I Can Be A Hero? Chapter 2584

I Can Be A Hero? Chapter 2584

"In my opinion, the reason why the Lee family could be wiped out so quickly was all because of Jiang Chen! Since he came to this city, there has never been a quiet day!"


After journeying for half a month, the group was now close to reaching the inner section of the Qi Province. They only needed to walk another thousand miles before leaving Origin Mountain. In this area, there weren't any powerful demon beasts. That was why the group's speed peaked.

The Seventh Emperor said with a sneer on his face. The other two mighty warriors were the Tenth Emperor and Yuan Long, who had just returned from the Martial Saint Dynasty. All three of them were Late Combat Soul warriors.

"Changyang Xiang Tian, let's kill the rest of the Class 1 Magical Beasts." Tie Ta laughed. In his lifetime, he had never killed a Class 1 Magical Beast before, so it was natural that he was excited.

The Old Emperor felt surprised. The Imperial Emperor was a man who was eager to excel. Regardless of what it was, his intellect or ability; they were all superb, and that was what allowed him to become the Imperial Emperor. Besides, he was also a prideful and arrogant man, so if he wasn't faced with a really tricky situation, he wouldn't have come to the Old Emperor.

"Because my eyesight is good."

People were discussing amongst themselves.

Right when Old Sixth let out a miserable scream, another horrifying cry could be heard from the inner area of the Yu family. Even though all the people of the Shangguan Clan were greatly terrified, they could still recognize their leader, Shangguan Yu's voice. This meant that both Combat Soul warriors had been struck by a miserable fate at the same time.

Struck by this sudden change, Han Yan and the group were greatly terrified to the point where their mouths were wide open. They had no idea what just happened, they only felt a sudden pressure, and then, nothing.

Not too far away, the several Heaven Saint Masters of the Flame Mercenaries stared at the young Jian Chen with a strange expression. He was far younger than they were, but the battle between him and the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger had left them in amazement.

"No wonder Red city is the strongest amongst all 28 cities, just the atmosphere itself is superior all others."

Jiang Chen was very satisfied with the trio's reaction.Even though they are loyal to Jiang Zhen Hai, the human heart had always been unpredictable.You had to give them something so that they will remain loyal.

After exiting the kitchens, Jian Chen slowly exhaled. He didn't think that even the servants in the kitchens would begin to mock the fourth master.

Obviously, those who could dine at the Silver Moon Restaurant were the noblest and richest men in Silver Moon City. This was a restaurant that didn't accept gold coin; it only accepted Mortal Restoration Pills as payment. This was not something an ordinary man could afford to pay.

In the sky above the Flame Mercenaries headquarters, five figures had already appeared at some time. They stood erect in the sky like gods that had descended.

Unable to laugh or cry, Ming Dong replied, "If you can injure me, I'll ram my head into the tree and kill myself!"

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