One Piece: Journey of a Lifetime Chapter 2473

One Piece: Journey of a Lifetime Chapter 2473

"Yes, third prince!" The two cried out graciously before retreating away.

"Haha, rules? I don't mind telling you that Brother Ming has given us an order. Today we will kill all the men from the Yan family. None of you are going to escape!"

"Those core disciples are all abnormal monsters! Although Yun Can is only an Early Divine Core warrior, he is able to fight a Mid Divine Core warrior! I'm afraid senior disciple Jiang won't be his match at all."

"Ah!" The fourth elder let out a miserable shriek of pain as the azure and violet Sword Qi stabbed into his body. It was as if an unbelievable amount of power was erupting within him as the fused Sword Qi shot throughout every point in his body. In an instant, his entire body became mutilated and his bones reduced to dust.

Everyone here was a cultivator, so sleeping on the streets did not bother them. With the protection of their Yuan energy, the freezing night meant nothing to them.

Qin Xiao slapped Jian Chen and Ming Dong's shoulders with a firm hand as he encouraged them, "Jian Chen, Ming Dong, fight on!" Although he only spoke these six words, they were all that the two others needed to hear.

"Arrogant brat, you must be tired of living. Who do you think you are? Actually speaking so arrogantly to our honorable boss. You definitely won't be alive by the end of the day. Why don't you hurry up and apologise? We'll keep your corpse whole.

The amount of power that Jian Chen held in his hand rippled across the entire mountainous area as if it were a heavy weight. With speed as fast as lightning but no thunder to accompany it, the area beneath the strike started to look even more cramped than before. Then, it seemed as if the entire area had frozen in time.

Hearing Chang Bai, the clan leader's face grew bright with emotion. To treat his son who was regarded as a genius badly after being revealed as a cripple, this was Changyang Ba's biggest regret.

Jiang Chen smiled, then he slowly walked towards the herb plantation. When he looked at the Flaming Angel and the Glory Lotus, he shook his head.

It was not a lie when Jiang Chen said he was the representative of a true dragon, because after he began cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, he had started walking a path where he would transform into a real dragon. Sooner or later, he would transform into a real dragon and soar through the heavens.

The middle-aged man gulped with difficulty. He stared fixedly at Jian Chen who was tinkering away at the seals. He had decided that once the seal was broken, he would send forth his own thought to learn the details of the books.

The amount of power that the small tiger cub had revealed was simply astounding. Ming Dong, Dugu Feng, and You Yue could only stare dumbfounded at the cub. Not a single one of them had expected to see a tiger, roughly the size of a small cat, contain so much power. Enough power that it was able to kill a Class 4 Magical Beast as easily as blowing off dust. A sight like this was simply too much to take in, so everyone found it rather hard to believe.

Big Yellow was also a big fan of this. Unfortunately, he was now lying inside Jiang Chen's Qi Sea, sleeping. Otherwise, just he and Tyrant alone would definitely wreak havoc in this first level of the Devil Realm.

In the square, no one were able to calm their minds. Today's competition hadn't gone as smoothly as everyone had thought. The arrival of the dark horse Jiang Chen had caused huge changes to the competition, it was out of everyone's expectations!

The longsword let out a sharp cry, shocking the trio. They immediately raised their heads to look at the longsword. The longsword was 2.5 meters long, and it was 5 fingers wide. It was emitting an incomparable radiance from all over, and when it shook, splendid lights would rain down.

Another formation was destroyed by the warriors from the Martial Saint Dynasty, and the miserable screams emerging from those on the Black Sect's side were becoming more intense. Many people started feeling regret; if they had known that the Martial Saint Dynasty had such a powerful force, they never would have come here to participate in this war.

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