Legend Of Namikaze Mirei-Naruto fanfic Chapter 879

Legend Of Namikaze Mirei-Naruto fanfic Chapter 879

Despite it not being a large concentration of Chaotic Force, it was still a foreign type of energy that Jian Chen's body couldn't handle. Jian Chen had used the Azulet Sword Laws to cultivate his body, but it was the very first time he had encountered such a pain from doing so.

Just as the Moyun clan made their move, the other factions of power leaped into action as well in participation of vying for the cub.

After the meal and a goodbye, Jian Chen flew into the air and took off in the direction indicated by Xiu Mi. It was the way to leave the valley.

"Who are these people? With such an intense presence, my heart's already feeling quite terrified!"

It seemed like there was a huge thunderstorm hiding underneath the calm surface, and this didn't resemble how the Blood Devils usually behaved.

"Ahh! The Third Palace Master has died, we have to flee!"

"What? No way!"

"Hey, brother Jian Chen, who are you talking to? Talking to yourself like that, are you sure you're fine?" Hu Xiaotian spoke from besides Jian Chen. He had been waving his palm in front of Jian Chen's face with an odd look.

"Whether or not I dare is not your problem! Today I want to kill Fan Kun, let me see if you have the ability to stop me!"

"Alright, what should we bet?"

Daoist Black shouted out loudly as he leapt toward Fan Zhongtang who was in an intense fight with Yuan Lei.

A single gold coin was already enough to feed a family of three for a month's worth of time. A purple coin was equal to a hundred gold coins, and if a single verified hint could be offered for ten purple coins, then many of the residents and mercenaries of Wake City would definitely be tempted. Immediately, the entire Wake City went into an uproar because of this prize reward. Ten purple coins was an extravagant sum to many of the ordinary families and weaker mercenaries.

Bai Yushuang glared angrily at Jian Chen, "You truly are the evil omen of our Changyang clan. Ever since your birth, you've caused nothing but trouble, and now our Changyang clan will be led to ruin because of you."

Nangong Wentian said, shocked.

Big Yellow finally discovered that. A gloomy feeling instantly emerged within.


Jiang Zhen Hai couldn't hold his excitement.Jiang Chen was his son, and he was obviously proud to have such a great son.

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