The Great Queen and the Twin Dragon Sword Chapter 656

The Great Queen and the Twin Dragon Sword Chapter 656

"My lords, might I welcome you to our Thousand Hand Workshop where we display the finest of sculptures and carvings. Is there something my lords find of interest?" An elderly man approached them with a smile as he spoke in a friendly manner.

Yan Chenyu worriedly said.

Blanching for a moment, the captain steeled his heart while hiding his shock. As an Earth Saint Master, he was somehow pressured by these soldiers, this was very surprising to him.

The Blissful Island's atmosphere was extremely panicked. Everyone were fully unleashing their Yuan energy, and injecting it into the gigantic golden net, trying to block the gigantic waves that were repeatedly slamming into the island.

"Yes, captain!" Everyone replied with respect. With Jian Chen being willing to execute Yun Li for his murder of Duo Kang, everyone within the Flame Mercenaries felt moved. Jian Chen won their love and respect once more.

As Jian Chen stretched his body, a wave of pain came coursing through his body and he couldn't help but let out a small grunt of pain before turning pale.

And many of the ones from the younger generation who had been given Nine Solar Holy Water now finally understood. The source of the Nine Solar Holy Water was this broken sword.

It had only been three minutes since the Blood Devils started their attack and all four leaders were killed. With the attack of Big Yellow and Zhang Zhen, more than half of the Blood Devils on the ground were killed as well. When the rest of the Blood Devils saw that all their leaders had been killed, they instantly lost their wills to fight, then the fled in every direction.

A series of intense explosions could be heard as several hundred rounds from the Magical Crystal Cannons smashed into the ground, riddling the area with deep craters.

Of the three empires of the continent, he Holy Empire was the most powerful. The area it covered was also extremely great, over one hundred times bigger than the Gesun Kingdom. Its population had also reached a shocking level, with over a hundred million people. To the Gesun Kingdom's population of a few dozen million, it was like comparing an elephant with an ant.

At this moment, even the girl sitting across from Jian Chen had furrowed her brows, and she looked at Ka Di Liang in annoyance, her face also carrying hints of anger. The sudden loud noise by her ear had scared her while she was peacefully absorbed in reading her book.

Continuing to speak, Zhar said, "Jian Chen, you must know that just the two of us reaching this step was not easy. The requirements for the Gathering of the Mercenaries didn't allow many of the geniuses born at the wrong time to participate, so no matter if it is you or me that desires first place, we both will not easily renounce it. With our strength being so close to each other, we will have to fight with all our power to attain first place, and since we must defeat the other in order to become first, I will indeed try my best" Zhar suddenly stopped his speech to look at Jian Chen for a brief moment, "But if you could agree to my request, I will renounce my attempt and give you the spot of first place."

He had tried his best to hide the faint smile on his face when he saw the impatience of the cub. Heavenly resources all over the age of a thousand were very rare in the Gesun Kingdom and so it had gone for a very long time without tasting such a delicacy like that.

"Brother Jiu, here is your halberd. Thank you for helping me."

The natural energy in a place represented the amount of resources which had a powerful influence on warriors and Demon Beasts.

The time quietly went by as the night sky silently retreated. The bright sun slowly rose into the air, emitting a bright ray of sunlight that warmed the earth. Shining down onto the area where no plant life existed, the sunny ground was almost like a carpet for the sleeping Jian Chen.


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