Cultivation Style: Red Dragon Emperor Chapter 1331

Cultivation Style: Red Dragon Emperor Chapter 1331

Of course, everyone in the affected shop was furious at how they were being unfairly dragged into such a bad situation. Having been saved from the rioters, they were profoundly grateful, and immediately joined Bai Xiaochun with the intention of helping calm the situation down.

Seeing that it was still in the afternoon, Qing Shui decided to visit Wenren Wu-shuang!

The Bai Clan patriarch's face fell, and his eyes flickered with indecision for the briefest of moments before he stepped down with his foot, instantly placing him in front of Bai Xiaochun, whom he reached out to grab.

Fei Wuji remained silent. He knew it in his heart that only this Master had treated him the best. He was the one who cared the most for him, and he was just like a father figure to him.

Soul cultivators and wild beasts alike, all living things, did the same thing. With the exception of one person¡­.

"You really want to go?" Fei Wuji was a bit muddle-headed when he asked Qing Shui.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

"I hope Mother is ok. Mother should be thinking of me, and she must be worried for me. I hope the others in the Qing Clan are okay! When I left, Feng Yanfei was also pregnant, and she must have given birth to Qing Zi's child. It meant that the fourth generation of the Qing clan was born!"

When he got out, the sky was already bright. The members of the Qing Clan were all doing their morning practices in the distance. He didn't see Qing Yu but she could be too young to be awake at this hour. His other two children were able to wake up on their own in the morning. If Qing Yan didn't want to wake up early, Qing Shui would not force her to. He would use another method to wake her up instead but she could be stubborn at times, just like her mother, Shi Qingzhuang.

"Qing Shui, am I really that bad? Do you really hate me that much?" Di Qing looked at Qing Shui. This time, tears started dropping down her snow white skin.

"Let's all go back. There are enough mounts." QingShui said happily. But then again, the return journey would take a little longer. After all, their Flying Beasts' flying capabilities were inferior to the Fire Bird and Diamond Gigantic Elephant.

"I can't believe he actually caught a heavenly dragonfish!!"

[1] around 15mins

Meanwhile, outside of the legacy zone, the River-Defying Sect's glowing circle was exploding with intense light. In fact, the light was so bright that it formed a pillar which shot up into the air!

All of the important cultivators from the city were very polite. After escorting Bai Xiaochun to his mansion, they bid him farewell. The entire time, Celestial Aged Spirit didn't show up. Toward the end, he simply sent a greeting via divine sense.

Few savage giants could be seen on the battlefield, and those that were visible kept their distance from the wall. There were few beasts either. However, the tide of vengeful souls continued to smash into the wall and the shield. Although this form of attack wasn't particularly effective, the sheer numbers involved ensured that the shield continue to ripple and emit light.

A day's worth of time passed in a hurry. Qing Shui and the little girl sat atop of the White-Feathered Condor and returned to Cloud Mist Peak on time. Currently, the White-Feathered Condor could enter and depart the Skysword Sect at will, which made it much more convenient for Qing Shui.

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