N1: The Saga of the Emptiness Harbinger Chapter 1922

N1: The Saga of the Emptiness Harbinger Chapter 1922

"Mingyue, I'll forge you a pair of necklaces over the next two days. The things here are really not that useful for you," Qing Shui said awkwardly.

"My grandpa has been locked up by them." A voice that sounded a bit depressive and attractive called out.

At the head of that large group was another young man with bristling killing intent. He was only in mid Foundation Establishment, but his murderous aura made him seem as strong as late Foundation Establishment.

When Cang Wuya had nothing to do, he would train the 3 girls. Mingyou Gelou had already became a Honorary Disciple of the heavenly palace. However, she was personally trained by Cang Wuya, and if others knew about it, they would vomit blood. A Honorary Disciple was actually being personally trained by the Supreme Elder.

His words had a magical effect on Qing You, because in the next moment, Qing You's aura had increased exponentially to a greater level, causing his eyes to glow with a faint red glint. Power was everything in the World of the Nine Continents. There might be a step difference between a Peak of Xiantian and an Elementary Martial King but the difference was one of Heaven and Earth - the vast disparity was undeniable. Once a Xiantian warrior was able to break through to the Elementary Martial King, the treatment and conduct by the public opinion would change significantly. Most importantly, one could become confident and superior due to the increase in power as an Elementary Martial King, thus paving a path towards the next level with hope and aspiration.

"A little bit of smoke like this is nothing. Don't worry, my little apprentice. Master has a lot of experience in things like this." Laughing heartily, he continued his work. As he did, more and more black smoke appeared, and Bai Hao continued to get more nervous. In the end, he was actually trembling in fear.

In fact, the more he thought about it, the more he had to praise Bai Xiaochun for doing things this way. After all, not only had he come to hold the Lightning Ancestor's fate in his hands, but he had also manipulated his feelings perfectly. First he had done his work with the lightning, and had then hooked him and reeled him in with the lure of spiritual energy.

He witnessed the attackers swiftly swallowing a pellet as soon as they entered the grey fog. Qing Shui knew that this Poison Avoidance Pellet' had an effect which allowed those who consume it to ignore the grey fog. Not only that, it could increase their strength of their cultivation base by 20%

"For example, here I am floating on the surface of the ocean, right next to the mountain, and yet none of the bloodbeasts under the water are attacking me. It's obviously because I have no killing intent!" Jia Lie still felt a bit hesitant and unconvinced. However, if he gave up at this point, his newfound hope would be dashed. Therefore, he clenched his jaw and flew up into the air with an expression of determination. Making sure he had no killing intent, he proceeded forward with the utmost caution.

Qing Shui didn't know who this man was, but he could sense that this man was very strong. He remembered someone when he looked at the man's forehead, which looked a little similar to Di Qing.

Not long after Qing Shui and company entered the mountain, they heard shouts from debating voices in front of them. The path was blocked!

The strength of meridian channels and Qi of Xiantian Didn't that mean that every single fruit will raise his Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique by 1%? Eating one hundred fruit will inadvertently mean raising his full abilities by one fold.

"Huh? The Triple-Eyed Grass Green Frog has already laid eggs?" Qing Shui saw two Triple-eyed Grass Green Frogs protecting an egg. He felt really agitated because the egg which it laid had a really similar effect to the crystal which the Crystal Lions laid. It's just that it wasn't as strong as the crystal. However, it had the upper hand in terms of quantity.

Thousand Hammer Technique!

Bai Xiaochun couldn't help but be intrigued by the imposter Nightcrypt's mysterious tone of voice. "What is it?" he asked.

Her sword technique was exceptionally refined, just like herself!?

Qing Shui saw that the color of everyone's clothes was not the same, but all of them were Starmoon Robes. When they saw Fei Wuji, they would come walk over, and those who were closer would greet and call him Elder Fei!

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