GODOPEDIAOLOGY meets the angel Chapter 2866

GODOPEDIAOLOGY meets the angel Chapter 2866

The Six Solar Fingers was an Earth combat skill.Even if it was just the One Solar Finger, its power was frightening.The air burned, and smoke was emerging from the ground accompanied by loud thundering sounds.

Hearing this, Dugu Feng was stunned. Looking at Jian Chen in disbelief, he said, "Do you really trust me, are you not afraid of me going back on my word?"

A youth in a great red robe had his hands tied up behind him by several large men and carried into the courtyard. Afterwards, he was brutally thrown onto the ground. The men said politely to Jian Chen, "Senior, this is the bandit boss's son. It's him who came up with the idea of abducting the young lady."

"Ok!" Jian Chen nodded and did not inquire any further.

Yu Zi Han cupped his fist towards Jiang Chen, he didn't dare show any disrespect from both his attitude and words. Although he was an inner circle disciple, and Jiang Chen was only an outer circle disciple, and he was Early Heavenly Core warrior while Jiang Chen was only a peak Mortal Core warrior, after witnessing how Jiang Chen had wreaked havoc in the Black Sect, Yu Zi Han couldn't just treat Jiang Chen as an ordinary outer circle disciple.

"Demon! He must be a rare demon!"

This time, Ka Di Yun was not infuriated by the humiliating and condescending tone of Ming Dong. After this exchange, he had already come to realize just how strong Ming Dong was compared to him.

At the same time, any student that had reached this standard could also access the books about various battle skills and cultivation methods on the library's fourth level. This reward was especially enticing to those from average commoner families.

Outside the Misty Mountain, there were six men wearing green robes. All of them were Heavenly Core warriors. Two of them were old outer circle Sect Elders, while the other four young men were inner circle disciples.

Wu Ningzhu said with a serious expression. No matter what kind of unusual situation, it was most likely caused by the war between the two superpowers.

"Brother Yan is breaking through to the next stage!"

The Golden Tower had no other customers now, only Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were having a big feast by themselves. The manager and servant were watching from the side, their facial muscles violently twitching. This man and dog duo had incredibly big stomachs. From the beginning until now, they had eaten seven tables filled with food, and they were currently eating the eighth table full of dishes. No one knew when they were going to stop.

"What? Did I hear you right, Jian Chen? You're going to buy heavenly resources for this little thing? Heavens, that can't be true!" Ming Dong looked incredulous at Jian Chen, completely unconvinced at what he had heard.

"No problem. Since there's no time to lose, I'll leave right away!" With that, Qing Shaofan stood up to leave.

All of a sudden, a twenty-five year old youth came bursting into the palace in a grandiose manner. He wore a magnificent cyan robe and his eyebrows were creased into a fierce state, giving everyone the idea that he was the type to treat all those under the heavens as someone to be scorned.

"Too despicable, this is unfair."

Jian Chen knew that the dark energy within Rum Guinness was far too strong, so he had spared no effort in trying to condense the Radiant Saint Force. Because of that, he wasn't able to clearly hear what Rum Guinness had said.

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