Fei Ling Chapter 380

Fei Ling Chapter 380

Zhou Yixing was so shocked he started panting.

A gentleman is aware of his abilities and knows when to restrain himself. Qing Shui did not think that he was reckless, although the Lion King's Ridge was strong without equal, but Qing Shui felt that it wouldn't be impossible with time - it was not as though he intended to go right away.

Core Qi Method!

It was almost impossible to describe the levels of shock and fear they felt as a result!

The three of them sat on the futons inside the stone house, between them was a stone table that was one foot tall. The middle of the table had a small stove, with water boiling on top, that was making bubbling noises. With a Yixing clay teapot and yixing clay tea cups on the table¡­ ¡­

The Celestial Sky Society had achieved their goal with minimal effort. In fact, they had even made a bit of profit in the process. Not only had the Ultra Fasting Aid Pill been done away with once and for all, all of the blame had been placed onto the head of the now-missing Apothecary Bai.

The decor of the nuptial room was already completed. Feng Clan also had trading shops in Hundred Miles City. When he first heard of the Qing Clan's Medicinal Store and the Feng Clan's Trading Store, he had imagined them to be very large scale. Only after he had come to Hundred Miles City did he realize that the trading stores and medicinal stores of their size could only be considered to be slightly bigger than normal stores.

Even as he looked around in surprise, the little turtle flew out of his bag of holding, an excited expression on his face.

Xuemei gave a cold harrumph. Eyes burning with fury and killing intent, she waved her right index finger, causing a white beam of light to shoot out from her bag of holding. It transformed into a little white bell which had a smiling face engraved on its surface. Upon closer examination, however, the face almost seemed to be crying. If you started at it for too long, your scalp would begin to tingle, and your heart would fill with fear.

"And the result was?" Canghai gazed at Canghai Mingyue with a hint of urgency in his voice.

"I did not know that this sir was Madam Duanmu's friends, I had earlier said that it was shameless for so many people to make things difficult for this little brother, consider my Li Clan to be in the wrong, I will make reparations to this little brother later."

Zhou Xinqi's fans were not happy to suddenly see her and Bai Xiaochun on good terms. Furthermore, they also regretted not winning her favor in such a fawning way themselves.

The instant Patriarchs Starry River and Polarity River attacked, Bai Xiaochun's eyes glittered. Although it couldn't be said that he had copious amounts of experience fighting devas, he had fought more than a few during his time in the Wildlands.

"Since you are not going to be of help here, stop bothering me." Qing Shui immediately interrupted the faltered old man. After all, he felt a bit unnatural with a Martial Saint warrior beside him.

Right now, there were many people in Yan Clan's hall, and Yan Ling`er was around too. Many of them were sighing deeply. Many other people, if placed in the same situation, would do the same as the Yan Clan. However, now that Qing Clan had soared, Yan Haoran would not dare to do anything shameless.

Qing Shui looked into the sky. He didn't leave but went back to the place near Zuoshi Clan. He looked at the surroundings of the house from afar as well as the nearby stuff around it. Zuoshi Clan was a secluded Clan. It already had a small population to begin with. Even though he killed quite a lot of their members last time, there were a few who managed to escape. Qing Shui wanted to test his luck and see if there was anyone from the clan who would come back to retrieve their treasures.

Silence reigned. The string of shocking methods Bai Xiaochun had used to neutralize the attack of a heavenly duke left the nine heavenly marquises completely flabbergasted.

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