Defying Natural Order with DeoxyriboNucleic Acid Chapter 1297

Defying Natural Order with DeoxyriboNucleic Acid Chapter 1297

Qing Yi returned to the Qing Clan in a panic and hurriedly ordered all of the servants and slaves to join in the search for Qing Shui. Everyone became terrified as they witnessed an insane looking Qing Yi display her power. Only now did they remember that she was actually an expert, her previous graceful and gentle demeanor had completely disappeared as she searched for Qing Shui.

A huge crash of the impact sounded. Qing Shui was motionless under the miraculous effects of Immovability of Mountain, while Song Lang was forced 3 steps back and barely managed to stop himself.

When Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange were together, they didn't often share their thoughts. He didn't understand what Yiye Jiange was thinking, nor did he know what she wanted. The matter with heading to Lion King's Ridge as well, he had not gotten her to admit it herself. No matter how much he had powered up, she had never brought it up before. Qing Shui felt that it was because the gap he had with Lion King's Ridge was still too wide.

With only the absurd defense of the Seven Stars Armored Vest and Divinity Protection, Qing Shui had pierced through that sword aura. Without any reduction in his power, he delivered a blow on the Heaven Soaring Silver Tiger with all of his strength!

This was a simple wedding banquet. When they'd arrived at the Continent's Capital, Qing Shui would prepare another wedding banquet for Zhu Qing. He had done so for all his other women. For those who hadn't held a wedding banquet immediately, he would always make it up to them.

"Just let me bandage you up." Mu Qing spoke softly as she gripped the medical kit tightly.

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"Qing Shui, do we find the Donggong Family immediately upon arriving at the Southern Viewing Ministry Continent?" asked Cang Wuya as he looked towards Qing Shui.


Despite how much it frustrated the boy, there was nothing he could do other than watch the twenty-first level turn into a scorching desert. And there was nothing he could do to prevent Bai Xiaochun from simply passing the level!

Just when he was about to admit defeat, his head shot up, and he smacked his thigh. Eyes shining, he said, "The River-Defying Pill!!

"Oh! I forgot about that!"


The freezing winter had already arrived and Qing Shui had used the fur of a snow fox to make a simple set of clothes the lass. While it can be used to keep warm, it did not look good. However, since it was worn by a little girl with the beauty sufficient to cause the fall of kingdoms and cities, she looked astonishingly adorable and beautiful.

"Ah, whatever. It just keeps getting harder the further along you go. And I just became a celestial. He has a lot of experience, so if I can't beat him, I just won't worry about it. I'll go through the levels as best I can. Even if I don't get the fan in the end, I'll at least get some of the other rewards." It was in this manner that he tried to convince himself not to worry about the situation. Then he started to try to think of a way to get through the maze.

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She had beautiful snow-white skin and a graceful and curvy figure.

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