Ravenous Exchange Chapter 868

Ravenous Exchange Chapter 868

Under the threat of death, Cross was strangely calm as he thought about what to do next. Despite being in a situation where death was all but guaranteed, he still did not give up his desire to live. As long as there was an opportunity, he wouldn't let it go. Although, with everything said, it was an extremely weak strand of an opportunity to live, and there he wasn't certain if he would be able to escape.


In the sky above, Jiang Chen and Nanbei Chao had once again exchanged attacks, and both of them were forced back nearly 30 meters. After fighting for so long, these two men still had tremendous fighting spirits, and they were filled with energy; none of them felt tired at all. Their reserved yuan energy was incredibly strong, and with just this alone, they had thrown all other geniuses into the shade.

Right at this moment, all the 28 cities were in deep distress. Following the arrival of the Dimensional Creatures, the people here were faced with the greatest disaster of their entire lives.

Han Yan said with a sigh.

"Haha, fourth master, perhaps, are we not welcome to pay a visit here?" Elder Feng cupped his hands in return. Using the title £¶fourth master' instead of Jian Chen was a sign of speaking to Jian Chen with his proper title.

Seeing how the elders refused to sit and instead stood by the side, Jian Chen took his mother and sat her down in a chair before sitting in the seat next to her.

Newborn calves weren't afraid of tigers; all youngsters liked adventuring! Therefore, this young man became the first one to walk one of the paths. He directly stepped onto the middle path with vigorous steps.

Lee Shan Yue gave his order coldly. He was a ruthless man.

Sweat could be seen all over the man's forehead.

"I sense some intense energies here, I'm sure there are some hidden treasures!"

"Is there anything you would like to order?"

Her appearance was without a doubt a being of beauty that could bring a country to its knees, but compared to You Yue or Huang Luan, this woman was still clearly lacking. However, even if she did, she possessed a rare kind of beauty. The womanly charm that exuded from her body was of a superior degree in comparison to You Yue or Huang Luan however.

Yan Hong Tai said with his eyes wide open, and his face was that of a shocked man.

Yan Chenyu said with a sorrowful voice, tears raining down from her face.


The inner group Qin Ji had mentioned were all standing right next to him. Some were the five experts, including Jian Chen's group.

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