Exp-Sect Chapter 2844

Exp-Sect Chapter 2844

"It's very good. What's the price? We'll stay here for half a year first. Let's settle the bill now!"

Bai Xiaochun also looked shocked, and suddenly he worried that he had pushed the rabbit too far.

"Teacher, you're leavingĄ­?"

It was a statue of Bai Xiaochun!

Having hit a dead end, the deputy warden of Cellblock D, Sun Peng, had pointed out that Bai Hao was very skilled at performing interrogations. He even explained how he had forced all the long-time prisoners in Cellblock D to give up their information.

Bai Xiaochun had nothing to say in response to Song Junwan. He knew that she was right. If the Eternal Immortal Domains were destroyed, then considering how powerful the Mortal Renegade was, he would have no problem finding the treasured fan out in the void.

"With my four clones, I could most likely even handle someone in the great circle of the Nascent Soul stage.... The only thing to really be scared of would be a deva. And if the Bai Clan deva patriarch tries to chase me, then I can always use my demigod soul!" He was still nervous, but at least he had options.

"Ah well, I can let it go." Bai Xiaochun continued. "After all, I'm a Prestige disciple, and the Junior Brother of the sect leader. Back on the south bank, I did drag these disciples into some bad situations with my pill concocting, so for now, I'll just cut them some slack!" Sticking his chest out and looking very much the hero, he proceeded along as quickly as his cautious and nervous heart would let him.

After a moment of silence, the Giant Ghost King quietly said, "You don't hurt me, I won't hurt you. Just keep me safe for a month, and I'll get you that deva soul. Then all of this will become a thing of the past. I'm the kind of person who sticks to my word. I don't renege on promises. It doesn't matter what happened before, as long as you can keep me safe for a month, and I get my cultivation base back, then I won't do anything to you, nor will I remove the restrictive spell. You can really rest your heart at ease!"

"Who asked you to bully me yesterday!"

He still couldn't believe that he had surpassed 180 cycles of Circulate Qi!

"Do you really want to join the Skin Flayers?"

After reaching the tree, Qing Shui still returned as usual. It was just that when they had almost reach their destination, Qing Shui reached out his hand and took Huoyun Liu-Li's, grinning as he overtook her amidst her glares.

Looking down at the Spirit Concentrating Pills in his hand, he counted more than thirty of them. This should be enough to last him alone for a month. The bottle was more than half empty. It seemed like she had used up quite a number of it because there should initially have been about a hundred of them.

She glared at Qing Shui with all her might. Qing Shui only laughed as he held Qing Yin. Canghai Mingyue, on the other hand, didn't dare to look at Qing Shui in the eyes. There were still other people around, but only two people could tell what was going on through their interactions.

Everyone from the devas down to the Qi Condensation disciples were completely shaken, and no matter what they were doing at the moment, looked up with flickering expressions.

After a few breaths of time passed, the huge fan slammed into the continent-sized hand of the gigantic sovereign, causing a massive rumbling sound to fill the Eternal Immortal Domains!

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