His Devious Harbinger: How To Tame A Wicked God Chapter 1272

His Devious Harbinger: How To Tame A Wicked God Chapter 1272

Yu Zihan didn't pay attention to the injury caused by the sudden backlash. He immediately flew down and rushed over to the falling Guo Shan, catching him before he hit the ground. Then, he landed on a nearby mountain peak.

"We don't have to. After all, they have surrendered to us, so I won't attack them. I want to let this Duan Jianhong witness my real strength, let him know how stupid his strategy is. Besides, since the Heavenly Sword Sect has surrendered to us, I won't let them just sit back and relax, I'll give them some tasks. Send my order to the Black Sect and the Valley of Happiness, I want them to surrender to me in seven days."

"Damn it, the Dragon Transformation skill is such an insane skill, it's turning me into a bottomless hole! Looks like it will difficult for me to break through to the Late Divine Core realm unless I find a Combat Soul Demon Soul. Never mind, I can feel I'm approaching the end of this road, let's leave this place first."

It was obvious from a single glance that this high-grade Space Belt had been given to Tie Ta by the headmaster after he had become the headmaster's apprentice. Otherwise, a child born into a commoner family like him would have absolutely no way of purchasing such a high-grade item like this Space Belt. Although these types of Space Belts were not uncommon in Tian Yun Continent, it was not something that ordinary people could own.

When Jian Chen had passed the caravans, he could faintly hear the elderly voice whisper into his ears almost as if the elder were standing right next to him.

The heart-wrenching screams of all the Flame Mercenaries reached the ears of Jian Chen, who immediately withdrew from the foliage with a fearful face.

"Young master Jiang, something isn't right with those Blood Devils, it has been three days but they still aren't here."

Jiang Chen was laughing heartily, filled with intense fighting intent. He really loved this kind of blood boiling battle. Each time he was in a battle like this, he would feel his warrior blood boiling. It was a sensation he often felt as he fought his way to the top in his previous life.

Elder Liu said with mixed emotions. If it wasn't for the fact that Shan Ying and Wu Ningzhu were the ones who told him what happened, he never would have believed it.

Thus, at this crucial moment, Jian Chen wasn't willing to make the Qinhuang Kingdom a lightning rod for additional troubles.Chapter 518: The True Strength of a Saint Ruler

On the fighting stage, the arrogant Li Wu Shuang's face suddenly turned sour. He had never expected that Han Yan would suddenly transform during this critical time.

"Come, he hasn't gone too far yet. Let us chase after him." Yun Li began to walk even faster as he lead Duo Li and the group of guards out of the courtyard.

Hearing this, the elder hummed in contemplation. "It seems that this Jian Chen had altered his appearances and slipped away in secret. I didn't think that he would have such a skillset like this, how extraordinary."

Shortly afterwards, the twenty-odd men on the deck slowly began to disintegrate too, turning into dust. There was no blood, nor any clothes left behind. Even the Spatial Rings they wore on their fingers turned into dust, disappearing into the world. It was extremely strange.

The girl signaled a warrior behind her to store the Earth Restoration Pills. After that, she replied to the Myriad Sword Sect disciples with a smile on her face.

"That's right."

Jian Chen blanched as the thought of retreating came into his mind. In order to be able to put up a barrier like this, one would need to be able to comprehend the profound mysteries of the world, meaning a Saint Ruler or higher. For this unknown entity to be able to put up a barrier and make his voice unable to be pinpointed, this entity would most likely have to be no weaker than a Saint Ruler.

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