The Bleak Walker Chapter 1811

The Bleak Walker Chapter 1811

Tyrant said.

Allowing the Chaotic Force to cover his body with a single thought, Jian Chen made use of the defensive might of the Chaotic Body to form a fist with his hand. He then punched the snake head-on.

"Big brother Jiang Chen, how could you know that these two men wouldn't be able to live when they came out?"

Many people were surprised upon seeing these twenty people who had suddenly appeared, as even an idiot could tell how strong this reinforcement was. Han Yan and Big Yellow were even more excited. Aside from them, only a few others here knew Nangong Wentian.

Once again, a massive storm swept through the minds of the people in the crowds. The remaining Combat Soul warriors who had offended Jiang Chen all had extremely pale faces, and all of them were clenching their fists tightly, and depression emerged within their hearts. As mighty Combat Soul warriors, their lives were in the palm of a young man, and none of them had any ability to do anything about it. Compared to what happened outside the Island of Ice, this was such an ironic scene.

Today, he would begin his journey. After a hundred years, he was reborn, and now he would reclaim his past glory.

Yun Xuan looked at Jian Chen with an expression of admiration and said, "Jian Chen, I really respect you, especially your courage. You are really bold; could it be that you didn't know that even the surrounding areas of Magical Beast Mountain Range are extremely dangerous? Encountering a Class 1 Magical Beast is fine; if you can't beat it, there's still a chance to flee. But if you meet a Class 2 Magical Beast, then your young life would be finished on the spot." Yun Xuan patted his chest and he said with a trace of lingering fear, "However, a youngster like you was extremely fortunate to not have met such magical beasts. Otherwise, you most likely would've been doomed."

"The Earth Devil is dying."

The group of riders didn't slow down at all and instead rode on deeper within Wake City, leaving behind a trail of dust. On the road, many people watched them travel with a silent chatter between themselves.

"Come and die then!" Ming Dong's eyes coldly flashed. His right hand shot forth with a burst of Saint Force. It flew forward and struck the nearby soldiers, causing them to fly away with blood coming from their mouths.

Jiang Chen stared at the Demon Soul in his hand. If he was able to take the poison for himself, then he would have one more frightening hidden skill and be able to kill people without them noticing.

"How dare he threaten to break my dog balls?! This is ridiculous! Damn it, master dog is so pissed off, ruff ruff ruff! Damn buddy, daddy will bite your butt once your finish cultivating!"

Pfff~ Hahaha££

Yan Chen Yu felt like she was barely able to be standing right now.Chapter 68 ÿ The Ambitions of a Man

At the same time, an unbelievably strong amount of Sword Qi flew outward almost as if it were appearing out of nowhere. In a split second, the entire garden was filled with Sword Qi and every unit of air was condensed with it. The feeling was quite sharp, unlike the gentle caress of a simple stream of wind. In fact, the feeling was similar to being sliced by multiple swords with a stinging sensation.

Jiang Chen's voice was boosted by the powerful Sonic Hawk Cry. The violent sound waves rocked like thunder strikes from above. It swept across the entire battlefield, and was heard by every single person.

The Flame Mercenaries were very well known throughout Wake City, so when the guard heard that the captain had come to pay a visit, he didn't dare to neglect his duties. He immediately went off to report to the city lord.

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