I Reincarnated as a Magical Swordsman Chapter 1043

I Reincarnated as a Magical Swordsman Chapter 1043

"Oh, why is Gongxi's eldest son standing in front of our doorsteps? Was the last beating not enough? To address others as brothers, ah I see, you can only show off a little in front of those people."

As Bai Xiaochun was immersed in his activities on the damaged fan, something happened in Vile-Emperor City that was profoundly shocking to all cultivators from the Heavenspan Realm.

"If I'm this strong at ninety percent, I wonder what the great circle of Undying Blood will be like¡­?" Brimming with excitement, he flew back over to the ghost face.

During the month that had passed, he'd caught and studied dozens of snakes. The snakes outside eyed him as coldly, as if he were a mortal enemy. The sound of their hissing, and the flow of their venom, never ceased. The snakes in the eighth level of Qi Condensation continued to occasionally attack the spell formation, looking for a weakness, hoping to consume Bai Xiaochun.

Her mental state was in the most unbearable pain of all.

It was pitch black, and seemed profoundly ancient. Furthermore, it was the black mist pouring out of the kettle itself that created the enormous, misty Ghost King Orchid up above.

He safely arrived at the Greencloud Continent's capital in a month and a half without any accidents and quickly made a beeline to the Qing Clan.

After the morning practice finished, Luan Luan's actions further stunned them even more. The little brat only screamed to the sky twice and "Bai Bai" has already came to her. She climbed onto it skillfully.

"You see, I stole the Live Forever Codex from the Arch-Emperor Dynasty. And as for the Undying Codex, the gravekeeper made it public for some reason. Perhaps it was an attempt to resist me, or perhaps an attempt to continue the line of the Arch-Emperor Dynasty. In any case, I added fuel to the fire by making sure the Undying Codex was available in the lands of Heavenspan as well¡­. The trickiest thing was the Live Forever Codex. It is very, very difficult to cultivate. In fact, few people have ever managed to master it. Most would fail along the way, after which I would place their remains in here to make the best use of them.

"The heavenly kings defend the dynasty, assisted by the various dukes under their command. As I have sworn, the blessings of heaven will most certainly be shared with you as well!" The Saint-Emperor waved his hand, sending another group of immortal lotus seeds out. Those who received them all bowed deeply in thanks.

And that was especially true when¡­ they realized that the extra chunk he had thrown out didn't seem to make the tail look whole. Oh so slowly, all of the celestials looked away from the lizard and back to Bai Xiaochun again.

Having been so busy guarding Bai Xiaochun over the past few days, he'd lost many opportunities to go run around, so now that he had a chance, he flew out of the door, howling....

Chapter 171 Decked in Magnificent Splendor, Earthly Paradise.

The Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect had been plunged into chaos. Thankfully, the black smoke only affected the rainbow, and not the cities on the ground. The sudden sharp contrast between the two areas caused the disciples down below to stare up in complete astonishment.

Bai Xiaochun wasn't interested in attending any meetings, but he didn't really have any choice. Sighing, he headed in the direction of the grand hall. Along the way, any disciples who caught sight of him would clasp hands and bow, expressions of respect and awe on their faces. Bai Xiaochun's heart immediately swelled with pleasure.

A month flew by in a flash, and Bai Xiaochun focused on cultivation the entire time. Forgetting the bitter pain of the past by immersing himself in cultivation was something he had grown used to.

"Of course!" Qing Shui smiled but set his eyes on the Azure Cloud Pavilion instead. This area stood out as an elegant architecture, with the exception of the simple undecorated doors. There was a large tablet above the door, with the words ¡®Azure Cloud Pavilion' inscribed beautifully on the surface.

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