Master Devil Don it Kiss Me Chapter 1067

Master Devil Don it Kiss Me Chapter 1067

10% increment in quality roughly converted to a year's worth of maturation. For a 1,000 year old plant, a 10% increment meant a conversion of 100 years of maturation!

"Impossible! How could this be happeningˇ­?" Everyone in the Bai Clan, from the youngsters to the old-timers, were reeling in astonishment and disbelief.

"Why have the few of you been trying to look for me?" Qing Shui smiled and asked.

"Wow, do you have the memory of a goldfish? It hasn't even been an hour since we last met." The girl lightly laughed.

The dense foliage of green, two feet tall grasses were scarce here. Instead, the landscape was filled with tongue ferns that grew as tall as humans, as well as goat weeds, rose roots, agrimonies and so on... ?

The rabbit laughed heartily and repeated the exact same words he had just spoken. A quizzical look on his face, Bai Xiaochun opened the door of one of the side rooms and tossed the rabbit inside.

"That's it?" Bai Xiaochun thought. He almost couldn't believe it. He had immersed himself in studying the medicinal plants in the jade slip to the point where even now, he could already spot hundreds of medicinal plant parts that he could piece together.

Everyone backed up, even the heavenly dukes. Only the Grand Heavenmaster remained in place, and in fact, he actually leaned forward, his eyes sparkling.

Roar roar!

Hidden Weapon Technique!

"I have not but I am slightly inferior. In a life or death battle, I might not lose but I would definitely not win." Ye Guyan chuckled as she replied.

Without hesitating for even a moment, he then shouted, "Be destroyed!"

On the surface of the black liquid, there was a layer of substance which looked like a kind of vapor.

Another month went by. One day, when Bai Xiaochun was in the middle of meditating, he suddenly heard what sounded like a war drum being beaten outside. The thunderous sound filled the entire city, and caused many cultivators to rush out and look up into the sky.

"Oh, nothing of importance, I just feel that we were fated to meet. In any case, the first time I lay my eyes on little brother, I could feel that we share a special kind of connection!" The old man joyfully exclaimed, his voice radiated extreme kindness, causing others to feel extremely comfortable.

At the moment, the moon hung high in the sky, illuminating all of the lands down below. But then, a dark cloud appeared, which slowly spread out, casting darkness everywhere. Then, a white-robed figure appeared out of thin air.

"Shiya, you should have given up by now," Hai Long gently said to a girl standing on his right.

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