Sunset Chapter 2546

Sunset Chapter 2546

Changyang Ba shook his head, "Chang Bai and all of the other Heaven Saint Masters are currently at the imperial palace with the Imperial Advisors from the Qinhuang Kingdom. This is a crucial time for them to improve relations with a superior kingdom, who would give up such a chance? I believe that Chang Bai won't be back for some time."

Nangong Wentian casually waved his hand and retrieved a golden colored jade bottle. The contents within were exactly the same as the one that appeared in the auction; three drops of Nine Solar Holy Water.

"By the heavens, what did I just see? What kind of skill is that? It is so strong! Even a high-ranked combat weapon was unable to break it!"

"Wearing this veil has become something of a habit for me. To take it off now would be a strange change." She replied softly. Turning to Jian Chen, she spoke, "If I remember correctly, the last time we met, lord Jian Chen, it was a year ago. Have you been well since our last meeting?"

"Petty humans! I'm going to kill you all! I will kill you all!"

The guard's body was covered in sweat. He was just the leader of a small group of Nangong family guards. Compared to Nangong Wenyang who was one of the family geniuses; he was nothing!

Yan Chen Yu said.

Princess Gelan was a name his Majesty had given her, but her real name was You Yue. Back in the flower garden at the imperial palace, You Yue had stated that Jian Chen should call her by her real name. Seeing how Jian Chen was still calling her £¦princess,' You Yue couldn't help but feel that the connection the two had with each other had suddenly grown even further apart.

"Do the people from the Great Leiyin Temple come here often?"

Old Man Ling Shan turned to Jiang Chen with a smile on his face.

"He's done for, Jiang Chen is a dead man! In this situation, he won't be able to escape even if he had a pair of wings!"

"This one is Jian Chen, a friend of the young master Qin Xiao." Jian Chen cupped his hands. Despite this person being only a guard, he had been calm and polite to him.

Back in the Black Sect, early in the morning, the beating of the war drum swept across the entire Black Sect; this was the signal of an incoming war. The skies above the Black Sect were filled with layers of haze. The Black Sect and the Valley of Happiness had grouped together, and there were getting ready to engage in a life and death struggle with their enemies.

Jiang Chen said with a grin on his face. He was extremely powerful right now, but he wasn't at peak condition. Even if he attacked with full strength, Shangguan Yilei still had the chance to escape from here.

Jian Chen and the others rode into the palace at a leisurely rate on their magical beast mounts. Right behind them was a group of a hundred elite soldiers, each one was an Earth Saint Master.

"Third Emperor, why are you all here?"

"So powerful! This is insane, can he still be considered a human?"

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