Memories Blossoming in the Jianghu Chapter 1307

Memories Blossoming in the Jianghu Chapter 1307

"Son, it's just an exchange of blows, don't fight too seriously!" Situ Nantian secretly blamed Yu Donghao for being so meddlesome as he called out to Situ Ba. While he was not close by, everyone present had heard what he said. Those who were smart enough could understand the hidden meaning, and that made even the Qing Clan feel uncomfortable.

If a peerless beauty were to use this red sandalwood toilet bowl, it would probably be a very beautiful scene¡­

When people heard it, their jaws dropped, and their heads turned to look in the direction of the rabbit. As for the people like Shangguan Tianyou and Lu Tianlei, they clenched their fists and burst into motion. Other disciples threw their heads back and laughed uproariously.

A huge group of necromancers came out to escort Bai Xiaochun away. As for all of the heavenly marquises, they breathed sighs of relief, and hoped that after he left, he would never come back.

The only thing he had been left which he still hadn't used was the Godkiller.

"Who do you think is stronger, Qu Runie or that young man?" Someone felt that the old man knew a lot and could not help but ask.

"Ten more¡­ or maybe even five! With that many, I could reach the late Demigod Realm!" His heart pounded and burned at how effective the lotus seeds were, and he couldn't stop pondering how to get more.

This was not an ordinary session of pill concocting; Bai Xiaochun was using his sovereign cultivation base to unleash a powerful divine ability, causing a sense of peril to rise up in the Mortal Renegade the likes of which he hadn't experienced for many years!!

The two of them walked side by side towards the Yu He Inn. There were many in the crowd of people on the streets frequently staring at them; they gave off the feeling that they would make a good couple. Qing Shui was handsome and tall, and more importantly, he emitted a sense of gentleness and poise that was lacking in most adult men, causing people to be envious and making them want to become closer. His eyes were especially charming, and that purple speck between his brows seemed to give him a slightly demonic air, capable of bewitching even more people.

What was occurring right now only provided more evidence of that very fact.

With that, he ignored Bai Xiaochun and turned his gaze to Du Lingfei.

In fact, although his murderous aura made him seem very threatening at the moment, he was actually taking time to relax and build back some energy.

He was very careful not to get any of the powder on himself, and even as he backed away, changed into a new set of clothes just to be safe. Then he perched above the valley and looked down toward the path he'd created.

Supposedly, this clan had once produced a cultivator who went all the way to the Nascent Soul stage, and although he had long since perished, he had left an impression on the cultivators in this part of the city that continued on down to this day.

The door suddenly burst open, followed by an old man entering the room.

Similarly shaken were Gu Tianjun and Sima Yunhua.?

"The second immortal domain already has a celestial in charge of it. If I end up having any problems with this other celestial¡­ the Saint-Emperor definitely won't take my side." Having reached this point in his train of thought, he realized more than ever that he had to keep a low profile.

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