One Piece Battle Royale Chapter 1823

One Piece Battle Royale Chapter 1823

"Of course."

"We all underestimated the prosperity of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. None of us expected them to have such a heavy amount of tungsten alloy. This chunk isn't 1500 kilograms. I estimate it to be around 2500 kilograms around actually." Jian Chen had a happy smile on his face. Jian Chen was extremely happy because of this priceless amount of tungsten alloy.

A single Heaven Saint Master was already enough to worry them. But two Heaven Saint Masters was a tremendous amount of pressure on them.

Guan Yi Yun also wouldn't give up. At this moment, if he didn't protect Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen would not be able to leave the Whirling Sun Square today.

The First Grade Combat King took a deep breath, then came up to Jiang Chen and said, "I'm willing to hand over all my treasures. Can you spare my life?"

With a saber in his hand, the Crown Prince raised his arm and roared out. His golden halberd had been destroyed by Jiang Chen's Heavenly Saint Sword, so he was using another combat weapon. It was also one of the strongest weapons amongst Superior Weapons.

After the Buddhist beads were taken down, they immediately began emanating a dazzling glow. Numerous golden Sanskrit symbols could be seen on the surfaces of these beads. Driven by Tyrant, the beads started expanding at top speed. Each bead looked like a resplendent gigantic disc; extremely majestic.

The blue-robed elder nodded his head after hearing Situ Qing's request. While he was battling Jiede Tai, he had been taking careful notes of the fight between Jian Chen and Situ Qing, so even he was extremely shocked by Jian Chen's fortitude.

Most importantly, after breaking through to the Combat King realm, Jiang Chen was now able to properly use Spatial Energy, and put his Spatial Shift skill to good use. The Spatial Shift skill was a supreme movement technique. The put it bluntly, with this technique, if Jiang Chen wanted to run away, even a Sixth Grade Combat King would not be able to catch up to him.

Chilly wind kept blowing by, and devilish energies filled the place. Jiang Chen and the group arrived at the same spot as last time. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow could remember this well, as this was where they had been ambushed by Evil Devils, and in the end, had attracted the Combat Soul Evil Devil that had chased them into the Poisonous Miasma Space.

"Since you're all brother Jiang's friends, you may address me as Lord Jiu."

After that, the group left the Golden Tower. Chang Qing ordered two guards to stay behind and watch Jiang Chen and Big Yellow's movements closely.

"And yet, I am still not sure if you've become an Upper level Saint or a Middle level Saint." The headmaster beamed; to him, Jian Chen was at the very least the same strength as a Middle level Saint. After all, he had personally seen such a tremendous amount of World Essence be absorbed by him. Although he didn't know what type of method Jian Chen had used to absorb it all, but he at the very least understood that after absorbing this much World Essence, there was no way Jian Chen would only be at the Primary Saint level.


Carelessly, Jian Chen wandered the streets before finally coming across the city gates. Instead of a steady stream of people walking in or out, there was a large congestion of merchants and travelers.


"The patriarch is talented beyond all else. Becoming a Saint King is only just around the corner then. Our Shi family is only great because of the patriarch!" One elder smiled as he flattered the patriarch.

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