Lord Of Apocalypse Chapter 2457

Lord Of Apocalypse Chapter 2457

Big Yellow immediately cursed out loudly. He knew about the Twin Stonerock Lions, demon beasts like these were rare to the outside world. But, in this place, he just bumped into two of them.

Everyone in the Black Sect held their breath as they stared at the trio hovering in the sky with amazement in their eyes. They were extremely powerful, and none of the disciples had ever seen anyone so formidable before. The trio had just killed six Late Divine Core warriors without even giving their opponents any chance to fight back.

Big Yellow said.

"Correct, I suggest you give up on such a thought. Class 5 Monster Cores aren't so easily found as Class 2 or Class 3 Monster Cores. A hundred Class 5 Monster Cores can only send ten thousand people, that is a number too small and isn't practical. Bring several strong experts instead."

At that moment, a long drawn out voice could be heard announcing the arrival of the king. The noise within the palace instantly died out as everyone turned to look in the direction the cry came from.

Tens of miles away from the Firethorn Savage's cave there was a valley. Right in the middle of this valley there was a pond, and at the center of the pond there was a huge floating rock. The rock was hollow, and right now, the Firethorn Savage was laying in the with its head inside the hollow rock.

Was he asking Wu Yan to get lost? Was that what he really just said?

Ming Dong paused for a moment before taking a sip of wine from his cup. After finishing off the cup, he continued to say, "On the upside, there are six major powers to the Cloud Capital; four clans and two sects. These six powers appear to be the strongest that the Cloud Capital has to offer. Each one of these associations is very close and interconnected with the others. After several hundred years of development, I think that they're on the verge of becoming a single huge family with blood lines connected to and from each power.

Jiang Chen asked.

"Then I'll follow you in." Yun Zheng said.Chapter 315: Entering the Immortal's Cave (One)

Jian Chen already knew that it would be hard to get his family to agree to this plan, but he continued to speak, "Father, mother, please don't worry about me. Your son may not be strong, but I am still able to protect myself. I've read many books from the academy library, and so I have some familiarity on how to survive within the Tian Yuan continent. Once your child leaves Changyang Mansion, then that'll be one less problem for the clan."

He had no idea if there really was someone in this world capable of fighting a Combat King warrior with just a Mid Combat Soul cultivation. However, his knowledge of Jiang Chen was good. Although he was a young man, his mind was deep and thoughtful, and he would never do anything he wasn't certain about. Not only that, the result of this fight was directly related to the safety of two important men ÿ Jiang Zhenhai and Yan Zhanyun. Hence, Jiang Chen wouldn't make light of this.

Buzz buzz££££

Everyone in the restaurant immediately began making different noises and expressions. The way they looked at Jiang Chen was filled with fear. This was too cruel. When this innocent young man attacked, he became a cruel being.


Qin Xiao stopped chasing Tian Jue for a moment and dusted his hands, "Since it seems that my brother here wishes to forgive you, Tian Jue, let's see if you will try to bully him again. If so, I, Qin Xiao, won't let it go next time."

"Alright, I'm on my way." Tie Ta cried out happily as he ran over, having now realized that victory was on hand.

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