Lord of All Realms Chapter 1217

Lord of All Realms Chapter 1217

AST 229 -Qing Shui's state of profoundness

It was somewhat of a paradox.

With what seemed like practiced ease, they fanned out to surround the clan, leaving a path through which Bai Xiaochun swaggered in through the main gate. Next to him was Chen Hai, who bristled with open killing intent as he glared at the Chen Clan cultivators.

"When the time comes, think about the fact that all of the chosen in the competition will come from powerful organizations and groups. Five definitely won't be the limit. I bet we'll see seven or even eightfold enhancements!

"Let's go down. It's getting cold," Qing Shui smiled.

"Hahaha! So the rumors were true! Elder Sister Zhou is coming today. We didn't come in vain!"

He must have eaten something good for his strength to skyrocket like this. Even if he married Duanmu Lingshuang, he must've been mocked and gossiped about behind his back quite a lot because Qing Shui could see it from the looks of the guards.

"Then, just head to Yan Clan with Qing Shui and bring Qingqing back!" While Qing Luo was still smiling, there was something which was indescribable reflected in his amiable looking eyes, something which was like racing blood.

Only the middle region of that interior world was icy like the north. In the east, there was a huge sea that was as clear as the rainwater which occasionally fell out of the sky.

A few of the crowd also tried consulting Qing Shui and all of them left with satisfaction. One of them had an incurable disease, and another had been lame for 20 years, but to think that Qing Shui actually managed to cure them.

"I shall kill two of them first."

After the meal, everyone went back to their own stuff but none of them left the residence. Although they appeared very relaxed, no one was actually feeling so.

Passive skill: Divine Bash, when using the Violet Gold Divine Shield to bash, there will be an addition 20% of the body's strength added to the attack.

The weapon that Qing Zi chose to use actually gave Qing Shui a sense of amazement. This was because the weapon Qing Zi used was actually a great silvery axe with a height similar to Qing Zi! The width of the axe's head accounted for about one-third that of a human body, fully covering the chest and abdomen area of a human.

Six friends were more than enough!

The Wildlands was no exception, nor Arch-Emperor City. Countless individuals looked up to see rain falling down toward them as the world shook beneath their feet.

He directly flew to the hall where Elder Ge resided. Elder Ge was already waiting there, when he saw Qing Shui, he was especially happy.

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