Game of Will Chapter 2074

Game of Will Chapter 2074

"I don't believe that I can't deal with this cold body with my abilities!"

Underneath the light of the moon and stars, fighting in the skies, fighting on the ground, he eliminated all his powerful foes with this sword! This sword was like his own arm, his lover; the most important part of his life!

Now that Jian Chen had more spirit than before, his ability to control the Radiant Saint Force was even better now. Despite the severity of his injuries, it only took him another hour to completely heal himself.

Two cries of pain could be heard as the two chopsticks skewered through their fists, causing them to be unable to open their fists. The pain was so intense that they couldn't help but gnashed their teeth together furiously.


Noticing that Jiang Chen and his friends had finally disappeared from their line of sight, the Fifth Grade Combat King hastily took out another set of clothes and put them on his body. His expression was extremely unsightly, and with a fierce voice, he told the other two disciples, "Listen, if any of you tell anyone what happened just now to another person, I will skin you alive!"

"Elder Liu, before all of you arrived, the Demon King Palace launched a surprise attack on this city. They completely sealed up the entire city so that no one on the outside could know what was going on inside. Four of the great guardians brought an army of demons here to slaughter all living humans."

You Yue was quiet for a moment, "The cub has a pair of wings on its back, that much cannot be ignored. Even with its small body, it is extremely brave like a god. Yes, we should give it a name like that." You Yue's eyes sparkled, "I have it! We should call him the Winged Tiger God! It's is not only a powerful name, but it fits the tiger's full might. If it can kill a Class 4 Magical Beast with ease, then being a tiger god would be apt."

Compared to the Black Sect and Valley of Happiness's excitement, there were three men who had pale white faces. Obviously, they were Zhao Chongyang, Duan Jianhong, and Fan Zhongtang who had been completely crippled by Jiang Chen.

At the mention of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger, a furious glare entered Jian Chen's eye. He could still remember the Saint Ruler of that sect had done to him, and he would never forget it either.

Following the passageway for a hundred meters, Jian Chen finally arrived in a thousand meter wide cave. The walls of the cave were scattered with fist-sized night pearls. They lit the cave with a soft white light, giving it the feeling of night time.

Big Yellow rolled his eyes. Jiang Chen had taught him one thing, in this world, there really were some things and some people that couldn't be judged by normal standards.Chapter 144 - Dark Night Slaughter

None present were not startled. These geniuses from the Martial Palace truly stood out from the rest, especially the two outstanding men from the Martial Saint Dynasty. They were the majestic princes of the current dynasty, and more importantly, their cultivations had reached such a mighty level before reaching becoming 30 years old! They were unable to help but start feeling respect for these two.

Jiang Chen stretched his hand forward and unleashed the True Dragon Claw. The gigantic blood red dragon claw that looked like that of a genuine dragon slapped the Tenth Emperor away with just a single strike. A Late Combat Soul warrior couldn't even withstand a single blow from Jiang Chen, and with 7,500 Dragon Marks, since the Tenth Emperor was weaker than Wu Ningzhu, if Jiang Chen didn't hold back, he would have killed the Tenth Emperor with this single strike.

Someone said while gnashing his teeth in anger.

Yan Chen Yu asked with a puzzled expression.

Jian Chen remained in his mother's room and continued to speak of every single event that had transpired after he left the Changyang Manor. Several things were hidden from his mother since they were far too shocking, and Jian Chen didn't think his mother would believe him if he told her of those events. If he said them now, the entire compound would come to hear about them and be surprised as well.

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