Daily Life Of A Witch Chapter 2583

Daily Life Of A Witch Chapter 2583

Jiang Chen stood to the side and had an extremely cold expression. The appearance of the Heavenly Core Demon Lord had disturbed his plans.

"Fuck, is your stupid dog skin made from metal?"

In his mind, the Qi Province competition would not cost him his life. Even if he couldn't defeat the opponent, there was still a chance for him to surrender. But he had forgotten that when in front of certain people, he wouldn't even have the chance to surrender.

"Pu££ This monk is fucking funny!"

Killing six emperors of the Martial Saint Dynasty was something that could simply be described as heavenly defying. Throughout the entire Eastern Continent, only Jiang Chen alone had the courage and strength to do such a heavenly-defying thing.

Stifling a pain filled shout, his face twitched erratically in response to the injury. At that moment, the fourth strike came at him.

Jian Chen flew into the air, using the tree branches on either side of him to catapult himself into the direction of the mountain range. Right behind him was the Silver Striped Golden Snake that was in close pursuit, its tongue continuously flickering up and down. The upright part of its body was 6-7 meters long.

"What? A Saint Tier Cultivation Method?" Jian Chen was astounded. Although cultivation methods weren't as wanted as a battle skill, a Saint Tier one was priceless despite that. Extremely rare and sparse, only the most isolated of hermits would have these cultivation methods.

Wu Jiu gazed at Tian Yishan and the other men in a casual manner and spoke with an indifferent tone.

"Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, I will give you a few moments to think. Surrender and live, or resist and be slaughtered!" Jian Chen cried out with a thunderous voice. His voice was so loud it shook the entirety of the stronghold so that a layer of dust could be seen falling from the structure.

"Young master!"

There was a startled expression on Ming Dong's face as well as he exclaimed, "What force! No wonder Jian Chen said you are naturally blessed!"

Jiang Zhen Hai kept the ingredients list and left the pill shop.

After that, an ancient like aura started leaking out from his body. Jiang Chen looked at Nangong Wentian in an examining manner without blinking his eyes.

Seeing that his own barrier powerless to block even a single strike, a pool of sweat began to appear on Jiede Wukang's forehead as he went pale. With a single leap, he flew back and brought his weapon up to guard against the sword stab.

On the second day after Jian Chen's defeat, a tree trunk concealed by several branches in the forest began to shake for a moment before a white-maned winged tiger came crawling out of the tree. Both of its shiny eyes looked around its surroundings before letting out a growl.

With imposing energy and the golden halberd in hand, the Crown Prince thrust the halberd forcefully into the Ice Demon King's head.

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