hidden dungeon Chapter 1217

hidden dungeon Chapter 1217

The terror he felt now caused his pupils to constrict as he stared at the corner where the hand had just disappeared.

"You grow so slowly," he said, looking down at the spirit field. From the description in the jade slip, he knew that spiritwinter bamboo required a lot of spiritual energy to grow properly. If the soil it was growing in didn't have strong spiritual energy, then the cultivator would need to add spiritual energy personally.

Now, he was so excited he began to cry.

Chi Ao and Chi Feng also went back to train, leaving only Qing Shui and the old village head.

Even if Di Chen had wanted to behave intimately with him right now, he would outright refuse her request. If he managed to live on, he would welcome the opportunity with open arms, but at the present, he just couldn't due to his current condition.

Just like that, the fan changed directions, and began to head directly toward the palace!

Back then, the people from Yan City had already known that Guo Clan's only son was infatuated with the bitter fated young lady of Yan Clan. It was only because Qing Shui appeared to be more powerful later on that he had been able to bring Qingqing away with him. As time went by, everyone knew that the Qing Clan's strength had skyrocketed. The disparity between Guo Clan and Qing Clan grew and he became even more and more unworthy of her.

Qing Shui walked into the room and washed himself up. Then, he came out and went down with Yu He. Their room was on the highest floor. This had been specially requested by Qing Shui when he had ordered the rooms.

The haze created by the water vapor rose up high into the sky, even altering the energy of heaven and earth in the area. A huge vortex began to spin, completely shaking all the observing disciples, who couldn't help but think about the clawed ghost hand which appeared when Ghostfang unleashed Ghosts Haunt the Night.

Master God-Diviner's eyes went even wider than before, and as for Song Que, his lips curled with a bit of scorn. The two of them exchanged a look, and both could see how much the other was scoffing at Bai Xiaochun's blatant, showy display.

The mist slowly spread throughout the entire cave, reaching even the bloodgod cobras. As they sagged listlessly, Bai Xiaochun heaved a sigh of relief. By this point, he felt the utmost respect for the Dao of medicine, and yet at the same time, immense pride over his level of control with it.

On many occasions during the past thirteen days, he had questioned that decision, but now that he saw Bai Xiaochun materializing in front of his very eyes, he went wild with joy. He also attacked immediately. However, he was the cautious type, and knew that Bai Xiaochun was in the mid Celestial Realm, and possessed his Greatsword of the North, which would make it difficult to defeat him quickly. Therefore, he also pulled out a transmission jade slip to send a message to his fellows.

"Bai Xiaochun... completed nine Tideflows. He and Song Que fought over the heavenstring energy, and... he reached Heaven-Dao Foundation Establishment!!"

In fact, in some places, the frigid qi was so lacking that the snow began to meltˇ­. Eventually, the devas took notice of what was happening.

"Yes you can. You have the rarely seen Body of a Hundred Flowers. This Hundred Flowers Secret Arts is specifically tailored for you. At that time the name of the Goddess of a Hundred Flowers would definitely become famous across the nine continent. At that time, the Hundred Flowers Valley would also be well known to people." replied the Hundred flowers grandma confidently.

If that were all there were to his vices, he might have been able to get away with it all. After all, his status as a city guard made him difficult to deal with. However, he was also a lecherous fellow, and had taken advantage of numerous women during his so-called ˇ®raids'. A few days before, he had forced himself on a female cultivator who happened to be connected to one of the marquises of Giant Ghost City. That was what ultimately led to his downfall. The enraged marquis had his cultivation base crippled, and instead of killing him, had sent him to be locked up in Devil Penitentiary.

"He's not going to give up until I'm dead, is heˇ­?" The ghost face had already descended so far into madness he was almost dead inside. Again he used his secret magic, and when Bai Xiaochun found him this time, he spun, eyes bloodshot. Flames burst out around him, and he howled as though he were ready to fight to the death. Throwing caution to the wind, he did something he had never done so far. Whereas normally he existed only in the form of a head, all of a sudden, he sprouted a torso and four limbs. In the blink of an eye, he had become a pitch-black statue!

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