The Rise Of The Death God Chapter 1107

The Rise Of The Death God Chapter 1107

Bai Xiaochun took a deep breath as he walked around the pill furnace a few more times, examining it. He was already itching with the desire to go all out, to experiment with medicinal strength that, up to this point, had been impossible for him.

Qing Shui appeared increasingly pathetic while the old man's attack grew increasingly aggressive!

"Let Yueyue accompany you while you look for lodging in the afternoon. She should be more familiar with this place." Ruotong smiled at Qing Shui.

"That wealth is the true source of their power, and their confidence! It is the foundation of everything! As long as everything goes their way, things are smooth. But with the right spark, they could erupt into violence with the resources of a whole nation at their disposal!

Qing Shui smiled. He grasped new things once again. The martial arts path was never ending. This was another Truth Realm. Seemed like his sword skill and prowess of his other attacking skills could be raised by quite a lot.

Yet again, he deeply regretted leaving Ghostmother. He regretted letting the Celestial grab him, and regretted delivering himself up to Bai XiaochunĄ­.

Qing Shui watched as the sword stabbed toward him. He remained calm as the lashed out with the Violet Gold Divine Shield!

Everyone, Bai Lin included, was left gasping in shock. Most taken aback of all was Patriarch Steel Veins.

Before any of the Squad 9 guards could do anything more, the screams intensified until they became a seemingly endless howl.

With that he gave chase.

The burning heat and shocking aura of the flame immediately caused the Celestial's expression to flicker.

"Remember what I've said. I'm going down the mountain today. I will come back only once a month, and stay for about two days during each visit!" It was already late in the morning, and the ordinary disciples of the Skysword Sect had begun their basic training. For Protectors and higher, they would cultivate at their own pace, inside their private rooms or training chambers.

Qing Shui might as well put down the Golden Calligraphy Brush and think about what to do next!

Originally, Qing Shui only wanted to survey the area himself, he had not expected that such a thing would happen. Those people had been followed Qing Shui and Mu Qing for a long time, waiting for both of them to walk deep into the Sky Penetrating Mountains before they took action. However, that group hadn't foreseen that they would be ones to die in the mountains.

It was unable to hit anything at this distance, however the Berserk Dragon King was still running over. Therefore it had arrived at just the right moment. Seemingly at the same time, Qing Shui's Emperor's Qi and Fiery Golden Eyes had already rapidly shot out.

"Hold your attack!"

Mocking laughter could be heard among the crowd, but Bai Xiaochun ignored it. His gaze was fixed solely on the Dragon Throne, and the Arch-Emperor.

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