Teacher of the Gods Chapter 942

Teacher of the Gods Chapter 942

Jiang Chen was even faster, a golden axe appeared in his hand, and in the next second he slashed the Mid Heavenly Core leader into half, and he even picked up his devil core. As for the other three Early Heavenly Core devil cores, Jiang Chen didn't waste his time collecting them, as demon souls and devil cores at his own level was useless to him. The energy required when cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill was incredible, he needed to absorb demon souls and devil cores that were at a higher level than himself.

Big Yellow was startled.

"Sect Chief, what should we do?"

Just like everyone had expected, Big Yellow's poop was even more powerful than his fart. The pungent smell coming from both poops was enough to kill someone. Many people strived not to throw up. For the first time in their lives, they were paying so much attention to two dog poops.

When Jian Chen entered his own room, he closed the doors and the windows so that all of the light in the room grew dim.

The sudden appearance of Tian Jian shocked every single Saint Ruler in attendance. Every single faction could hardly keep their own emotions in check as they gaped at Tian Jian in absolute shock.

Hearing this, the people who did not have a great understanding of Jian Chen's background actually did not react too greatly, and only felt excited because of an additional Saint Ruler. However, You Yue knew Jian Chen's background and was instead filled with doubt. Excluding Jian Chen, she was the only person in the crowd that had a relative understanding to the people in the Changyang Manor. She felt astonished by the fact that a Saint Ruler grandfather had suddenly appeared by Jian Chen's side.

The Illusionary Flash was endlessly profound. Jian Chen had spent a long time just reaching a mastery over the basics. The difficulty as he grew to a higher level of understanding would only grow more. Ever since the beginning, when he had first started to learn the Illusionary Flash, Jian Chen felt that there was a deep connection with space regarding the Illusionary Flash. This had meant that Jian Chen would need to understand the profound mysteries of the world, which by extension had also meant that until he was a Saint Ruler, he would not be able to master the Illusionary Flash to a high extent.

The three youths and Changyang Hu had a decent relationship with each other. Each one of them sighed in joy as they excitedly discussed the recent events.

Wu Cong's energy suddenly rose.

Yan Chen Yu had also finished her portion. Her face was apple red, and she looked really alluring.Chapter 135 ÿ Five Elemental Pill

Everyone in the outer perimeter of Inferno City raised their heads and looked at the skies outside of Inferno City. All of them wanted to see how this young man who appeared out of nowhere was going to defend himself from Yang Shuo's Bloodthirsty Sword.Chapter 212 ÿ 108,000 Swords

"Buddy, try and push the stone door and see if you can open it. Those blood red lights have accepted you; that means only you can open the stone door. If you fail, we'll never be able to get the treasure behind the door.

Even Jian Chen felt rather stunned from where he was. Looking blankly at Yun Lian, he found it hard to remain calm. Not once did he ever imagine that the young miss of the Yun family back in Fengyang City would be his younger cousin.Chapter 575: A New Family Member

Han Yan staggered and nearly fell down. This dog was indeed an abnormal creature, and even his innate ability was so despicable.

"The debt the Hua Yun Sect has with me will naturally be returned." Jian Chen spoke emotionlessly.

Smiling confidently, Jian Chen replied, "Just call me Jian Chen. I rather like that name. The name Changyang Xiangtian' is something only my family uses. Besides my family, I am Jian Chen!"

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