Hidden Scars By Blue Diary Author Chapter 2903

Hidden Scars By Blue Diary Author Chapter 2903

Jian Chen inhaled sharply in astonishment at this new change. Although a Class 1 Monster Core did not have a large amount of energy, before he had became a Saint, completely absorbing all of the energy within a Class 1 Monster Core would require him at least 3 nights. In the short amount of time that he had spent absorbing the energy from the Class 1 Monster Core, the amount of energy inside had already decreased significantly Jian Chen couldn't possibly dare to imagine just how much energy he had absorbed into his body in that short amount of time.

Nine Jiang Chens surrounded the blood altar and sprinted towards Lord Blood Moon at the same time.

Although they had all witnessed Jian Chen's strength, they did not believe Jian Chen could fend off over twenty Heaven Saint Masters at the same time, especially the two who were peak Heaven Saint Masters.

No one in auction house, meaning everyone in the VIP booths, possessed an interest in raising the price above the Harido clan's bid. Even the factions that had traveled from far away had no desire to offend the Harido clan.

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath in an attempt to forcibly calm down. Gathering his thoughts, he finally managed to ask, "Miss Huang Luan. Just££ what is the meaning of this?"

There was a crimson flash of light as the Saint Ruler's blade became one with the world as it traveled for Jian Chen's neck.


These people quietly walked up to the back of the palace without a word or anyone noticing them.

"You're Shangguan Sheng? Someone told me that in order to deal with me, you've been racking your brain quite a lot."

"Earth Shattering Palm!"

Hearing her explanation, Jian Chen had realized what was happening and smiled towards everyone. Continuing to walk with everyone else, Jian Chen smiled awkwardly while trying his best to not £¶talk to himself' any longer.

Jian Chen rode the magical beast at a rapid pace for half a day before a small forest could be seen five hundred kilometers away from where he had killed the soldiers. Finally stopping at the forest, Jian Chen began to control the Radiant Saint Force to heal himself.

Taking in a deep breath, Jian Chen was surprised by just how fast the Sword Spirits were absorbing the energy from within the monster cores. He didn't know just how much it would take for the Sword Spirits to recover, but the speed they were taking the energy had triumphed over his. With a Class 4 Monster Core completely gone within two hours, Jian Chen could only be shocked at this speed.

"You bastard, I don't believe that this is all I can do to you!" The man flew into a rage. He was no longer able to contain his fury, as he continued to curse at Jian Chen fiercely.

The young lord's face changed greatly from that demand. All of the items in his Space Belt were of his personal property and so he was reluctant to part with it.

A hum escaped from the king's mouth, "I wouldn't say get rid of. The fact that another strong individual has appeared within the Blue Wind Kingdom is a boon to us as a whole. But I fear if he is an outsider and has come into our kingdom to expand his influence before taking those men and leaving the kingdom. Should that happen, the damages to our kingdom would be huge. We have only just finished a war with the Gesun Kingdom, our weakened kingdom definitely cannot sustain another crippling."

"Understood!" The five answered immediately.

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