One Useless Rebirth Chapter 1275

One Useless Rebirth Chapter 1275

Ruan Ling replied. When she recalled what that dog had done, she still couldn't help but grind her teeth.

"Chen'er, help me send Chief Yan out."

"This Violet Ying Orchid is one of the main ingredients for the Profound Six Solar Pill! I couldn't find it in the Black Sect, and I never expected to find it here."

Chapter 110 Ă¿ Enemy at the Door

"Lee family? Although we argue a lot with them, we haven't really declared war with them££ How dare they come to the front entrance of our Misty Rain Tower and start making trouble?! What does Lee Shan Yue actually want?"

"Hmph! Jiang Chen is only a Mid Combat Soul warrior! If we really do fight, I refuse to believe he'll be a match for me! As for Wu Jiu, even if he really broke through to the Combat King realm, he is still fresh in this realm, and that won't make him too strong. Also, those who have joined Jiang Chen to fight against the Martial Saint Dynasty; I'll definitely make them pay! I will let them know what the consequences of becoming the Martial Saint Dynasty's enemy are!"

"Oh talented and handsome young master, your looks are so gorgeous, you don't appear to be mortal.You must be an angel from the heavens."

Before the competition had started, the Heaven Saint Master that was the Grand Elder had been able to place a large amount of pressure on Ming Dong. However now, Ming Dong could be at ease with the Grand Elder without feeling any of the pressure anymore. That was because he was merely a step away from becoming a Heaven Saint Master. If it were not for uncle Tian, then he would have long since made the breakthrough to become a Heaven Saint Master.

Wu Jiu rolled his eyes and nearly fainted. It seemed like no matter what kind of situation they were facing, this guy would always be confident; no matter what kind situation they were facing, he would always find a solution for it! However, tomorrow was the date of war, and Wu Jiu just couldn't figure out how Jiang Chen was going to deal with the Martial Saint Dynasty.

The Light Wind Sword met no obstruction as it stabbed deeply into the magical beast's throat. Then, the sword slid straight through the neck and then into the ground beneath it.Chapter 162: Smooth Killing

Stunned by Master Blissful's imposing energy, the two men's hostile auras finally calmed down a little. They realized this wasn't the Eastern Continent; they were in the vast ocean! If they really started fighting here, they would be at a disadvantageous side.

Wu Lang muttered to himself.

Jiang Chen stretched his arm forward and forcefully seized the golden spear from the Third Emperor's grasp.

"The Spirithawk Mercenaries bids three hundred thirty thousand."

Simultaneously, general Liu received an edict from the king in hopes that all the generals of the strongholds could oversee the retreat of the enemy armies and maintain the strongholds once more.

Big Yellow turned around and started walking towards sector two.

The Bladed Crocodile flew back and spat out a large ball of energy at Jian Chen. Thanks to the innate knowledge it had, it immediately sensed that Jian Chen's sword was not to be met head on with after seeing what had happened with the Golden Fur Tiger King.

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