Chimera Girl Chapter 886

Chimera Girl Chapter 886

Jian Chen said nothing.

Even Jian Chen was stunned by Tie Ta's physique. While he knew since a long time ago that Tie Ta's physical strength was extremely strong, he didn't think that it would reach such an obscenely high level.

"Nan Bei Chao has great talent and potential, he is not someone who will stay in a small place for long, he has the aura of someone with the potential to become a king. Someone like him would never surrender under someone else for long."

From Jiang Chen's back, the scornful remarks were getting more and more intense.


"He is really overbearing, a man should act like that££if I can be like him for just a moment, then it will be worth it, even if costs my life!"

By this point, the majority of the group had already rested up, so a few men began to patrol back and forth among the tents while the rest stoked the wood in their campfire.

"I don't wish to slaughter the innocent, so I'll give you one last chance to go. If you remain stubborn like this, then don't blame me anymore." Jian Chen called out without any emotion, but it could be seen that there was a killing intent within his eyes. He had been very lenient until now, but because they were so stubborn, he had no choice but to kill them.

"A single Restoration Pill with 100% effectiveness is worth 4 gold coins, that's 4 times as much as the previous price of a Restoration Pill!"

The Qinhuang Kingdom was extraordinarily large¨•four or five times larger than the Gesun Kingdom. After traveling for another 10,000 kilometers, he finally reached the capital city¨•Qinhuang City! This was a King City, a city that was second in rank compared to seven of the continent's Capital Cities, but its grandeur was great nonetheless.

Wu Ningzhu said, feeling surprised. Without the Teleportation Formation, they would have to fly across the ocean in order to return, and that would take a really long time.

Jiang Zhenhai kept nodding his head, he felt really proud at this moment, because some Divine Core geniuses had just bowed at him. This was such a glorious moment, and perhaps only he, Jiang Zhenhai had the privilege of receiving this honor.

Six hours later, Jian Chen's bodily transformation was complete. His Saint Force had been completely reforged so that the Light Wind Sword once more floated within Jian Chen's dantian as if it had never been broken in the first place. However, the amount of energy it contained was several times stronger than beforeÿa dozen times at the very least. this wasn't a small increase in strength, but rather a huge jump in quality.

Someone suddenly shouted with excitement. Then, everyone looked towards the entrance and saw a few men coming in. The young man who walked in front was wearing white clothes, and he bore an imposing aura. It was none other than Jiang Chen.

"I agree. Our group, the Flame Mercenaries, is quite strong, but there is still a huge threat of internal danger. Therefore, we should refocus our efforts in trying to resolve the matters with all of the members. We must ensure that the relationship between each and every mercenary is as tight as a twine of rope. Otherwise, the Flame Mercenaries that we built up with will crumble at the base and collapse sooner or later." You Yue added her insight.

Jian Chen caught Ming Dong as he fell from the sky. Although the snake had been cut apart from him, the head of the snake was still attached to Ming Dong's legs.

Jiang Chen was really angry now.

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