pleasant expressions on their faces. They worked hand in hand to break defense mechanisms and harvest every single herb they could.

Level up!He reached the second level of the Qi Jing realm!

At this moment, all the teachers on the platform were gazing at the youth in shock and disbelief. For a person not yet a Saint to have killed more than 10 magical beasts within 3 days would perhaps be possible if he worked together with 5-6 people, but to have hunted so many magical beasts in 3 days alone was really something the teachers felt was impossible, unless those magical beasts were all seriously wounded.

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