Behold my power Chapter 1649

Behold my power Chapter 1649

"Nephew Jiang is indeed an unprecedented genius. He was only a Divine Core warrior when he visited the Southern Continent, and in just the matter of a few days, he is now able to kill Combat King warriors. This can no longer just be described as frightening."

Furthermore, if something bad truly happened to Wu Ningzhu, it would be a great blow to the Profound River Palace. Looking at the battles taking place below them, with these four great guardians of the Demon King Palace, the unprepared Dancing Sun City was no match for those demons.

A humming sound could be heard from Jiang Chen's body, as if there was a strong vibration reverberating inside of his body.Jiang Chen shut off his six senses and completely focused all of his energy on cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill and absorbing the pill.

Guo Shan walked out from his room. A powerful energy could be sensed from his body. With the help of the energy vein's heart, not only did he have a surge in his cultivation and break through to the Late Divine Core realm, his constitution had improved as well, which gave him an ever brighter future. Now, he would have no problems becoming an advanced alchemist. His value had skyrocketed.

The void surrounding them was vibrating, and the dimensional crack's black suction force had become even stronger than before, and it was producing razor sharp tornadoes that blew onto Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. In fact, besides the two of them, no ordinary men would dare get so close to the dimensional crack, because just this terrifying tornadoes alone were enough to cause serious injuries. Not to mention the risk of getting sucked into the crack.

"What are you afraid of? No matter how awesome he is, he is only one person while we are many. Don't tell me you're afraid of a single person. If word of this spreads out, then our Black Leopard Mercenaries will have no face left to preserve in Wake City." Another leather hide wearing mercenary said with a muffled voice.

"It looks like I was too polite when speaking just now. Mister, since you've just scolded a monk, you're obviously trash. Trash is a disaster, and disaster like you will bring damage to many people. As Buddha has taught us, it's better to save one life than it is to build a seven-story tall pagoda. If I kill you, I will save the lives of many in the future."

With the speed of flying through the air, Jian Chen and the ten other individuals had only wasted two days worth of time before arriving back at the Gesun Kingdom. When they descended down into Lore City, they were greeted by the 500,000 Eastern Deity Soldiers who had returned several days before them. At this moment, all of the soldiers were gathered in a large encampment near Lore City.

Jian Chen's eyebrows creased together, but before he could say anything, another voice cried out, "Ka Di Yun, you are one of the upper classmen of Kargath Academy, to think you have the nerve to bully one of the freshmen!"

In this small moment, Jian Chen had already moved 50 meters away before using his spirit to call the Light Wind Sword back to his hand.

When they entered the store, a young shopkeeper was immediately visible with a welcoming smile on his face, "My lords, welcome to the most exquisite wood carvings within Fengyang City. All of the items here are carved by the master sculptor Mu Chexuan, whose skill is among the best in the city! I guarantee my lord's satisfaction here with whatever the item."

Suddenly, ten different figures came flying up to greet him. One by one, they surrounded Jian Chen in a tight ring with unfavorable expressions.

Jiang Chen's eyes were shining with intelligence. He continued and said, "What Lee Shan Yue did ended up disappointing those dependent families. He has lost the heart of his men and lost their spirits. Now, even if they manage to maintain their strength, they wouldn't be able to defend themselves from the Yan family."

After Fan Kun forced Han Yan back with just a single strike, the sneer on his face became even thicker. But at the same time, Fan Kun felt a shock in his mind as well, "This Han Yan was really powerful, his combat strength is so strong that even though he just broke through to the Heavenly Core realm, I think those ordinary Mid Heavenly Core disciples from the inner circle wouldn't be his match. But, since his opponent is me, there is only one thing awaiting him; death!"Chapter 151 ÿ Dragon's Reverse Scale

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone. An intense killing intent could be seen in his eyes, he never showed any mercy to those who wanted to kill him. He didn't really care about the reason behind this matter, just the behavior of these men was enough to motivate Jiang Chen to kill them all and turn the place into a river of blood.

Jian Chen looked at the group charge towards Dugu Feng with a cold sneer, "How reckless!" Jian Chen's hands clutched at the sky so as to gather the energy of the world. With a sudden push of his hands, Jian Chen let out a burst of explosive energy that howled mightily as if it was a dragon towards the group.

Upon hearing this, Bu Yuntian let out a long breath in relief. Her heart began to slow down from all the shock while Jian Chen's aunts Yu Fengyan and Ling Long also let out breaths in relief.

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