Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World Chapter 1403

Battle Royale Streamer in an Apocalyptic World Chapter 1403

Jiang Chen gazed at Big Yellow.

"Fall back! We need to leave the Freezing Hell Jail at once! This guy is a lunatic, there is no way we can save the Freezing Hell Jail!"

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. Since the Black Ice Talisman had recognized Yan Chenyu as its owner, it would never harm her. The Island of Ice had a mysterious history, and so did this Black Ice Talisman. Perhaps Yan Chenyu could obtain huge benefits from both the Black Ice Talisman and the Island of Ice.

Seeing how the steel platings were descending down from the walls, Jian Chen couldn't help but sigh in admiration. With a steel plating like the one right in front of him, then the defenses would be extraordinarily strong and could withstand a large amount of force for some time. This truly was another example of how Wake City's defenses could be said to be on par with a First Class City.

"Oh! Could little sister here be jealous?" Tianmu Ling laughed as she looked at the other girl while ignoring the insult that was thrown out.

Guan Yi Yun immediately moved and positioned himself between Jiang Chen and Nan Bei Chao, and stared at Nan Bei Chao angrily.



Jiang Chen thought to himself. This Island of Ice only appeared after he sliced the Heavens with his sword. Therefore, there would inevitably some mysterious objects here, objects that people in the Saint Origin realm had never seen before.

With hands as quick as his eyes, Jian Chen palmed Ba La's Space Ring before turning back to speak to the anguished Ku Yun. "I was planning to kill you, but I think I'll spare your life. Go back to your king and tell him that it'd be in his best interest to not interfere with the matters of the Flame Mercenaries. If he refuses to listen, then do not blame me for what happens next." Even as he spoke, the Origin energy formed by the azure and violet sword spirits faded from sight.

Taking in another deep breath, he climbed down the mountain slope to wander about. Since he had to protect Qin Xiao, Jian Chen didn't dare go far. Until Qin Xiao was fully healed, Jian Chen didn't plan on leaving this place. If they were to travel with an immobile Qin Xiao and came across a strong individual, then it would be very problematic. Even if he wasn't afraid for himself, but if the target was Qin Xiao, Jian Chen would be stuck in a problematic situation.

"Bastard, if you're a man, don't even think about running away"

Big Yellow couldn't help but curse.

Both of them possessed powerful strength. One was an Early Combat Soul demon, while the other was a Mid Combat Soul demon. Without even thinking about it, Jiang Chen already knew who they were. They couldn't be anyone other than the last two masters of the Demon Palace ÿ The Lion King and the Wolf King.Annihilation

Both edges of Big Yellow's mouth looked like they were about to go behind his ears, and his eyes were filled with little stars. This was a huge fortune, and it came so easily! None of them knew anything about Jiang Chen, but Big Yellow did. This little guy was a strange creature, this little Stairway to Heaven was just a piece of cake to him. Even if there was a Divine Core warrior here, he wouldn't be stopped either.

"There's no problem, haha. As it is, we're heading to Wake City as well; we didn't think that we'd meet someone else headed in the same direction." A person laughed.

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