Immortal Ki Technique Chapter 2012

Immortal Ki Technique Chapter 2012

"No way! Daddy isn't going to do it no matter what!"

Jian Chen stared at Ka Di Yun as he leapt up onto the stage and sneered, "Are you here to avenge your brother?"

Soon, the two sides descended into an argumentative clamor before the Saint Ruler finally spoke, "Enough, no more squabbling!"

Even if the half a million strong elite soldiers from the Qinhuang Kingdom were to be excluded from the garrisoned troops at Lore City, the Changyang clan had far more Heaven Saint Masters tucked away within it than the entirety of the Gesun Kingdom at its golden age. The fact that a dozen or so Heaven Saint Masters defeated the ones from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was no secret either.

As the space within the Freezing Hell Jail was extremely huge, it was not an easy task to find Tan Lang amongst so many cages. However, after putting the Great Soul Derivation skill to use, he quickly found Tan Lang's aura, and immediately began striding in that direction.

Daoist Black nodded his head.

"But, I am not sure if Lee Chang Ming will be joining or not. He has already broken through to the Mortal Core realm. If he decides to take the exam, the risk would be very high."

"What the heck? 1 to 10 ratio? Damned dog, are you for real? How does your betting work?"

Looking at Jian Chen with a serious expression, the king took notice of Jian Chen's short hair, his handsome appearance, and the perfect balance of his face that no one could complain about. All this was combined with a pale white skin that suited his appearance and caused many females to be jealous¨•Jian Chen was practically a walking killer of women. With his handsome and determined face, Jian Chen had clearly matured and did not look like a person that could be trifled with.

Wang Yun was shocked as well.

However, the cost of doing something like this was huge. A human's soul was the absolute weakest part of the human body, but it was also the most important part of a human. The soul was the source of everything, and once it was wounded, it would be very difficult to heal.

"Shut up!"

As the door opened, four expensively dressed elders walked in. Among them were two white robed men with black hair and kindly expressions. The third man wore a black robe and had hair that traveled down to his shoulders and a scarred left eye. Only his right eye remained open, giving him a rather fierce looking expression, evidently he had been injured a long time ago. The last elder wore a simple red garb that covered his small build, but his skin was rather dark.

Jiang Chen said.

Jian Chen had never been picky, and so this room had already satisfied him enough.

Bi Dao and Bi Yuntian were both siblings under the same parents, meaning that the parents of Bi Yunhai were also the very same parents of Bi Dao. Not only did they have the cleanest blood ties, he and Bi Yunhai had also been very close playmates since they were young.

"Bang!" Following the muffled sounds of contact, the assassin's head had blood fly out from where he was hit. Ming Dong had cracked his skull, causing a part of it to dent in a little bit. Without another sound, the assassin fainted.

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