Jiang Chen opened up his mouth and swallowed the demon soul into his stomach. This action, if seen by anyone else, would cause them to faint from shock as well.

Qin Wuming was clearly held in high regard by both Qin Wujian and Qin Wutian. With a few words, Qin Wujian and Qin Wutian instantly grew quiet. Although they were all Heaven Saint Masters, the two brothers didn't dare go against their own father.

Suddenly, Jian Chen could hear the sounds of a distant battle. With his acute ears, he could heard the faintest of sounds.

"Brat, you've killed our young master, prepare to die."

Han Yan and Nangong Wentian exchanged vicious smile, then they rubber their hands and walked up to Qiu Tianba.

"The god given abilities of a Dragon Horse is really amazing! This dog used some secret skill to increase his speed!"

Right now he had two major injuries on hi body. Although they would not kill him, they still required a hasty healing. If he remained here, he would fall prey to another one of Jian Chen's strange tricks and end up dead.

"Senior disciple Mao, I don't know where these two guys came from. They had a conflict with junior disciple Wang just now, and that puppy is abominable, it has a disgusting mouth!"

With a snort, Jian Chen shook his arm that held the Light Wind Sword and instantly struck out with it toward the direction Tianxiong Lie was at. In the perspective of the other seven who were attacking him, it was as if he disappeared from their vision.

If word of his humiliation reached the clan, then Luo Jian would not be able to hold his head up high in the future.Chapter 60: Changyang Hu's Injuries

Hearing this, Jiang Chen nodded his head and said, "That's a fair price. I need ten million Heavenly Yuan Pills."

Cupping his hands, Jian Chen replied, "The young lord praises too much. This one is named Jian Chen. My master is a nameless hermit within one of the deep mountain ranges."

Within the Heavenly Saint Sword, Tan Lang's mouth was wide open in shock. He could clearly see what was going on outside the Heavenly Saint Sword, causing him to realize what Jiang Chen meant. Jiang Chen wanted to fight the Asura Palace using Heavenly Tribulation. This was a fierce approach.

This time, the massive energy waves covered the whole fighting stage. Those who were standing outside couldn't figure out what was happening inside, all they could see was terrifying and colorful energies.

The Qi Province was only Nanbei Chao's first stop on his path towards becoming a ruler, but it had ended with defeat; he was mercilessly destroyed by Jiang Chen. This had seriously affected Nanbei Chao's ability to continue cultivating his Imperious Ruler skill, this incident would become a huge obstacle in his cultivation path.

Jian Chen and the three generals of the Eastern Deity Sword left the Qin Heaven Palace at once. The three generals parted ways with Jian Chen so that he could bid farewell to Qin Ji at the Flowing Cloud Palace while the generals would rally the army.

"15 purple coins!"


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