A devil may cry fanfic Chapter 2487

A devil may cry fanfic Chapter 2487

Tap tap tap!

Firethorn Savage's demon soul was gone, but Qing Styx still brought the body with him. He carried the mountain-like body back to the Green Sanctuary Sect. Firethorn Savage's body was filled with useful things, and just his fur alone would be enough to make a lot of defensive items.

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone.


"A single Restoration Pill with 100% effectiveness is worth 4 gold coins, that's 4 times as much as the previous price of a Restoration Pill!"

The head of the Huanggu clan took the letter and opened it up. When he saw the inner contents of the letter, the smile on his face was wiped away, forming a difficult expression. With a low voice, he said, "Your Huang family has decided to absolve the betrothment? Elder Feng, Elder Yun, just what is the meaning of your Huang family?"

"This one pays her respects to the captain!" The middle-aged woman followed Weiji's example and bowed down to Jian Chen with panic. Only the child that looked several years old continued to stare at Jian Chen with wide open eyes.

After saying that, Jiang Chen took two steps forward and came in front of the Teleport Formation. He stretched his arm and placed the bronze plate into the socket.

"Flood Dragon, I know you've gone through a lot in order to reach your current stage. I'd feel guilty if I killed you, so I'll just draw out your blood essence and spare your life, I won't take away your demon soul. With this, you'll only lose the opportunity to evolve further, but you can still be the same demon lord."

Jian Chen smiled and cut in onto Shan Xiong before he could speak any longer. "I believe the three of you know that to become a major power on the Tian Yuan Continent requires both power and a strong patron. Your Carnage Mercenaries are indeed strong enough in the Cloud Capital to call yourselves a hegemon, but you are struggling to maintain that position. There are plenty of families or sects that are comparable to yours in this city, and the six families here are most especially strong in comparison. Even if they're divided into six powers, they may as well hold hands as a symbol of how close they are. Should the time come for them to stand together against a common enemy, there won't be a single faction within the city strong enough to fight them."

Walking slowly over to Jian Chen, Tian Jian handed over the Space Ring to him, "Jian Chen, since the Winged Tiger God is accompanying you, then I may as well give this Space ring to you. Inside is all that was left behind for the Winged Tiger God; in total there is ten a hundred thousand year old heavenly resources, a hundred ten thousand year old heavenly resources, and a thousand thousand year old heavenly resources."

Just then, Ming Dong walked into the room. When he saw the happy You Yue by his side, Ming Dong stared suspiciously at Jian Chen, "Brother, you've a friend here to see you."

"Nine Murdering Flood Dragons!"

"Senior disciple Jiang was really mighty today! All of us felt so happy when we saw you kill Fan Kun just now!"

Wu Ningzhu was startled by the quick reply, then a joyful expression emerged. She said," Little Chen, are you going to help me?"

Jiang Chen casually shrugged his shoulders. In his body, he already had the poison of the Green Hellish Python, as well as a few others that he had previously absorbed. If he was able to absorb the Venomous Nether Toad's poison tomorrow, his poison would definitely become stronger. Although Jiang Chen didn't like using poison, he also didn't fear poison.

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