Karna - The Legend Untold Chapter 2764

Karna - The Legend Untold Chapter 2764

The aura unintentionally unleashed from this woman was not weaker than Daoist Black's. She was a great warrior who had reached the peak Divine Core realm, and she was none other than the Valley of Happiness's Granny Feng.

Some people who stood the closest to this young man were struck with great fear, and their bodies began trembling.

"Older brother, although the five elements are restricting each other, they are also engendering one another. As long as you can find the turning point within, it is actually pretty simple to concoct the Five Elemental Pill. Purifying all five herbs together is actually much simpler than doing it one by one."

Jiang Chen's words were like sharp blades poking into Nanbei Chao's heart. This was a speech he couldn't take at all. He was a great warrior, an existence destined to be a ruler. But now, he was being looked down upon by someone else. This feeling was even worse than swallowing a fly. Now, he was really regretting not killing Jiang Chen back in Whirling Sun City. His decision had brought him today's disaster.

Seeing how amiable and approachable these two Saint Rulers were, Jian Chen gained a very nice first impression of the two.

Zhao Chongyang shouted out.

"Wentian, what are you laughing at?"

"Every time the doorway to the outside world is about to open, Inferno Hell will enter a chaotic state. But, the degree of chaos this time seems to be more serious in history, as if something big has happened."

She was finally defeated. With a hurt look, she spoke in a low voice, "I am Huang Luan, remember my name. Goodbye." With that, she turned to walk away from Jian Chen as the wind blew behind her, causing her yellow clothes to flutter in the air. Even her long hair had begun to dance in a ballad like motion as the wind carried it.Chapter 326: Hidden Energy Within the Saint Ruler's Skeleton

"Senior, would it be possible to tell me how you managed to do this?" Although he was unable to harm the ancestor at all, Jian Chen was not discouraged and even asked a question with some curiosity.

Jiang Chen's eyes brightened. He liked this kind of fight; it could easily determine one's real combat strength.

"Shangguan Yiqing, you are an arrow at the end of your flight now, do you still have any other tricks?"

"What a weird power and strong body, to be actually rejuvenating from such a heavy injury. Looks like he'll fully recover in no time." The old voice resounded in the empty space again. The origins of it were unknown, without any trace at all.

Not even waiting for the head of the Golden Fur Tiger King to fall to the ground, Jian Chen immediately landed near the Bladed Crocodile. While the magical beast was still stunned, the enhanced Light Wind Sword immediately flew toward its skull.

"Hurry up, the cave's right in front of us!"

Han Yan and Nangong Wentian said at the same time.


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