DXD: Hard to kill Chapter 1868

DXD: Hard to kill Chapter 1868

Big Yellow was indeed a cruel being, he would never let go of a chance to provoke a person.


However, the gap between the Combat Soul realm and the Combat King realm was too huge. The different between the two was gigantic, and it was extremely difficult to compensate for the gap. Let alone the fact that Jiang Chen was only a Mid Combat Soul warrior.

Suddenly, the Sword Spirits within his dantian shook once more as an azure and violet glow of light appeared outside of his body. In a flash, they enveloped the Multicolored Stone before disappearing back into his body so that both the light of the Multicolored Stone and the azure and violet glow disappeared.

Qing Styx shouted out loudly, causing the old man to become covered in cold sweat. Only now did he realize that his words were not appropriate, because Qing Styx himself also failed to tell that the golden egg was Firethorn Savage's baby. So, when he said he had eyes but failed to see, it implied that Qing Styx was the same as them.

"The ancient records also said that the founder of Mercenary City was called Mo Yuntian. He was said to be the strongest person to ever exist. There are no later records of him; he probably left this world for another."

At that moment, the still pale Mu Zhaye walked up to Xiao Han. Seeing the slackened face of surprise, Mu Zhaye sighed with some blame to his voice, "You've offended a person¨•someone you cannot afford to offend. Even imperial advisor Pu Ta wasn't his opponent; it seems that even your grandfather would not be able to win against him. This won't do, I must report this situation to your grandfather."

"Quick, put out the fire!"

"En, that is right. I have that notion as well." Huang He spoke.

Jiang Chen's words caused the Crown Prince to lose his rationality. Although there was only a one character difference between eunuch and Crown Prince, the meaning behind each was completely different. Just these two characters alone were more than enough to cause the Crown Prince to lose his rationality. He immediately drew out his Golden Halberd and prepared to strike at Jiang Chen.

"Dad, I heard the Mu Rong family sent us a written challenge££what's going on?"

"Could he have made a miracle somehow while cultivating££?"

Jiang Chen thought to himself. He had a feeling that he would return to Inferno Hell again, as it felt like the Blood Talisman belonged to him. He would have to come back and find it.

What he didn't know was, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had drunk half a pond of Energy Spring Water, and therefore, they had sort of become immune to it.

A young man whom no one had met before was able to make Wang Yun, a Late Mortal Core warrior, bow his head. Perhaps only the rising star Jiang Chen would be able to do this. It was a pretty good guess.

The other Heaven Saint Masters that hadn't yet moved out had been startled to hear that. Without any delay, they rushed off towards the lord of the city and out of sight.

By this point, the remaining Heaven Saint Masters had already shot down with their Sword Qi aimed at Jian Chen.

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