His Personal Bed Partner Chapter 1142

His Personal Bed Partner Chapter 1142


"Young master, be careful!" The middle aged man cried out as he discovered the trajectory of the flashing white light. His face grew paler by two shades as he realized the sword was going too fast. With the sword already a meter from the young master's throat, under this type of situation, there was simply no time to react.

Chang Ning Feng looked at the corpse of the Black Tiger below and kicked it. The body of the Black Tiger flipped over by his kick before he bent down to grab the Black Tiger's head to reveal the cut on its neck

"You guys know nothing! Although this broken sword looks terrible, it's really a precious treasure! You guys simply don't have enough knowledge!"

Not long after the crowds dispersed, three figures came dashing out from the Gate of Death Ă¿ Han Yan, Nangong Wentian, and Big Yellow.

"Yes, master!"

Right at this moment, terrifying screams could be heard to his side. The Late Mortal Core warrior from the Mayor's mansion was screaming out in fear, scratching at his own face. Green mist was pouring out from his body.

Farewells were given to the two before Jian Chen flew out of Lore City. He was back in the air headed toward the desolate lands where the Flame Mercenaries were. Once there, Jian Chen called for an impromptu meeting with the men.

Bang! Jian Chen's punch collided firmly with the edge of the Ruler Armament and actually gave off a sound of metal striking rock. Jian Chen's fist did not even seem like a body part, but some type of extremely tough metal.


Looking at this scene, the young man in blue not far away couldn't help but laugh. He then mumbled to himself, "Idiot££"

Jiang Chen gritted his teeth and warned Big Yellow. He knew this dog very well; anything was possible when it came to him.

Biting his lip, Jian Chen struggled to climb back up and clasp onto his weapon. After taking on the blow from the Jiede clan elder, several more cracks appeared on his sword.

"We continue on to find Bi Hai." Jian Chen didn't hesitate to reply.

Qin Xiao laughed, "It seems that brother Jian Chen has never heard of a Space Gate before."

"65 Dragon Marks, it feels so good to be this powerful! If I were to meet Li Wu Ling again in this form, I could kill him with just a single slap."

Jian Chen followed Jamie to a counter. Behind the counter sat an old man who also wore an azure badge.

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