Seven Killers Chapter 1650

Seven Killers Chapter 1650

"I've heard Changyang Xiang Tian loved to read in the library, have you searched that building yet?" Luo Jian asked from the side. Although Luo Jian had been stabbed by Jian Chen, the medicine had healed his body back to the point of it being as good as new.

"Careful!" Ming Dong cried out as he ran to protect Bi Yuntian and the princess. The sword in his hand danced as he moved to bring down the stone in front of him.

Blood and flesh flew around, and the crowds who were watching this from a spectator's standpoint couldn't restrain fear from engulfing their hearts. The slaughter made their faces turn pale. In just approximately thirty seconds, the scene became deadly silent.

Duo Kang and the other four all shouted angrily as their inner Saint Force pulsed out of them to form on the outside of their bodies. Immediately, the stream of water crashed into the five's defenses. While their Saint Force pulsed violently upon contact, the good thing was that despite the strength of the battle skill, the defenses of the Great Saint Master were enough to defend against it.

"Ai££." The middle aged man sighed once more with a grievance before he muttered, "Yitian, I didn't think that after five thousand years, your descendants would have forgotten about you." As if heartbroken, the middle aged man turned to look at Ming Dong, "My child, what is your name?"

"The Black Ice Talisman can lead us straight to the Island of Ice, regardless of the distance."

After that, Jian Chen began to ask his older brother a few questions regarding the affairs of the academy. It had taken 3 hours for Changyang Hu to carefully explain every single rule that Jian Chen didn't understand about the academy, increasing Jian Chen's familiarity with the academy. First was Kargath Academy's headmaster, who favored students that weren't from a noble background. If he found a noble bullying a commoner, the student would definitely not be able to escape from punishment. Regarding battles between nobles, he would turn a blind eye, as long as it didn't turn into a major deal. Other than that, he didn't care about them at all.

Hearing that, Jian Chen laughed , "I'm sure that I heard Shi Xiangran say that he will have men deal with your two uncles, leaving you unprotected."

"Impossible! With your Late Divine Core cultivation, even if you've mastered some formations, their power would be too limited; there is no way it could seal the dimensional crack."

"Just consider it my reward for victory. Wu Ningzhu is truly an outstanding beauty. After witnessing your breathtaking face, even I couldn't help but feel my heart beating faster."

Chen Shuang said.

"Ahh? Strange, who are you two? Did you just come out from big brother's body? Why didn't Little Spirit sense you?" Little Spirit suddenly spoke out in confusion. Turning to Jian Chen, she asked, "Big brother, who are those two? They look kinda similar to Little Spirit."

With a smirk on his face, he thought to himself.Since Jiang Ru Long wanted to kill him, then he would need to pay for what he had done.Today was just the beginning.

The man smile grew warmer as he said, "My child, your strength is still quite weak. For now, you should stay with me, I will exhaust all my strength so that I may be able to improve your strength. Whether or not the glorious era of the Ming family returns, that will depend on you. Do not disappoint your ancestor."Chapter 294: Godkiller Ants

Or, put it this way, Jiang Chen had done something that many people dreamt about doing, but lacked the courage to do. Now, as long as they could find and kill Jiang Chen, they would be able to obtain an inestimable wealth.

"Young master Nangong, here are three Nine Soul Restoration Pills. According to our deal, you'll pay me three drops of Nine Solar Holy Water."

Also, even if they returned to the Liang Province now, there was no way they could cause any actual damage to the Asura Palace. Instead, they might have to face life threatening situations. After all, they were still weak. At least, there was still a gap between them and the four major powers of the Liang Province. If they were to face a Combat Emperor, none of them would be any match.

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