Evolution in Another World Chapter 153

Evolution in Another World Chapter 153

In reaction, some of them howled in rage, and others gritted their teeth angrily. Overall, most of them hated Bai Xiaochun down to their marrow. Furthermore, whenever anyone refuted the rumors, there were always people who would vehemently assert that they were true.

The familiar melodious rang out, causing Qing Shui's heart to calm down but great happiness surged. When the primordial flames in his hands slowly extinguished, Qing Shui just laid down on the spot.

Chen Manyao appeared, as did Gongsun Wan'er. Gongsun Wan'er's expression was the same as ever, her lips perpetually upturned into a faint smile. However, compared to all the people just mentioned, the person with the most complicated emotions of all was teetering on the verge of madness: Shangguan Tianyou!

Now that they were back together, everything seemed calm and stable. Gradually, a smile also broke out on Bai Hao's face. Dropping to his knees, he kowtowed three times.

Towards such people, Qing Shui would not act refine and say that he would not stoop down to his leve. Towards such people, it would be more effective to use even stronger words to hurt him!

Du Lingfei laughed coldly, and was just about to say something sarcastic when all of a sudden, a wild wind blasted toward them, along with an acrid odor. Du Lingfei's face flickered, and she looked out into the jungle to see countless eyes staring back.

"I know, if not, I would not have sought you out today. But feeling nervous is inevitable for me." By then, Yuan Su seemed to have relaxed somewhat.

Shield Attack!

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Legend has it that there was a mysterious restricting force on the Flowerfruit Mountain. As long as one was on the Flowerfruit Mountain, it was impossible to break through to the Martial Saint level. Even the strength of other Martial Saint level Demonic Beasts would be restricted to the Martial King peak level if they had come to the Flowerfruit Mountain.

Only when Qing Shui thought about how alone she was, he hesitated, although he did not break through that final barrier with her, they had some intimate contact, just that she stopped him at the last step.

"No wonder he became a spy. He's really quite extraordinary." Even just thinking about that girl's face left him sighing.

Soon, dozens of prisoners were lined up outside, trembling in fear and unsure of what was happening. When the prisoners began to talk amongst themselves to try to figure out what was going on, the guards immediately silenced them.

"You know about medicine?" Qing Shui showed interest in her skill, as he smiled pleasantly towards Mu Qing.

She was happy and indescribably blissful at the same time. She had no more regrets after today. When she lifted her head, she saw Qing Shui standing before her. She hurriedly tried to get up, but Qing Shui stopped her by pushing down on her shoulders instead with a smile.

"I can't say," Bai Xiaochun said, shaking his head in very enigmatic fashion. "It's a matter which touches on the most important thing in Elder Brother Zhao's life. How could I possibly reveal that information so casually?" Clasping his hands behind his back, he pompously strolled off toward his cabin.

Creating frustrating situations like this was truly a specialty of Bai Xiaochun's, and the Vile-Emperor realized that. It was a simple truth, and unfortunately, was impossible to deal with.

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