Martial World Chapter 1250

Martial World Chapter 1250

Around the nine halls of the Heavenly Palace, the flat land on the mountain peak was at least several hundreds miles. It almost opened up a path across the Heavenly Palace Mountain. This was precisely the city on the mountain. Compared to the Hundred Miles City, it wasn't any much bigger. A lot of people there wouldn't bother about going down the mountain in years.

The large doors of the stone house slowly opened right in front of Qing Shui and Fei Wuji.

The cultivator in charge was an orange-robed disciple, and all he did was look at Bai Xiaochun coldly, refusing to even say a word.

Back when he had initially summoned the Greatsword of the North back in the climactic battle with Daoist Heavenspan, all of the people in the north had been sucked into the sword.

"Give me back my son!" The old man shouted in anger as he rushed towards Qing Shui.

In fact, if they got lucky they could sometimes reach twenty percent! However, that was the limit for a celestial necromancer when working with sixteen-colored flame. The only exception would be¡­ if they managed to improve the formula they worked with!

Qing Shui could clearly feel a strong killing intent from the elderly man, and he was doing his best to try to control it, and not let his aura leak out!

Finally, he understood how those villagers felt....

"The Lesser Marsh Peak blood master gave me this Ghost Body. It will temporarily restore my cultivation base, and even advance it a bit! Nightcrypt's bizarre abilities won't do any good against the Ghost Body. I already understand his lightning, and although I don't really get that wind, I can now attack him from under the water! Plus, the Ghost Body can pass right through the wind!

He couldn't help but curiously blurt, "Eee? What's with the new look? You're skinnier and hairless too?"

"I wish to go down the mountain, and will stay within Canglang Country. Staying in the mountains doesn't suit my method of cultivation. I'm wondering if you could grant me my request?" Qing Shui gave a rather absurd reason.

Chen Fei's heart was filled with bitterness. After a moment of thought, he gritted his teeth.

These sharp cries were extremely weird, it seemed as though the two huge Demonic Beast were especially afraid of the Primordial Demon Refining Furnace. The Primordial Demon Refining Furnace flashed in multiple colors and accurately captured the two Demonic Beasts.

Looking askance at the trembling soul, Bai Xiaochun cleared his throat. "Well, your name could use some work. Doesn't sound very good, you know. Definitely not as good as mine."

"Old Man Feng, do you think I can't beat this kid?" the red-faced man joked, his face looking very gentle and benign, but only those familiar to him knew how his nickname, Bloody Butcher, came about.

"Complete and utter bullies. I was keeping my head low, trying not to provoke anybody. Suffering in silence! But then this bastard had to come and try to bully me!"

The fact that these two magical items had both received threefold enhancements meant that Bai Xiaochun wouldn't have to waste any fuel on his own three-colored flame, and would also be able to freely use them in the public eye.

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