Devouring Overlord Chapter 400

Devouring Overlord Chapter 400

"Fire!" The soldier commander had barked out.

The Evil Devil became furious. It immediately threw out its claw and grabbed toward Jiang Chen. Initially, it didn't pay any attention to Jiang Chen, and its only target was Xuan Ye. But, it never thought that this young man could actually unleash flames that could restrain itself.

Next day!

No one knew how much force Jiang Chen's step actually contained, and when it clashed with the King Weapon, it was actually on par with the weapon's force. The collision immediately caused a frightening shockwave to spread across the entire sky like a raging tsunami.

His words once again attracted many surprised glances, including from Tu Yi. No one dared underestimate this ordinary looking young man any longer, because none of them had heard about this Source of Combat Strength Talisman before, yet this young man seemed to know every detail about it. This truly surprised all of them.

"Then you never ate any strange fruit or strange plant either?" Ming Dong asked.

"Just who will be in which of the four divisions?" A person asked.

"According to what we know, Jian Chen's Saint Weapon is a thin longsword and is quite young. Around the age of 20 to be exact. His speed is quite fast as is his sword strokes to the point where even a few Saint Master experts aren't able to dodge them. It was said that because these Saint Masters weren't able to dodge his sword that they died by Jian Chen's hands." A mercenary said.

"Everyone, let's begin! I need all of you to attack with all your strength; we need to rip this damn formation apart with a single strike!"

Seeing this slender yet dense amount of Sword Qi, the middle aged man didn't dare to be careless. The sword flew at him so quickly that he didn't have time to dodge, so without any better options, the man could only release all of the Saint Force he had left into his sword as he swung it downwards.

The middle aged man's eyebrows furrowed together as he muttered, "Kai clan££so this is just what I expected."

A youth in a great red robe had his hands tied up behind him by several large men and carried into the courtyard. Afterwards, he was brutally thrown onto the ground. The men said politely to Jian Chen, "Senior, this is the bandit boss's son. It's him who came up with the idea of abducting the young lady."

If it was during a more stable time, Xu Danian would never have been able to find the courage to doubt Wu Ningzhu's words. However, since they were now in a very critical situation that concerned the survival of humans in the Southern Continent, and even Wu Ningzhu herself, Xu Danian had to find the answer. With that, when he returned to the Profound River Palace, he would be able to answer the Palace Chief.

Big Yellow shook his head.

The Moyun clan's ancestor grew dark at the very thought of a tiny Earth Saint Master threatening him. Despite being an extremely talented one, he was still not someone that he could consider an opponent. There was a clear divide between an Earth Saint Master and a Heaven Saint Master almost as different as the heavens and earth themselves.

"Little Chen, there is a huge group gathering in front of us. Let's go have a look."

"Friend. He saved my life."

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