A boy in the narutoverse Chapter 913

A boy in the narutoverse Chapter 913

If it wasn't a precious pill, then the Misty Rain Tower would definitely not sell this item for their grand finale.

"You're right, there is indeed a treasure that exists within Inferno City, and it is because of that treasure's protection that Inferno City has become the safest place for humans to rest in Inferno Hell. No demons or devils can even come to disturb."

"That's the symbol of the Radiant Saint Master Union. In the very centre of that ball of dense Radiant Saint Force is the only saint artifact that allows Radiant Saint Masters to reach Class 7. It's activated every fifty years, and every time it's activated, only ten people can enter and obtain the opportunity to reach Class 7. There is only one year, five months and eighteen days till the next activation." Jamie explained to Jian Chen on one side. This was not a secret in the Holy Empire. Almost all Radiant Saint Masters knew about it.

In fact, once the stone door was opened, there was no difference between who enters first or second. If there really were treasures hidden within the ancient pagoda, no one could take them all at once. But for Wu Cong, the Shangguan Clan, and the Myriad Sword Sect, Jiang Chen's purpose wasn't as simple as it seemed. They were all highly-revered men who were used to being respected no matter where they went, but now, they were asked to be the last ones to enter the ancient pagoda; it was no different than directly insulting them!

Only prairies were around Mercenary City, but Jian Chen could be seen blurring past the prairies at tremendous speeds. Perhaps it was because of his Illusionary Step, but his speed now was far faster than what the power of flight could give him.Chapter 620: Meeting the Heiyun Clan Again

The nobles within the palace naturally paid very little attention to him. The vast majority only believed that Jian Chen was an attendant to Qin Ji and didn't spare him a second glance. The other part of the crowd took a neutral stance, but some noticed that Jian Chen was not any ordinary person. He was neither servile or overbearing in nature and carried himself with a graceful manner. Despite his age, he walked with a steady step that even a mountain could not attest to. Some of the stronger men in the room could even tell there was a strong pressure coming from him, causing them to look on in shock.

Jian Chen exerted more pressure on his right arm, pushing the iron rod in even deeper in attempt to strike at the brain from the eyes.

Tie Ta was in an extremely worried state with his eyebrows pinched together in deep worry. Carefully looking left and then right with a prudent expression, he looked to see if anyone was around before letting out a sigh in relief. After a slight moment of hesitation, he asked Jian Chen a nervous question, "Changyang Xiangtian. What color do you think blood is in humans?"

Jiang Chen said.

Now that his identity was confirmed, Bi Yuntian fell to her knees to cry out, "This descendant welcomes the return of the patriarch!"

"Hou!" The loudest cry yet came out of the beast, causing Tie Ta and Jian Chen's ears to momentarily go deaf. With that, the Flaming Cloud Beast expended the last of its energy and slumped onto the ground. It stopped twitching, and its other eye gradually closed.

A happy expression emerged on Fan Kun's face.

Witnessing what happened, Liang Dong and the Mid Mortal Core warrior couldn't stop themselves from taking a deep breath. The way they looked at Jiang Chen now had completely changed.

Chen Shuang and the other two were just outer circle disciples. They had no authority in deciding who could join the clan. It was even rude for them to recommend someone. If they could pick out the strongest and help them get to the Heavenly Blade Clan, they would at least have done something good.

Hence, the gates to the Kai family compound were opened wide. A group of armored soldiers could be seen marching toward them in a denomination of over a thousand.

Jian Chen gave a curt nod. "Back then, I killed the experts of the Shi family and Jiede clan and even destroyed the Ruler Armaments from their families. This has led me into a neverending cycle with them, and since I am not a Saint Ruler, I simply have no way to defend myself against them."

"Grandson, perhaps you've remembered that grandfather is here? I'd even thought that you've forgotten about grandfather. You've finally come to see grandfather. Come, sit, sit." Bi Hai smiled brightly as he looked at Jian Chen affectionately. He took pride in Jian Chen.

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