Ah Chun: Ascending The Heavens Chapter 2373

Ah Chun: Ascending The Heavens Chapter 2373

The five Imperial Advisors from the Qinhuang Kingdom, the king of the Gesun Kingdom, the leader of the Changyang clan, Chang Wuji, Jian Chen and his mother Bi Yuntian were all seated at the same table.

"In-law, this time, our Hongfu clan has met an unprecedented feeling of danger. You must help our Hongfu clan survive through this threat. After it, I am willing to give the Dragon Slaying Sword to your Yan family." An elderly man in long, white robes requested while he sat before a middle-aged man.Chapter 685: The Yan Family Patriarch

Suddenly, a majestic big yellow dog inappropriately blocked in front of Yan Chenyu. He spat out his long tongue toward Wu Cong and the Crown Prince, saliva constantly dripping out. The magnificent scene was instantly interrupted, and it wasn't until now that the Crown Prince noticed that there was a dog right next to Yan Chenyu. He felt a strong desire to rip this dog to pieces.

"Oh heavens, what a powerful energy! Is that pressure coming from a Combat Soul existence? Don't tell me the master of the Demon Palace came here personally?"

"Yea££ We just can't understand how rich people think, a High-Ranked Combat Weapon is nothing in their eyes££ Lavishly spending like this just tell us he is a spoiled rich kid."

"Father, are we going to let that bastard get away with this so easily? I was humiliated in front of the eyes of many people; if our Heiming clan sits by the side and does nothing, then how will the people of Fengyang City see us? What face would we have to continue to call ourselves one of the three strongest clans of the city?" The youth sputtered in indignation.

Shangguan Yilong furiously growled.

"The Whirling Sun City is in the middle of the Qi Province It's a really huge city, not something this tiny little Silver Moon City can compare with! Also, there's quite a lot of talented outer circle disciples from the four big sects. Can you guys guess who will win the competition this time?"

Jiang Chen asked in a serious tone. His question immediately attracted countless glares, as if they were looking at an idiot.

"He is only breaking through to the Mortal Core realm; how does he have such powerful energy? I am a Mid Mortal Core warrior, but under Brother Jiang Chen's energy, my soul is trembling?!"

Big Yellow Dog asked.

"Mrrr££ mrrrrr££" The cub began to growl in discontent as it flew into the air. It was as if it wanted to be held by Jian Chen instead. Both of its eyes looked pitifully toward Jian Chen as tears began to well up in them.

Jiang Chen started to violently vomit blood from his mouth because of the impact, accompanied by a tearing pain in his body.The color of his blood was black, the result of the impurities within his body now being discarded.

"Show me what you got!"

Han Yan and Nangong Wentian exchanged vicious smile, then they rubber their hands and walked up to Qiu Tianba.

Caught off guard by the abrupt explosion, both the Defiance Mercenaries and the Flame Mercenaries, who were on the verge of war with one another, stopped dead in their tracks. No matter the side, everyone looked to the gates of the Kai family with shock.

Jian Chen's face had a big smile on it, "I only took a chance when I saw one, if it weren't for you dealing out damage with your axe, then it would have been even harder to kill those magical beasts."

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